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How to Watch for Potential Security Vulnerabilities In Cloud Computing

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - Businesses of all sizes are turning to cloud services to ensure efficient and reliable operations and to provide better customer service.

According to Ovum, about 80 percent of companies now use the cloud in some capacity. However, more than 90 percent of global enterprises have concerns about the security of their cloud infrastructure and are likewise worried about the lack of visibility and transparency when it comes to security measures and controls from their provider.

DDoS Pentester Reveals: How Hackers Find Your Website’s Weak Points to Craft Advanced DDoS Attacks

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - With DDoS attacks becoming bigger and more sophisticated than ever before, chances are your business will eventually be the victim of SQL injections, XSS or other volumetric attacks. If you don’t already have an effective mitigation strategy in place, your business may suffer expensive downtime and even longer-lasting and irreparable damage to your brand.

The good news is you can make plans to avoid becoming a statistic of a DDoS attack.

Enemy Strategy, Revealed: The Types of Cyber Attacks That Took Down Target & Sony

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - No one online is immune to the possibility of a cyber attack. Here are the strategies the bad guys use to obtain your precious information.

DDoS Mitigation Skills Are In Demand

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - I recently advertised on Kaggle to find a data scientist to help answer a question I was pondering: With the spate of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in the last year, were companies seeking candidates with corresponding mitigation skills? The idea was to scan and analyze job board posts to see if Imperva could find any evidence of a trend.

We ended up working with a small analytics consulting company to help us tease out the trends, and I think you will find the results interesting. On a worldwide basis, they point to a sustained increase in demand for professionals having DDoS mitigation experience across IT security, network engineering and operations, systems administration and DevOps.

How Global Companies Reduce Translation Costs

Posted By GuestCrew on Communication - One common characteristic of global communications departments is their constant state of being short-handed.

Even in times of corporate expansion, global communications departments rarely expand at an equivalent rate.

From Movable-Type to Streaming Video - What You Need to Know About Media Today

Posted By GuestCrew on Communication - In today’s digital world, where we are all connected by smartphones, tablets and computers, we often forget the historical advances in print media that brought us to where we are today.

A New Cloud Threat for 2015: The Man in the Cloud Attack

Posted By GrowMap on Technology - How an MITC attack can co-opt popular file synchronization services, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox - users need to report any activities in their accounts they did not initiate. Share this with your tech, IT and security connections.

What is the Best CDN Model?

Posted By GuestCrew on Hardware - A CDN or Content Delevery Network has plenty of servers spread accross the Internet via. multiple data centers.

The primary purpose of a CDN is to make sure that the end user receive the content they are look for, at a more quicker and reliable speed.

What is the Best CDN Model? A Closer Look At Akamai, CloudFront And Incapsula

What is the Best CDN Model? A Closer Look At Akamai, CloudFront And Incapsula

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - This article discusses traditional CDN, dedicated CDN and security CDN approaches, as epitomized by Akamai, Amazon CloudFront and Incapsula, respectively.

This post will look at the evolution of the different models, their advantages and disadvantages, and the ideal type of customer for each approach.

Q2 2015 Global DDoS Threat Landscape: Assaults Resemble Advanced Persistent Threats

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - Distributed denial of service (DDoS) assaults continue to be a nuisance for online businesses and their customers.
Worse, the downtime caused by attacks is costly for organizations and frustrating for consumers. With no signs of abating, understanding the methods and capabilities of perpetrators is essential to maintaining good defenses.

In Incapsula's Q2 2015 DDoS Global Threat Landscape Report they share unique research data, collected in the course of mitigating thousands of DDoS assaults against Imperva Incapsula-protected domains and network infrastructures.
What DDoS has attacked your site this quarter?

Tales of a Procare Convert on the Road with SmartCare

Posted By SmartCare on Technology - I was nearly bursting at the seams with excitement as I stepped across the threshold for my first center visit. I had talked to literally thousands of centers on the phone when I used to work for Procare. This was different. I was meeting a center owner and director face to face. There were so […]The post Tales of a Procare Convert on the Road with SmartCare appeared first on SmartCare Child Care Management Software for Child Care Centers, DayCare Centers. Childcare Software Is Now Connected with SmartCare (TM).