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5 Best Online Tools to Check Google Keyword Ranking

gaganmasoun on SEO - After writing a perfect SEO optimized post in your blog you need a tool to check the position of your keywords. Because manual process will take your most important time. So below is the list of 5 best online tools to check Google keyword rankings for your targeted keywords.

25 Ways to Make a Statement with Your Facebook Cover Photo

djthistle on Marketing - Your Facebook cover photo is the first thing people see when they come to your Facebook Page. So what are you doing to make a statement with that valuable real estate? To give you some inspiration, we rounded up 25 … Read moreAuthor informationJim BelosicCEO at ShortStackJim Belosic is the CEO of ShortStack, a self-service social media platform that allows users to create custom Facebook apps. Its interface provides small businesses, individuals, graphic designers, agencies, and corporations with the tools needed to build mini-websites within their Facebook pages that help drive user interaction and increase fan page likes.TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInThe post 25 Ways to Make a Statement with Your Facebook Cover Photo appeared first on SteamFeed.

A Trader’s Trick Entry Technique

Alex on Finance - The trading technique described in this article is one of the trader’s entry techniques available for traders. This one comes with the Simple Moving Average period 12 (SMA 12), and the Commodity Channel Index period 20 (CCI 20). This is not a trading recommendation. The article in this piece is just about what the author is doing, not what he wants others to do. There’s risk of loss in trading.

Top 10 useful URL shorteners

allbloggingways on Networking - URL shorteners are the services provided by various websites that help in shortening the very long URL’s of your website. These services helps in converting the long URL’s to a maximum 10 digit URL and when any one clicks on the shorten URL you are redirected to the original URL.

How to Get Dofollow Backlink From Facebook PR 9 Site?

Tharun782 on SEO - Tricks on how to get dofollow backlink from facebook PR 9 site. Getting backlinks from social media sites like facebook is still a mistery. Now we found a trick to get backlink from facebook fan page. Hope you love it.

The Evolution of ‘Not Provided’ [Infographic]

AaronAgius on Marketing - It’s happened. Over the last few weeks the SEO and online marketing industry went in to a mini melt down as Google took a massive leap towards 100% ‘not provided’ keywords. It’s been happening for years.  Google have stated that for privacy reasons, they are moving forward towards not reporting on keyword data from organic [...]The post The Evolution of ‘Not Provided’ [Infographic] appeared first on Louder Online.

Social Story: Make Every Minute Count

BusinessBanter on Business - “Make every minute count” was once said to me when I was young; if I’m being honest, I didn’t quite understand. Nor did I pay much attention. However, the older I become, the more I totally get and understand it. A story, a social story that has impacted me. A few years back, I had […]

30 Of The Best Tools For Enterprise SEO

AaronAgius on Marketing - Updated 11/11/2013 to swap out the now defunct Optify When it comes to having a good SEO strategy, the right tools can have a huge impact on the success or failure of the campaign. These days, there are hundreds of different tools out there that you can leverage to determine critical keywords, identify technical errors [...]The post 30 Of The Best Tools For Enterprise SEO appeared first on Louder Online.

Russia Is Doomed To Oil

Alex on Finance - The Russian economy exists only due to oil and gas exports, and this situation is unlikely to change. A similar view is shared by many economists, including Russian. The problem is compounded by the fact that every year in the country is getting smaller a number of exporters of services and technologies.

Five Benefits of Using a PC-connectable Label Printer in the Office

BrotherOffice on Business - For many office-based applications, a PC-connectable label printer can be a better choice than a handheld labeler with a built-in keyboard. Though they make sacrifices in the areas of portability and the ability to be used independently, here are five ways they offer a level of flexibility and ease of use that many handhelds can’t Read More The post Five Benefits of Using a PC-connectable Label Printer in the Office appeared first on Brother Office Talk.