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Write Emails Like AppSumo: 10 Ways To Make More Sales With Email (And Get Praised For It)

Posted By Mitro on Marketing - Who else gets praise like this for selling stuff:Bonus: Download a free guide - "7 tactics to writing AppSumo-style casual copy that sells"DOWNLOADAnd they do all this with email...If you aren't familiar with them, AppSumo is a daily deal -type of site for entrepreneurs.Want to know some of Appsumo’s secrets to writing addictive and profit-pulling emails?I analyzed some of their emails and here are the results: [...]The post Write Emails Like AppSumo: 10 Ways To Make More Sales With Email (And Get Praised For It) appeared first on EmaiLab.

Chart Of The Day: Biotech Bubbles

Posted By Hedgology on Finance - In a previous entry  I discussed whether or not the stocks in the NASDAQ has returned to the norms of the previous levels in 2000, especially with tech stocks reaching new highs. While a bubble may not actually be present in Tech stocks, there is definitely a bubble in biotech stocks, without a doubt. And the […]

Yellen: We Can Raise Rates; We Just Won’t Do It…

Posted By Hedgology on Finance - This month’s quarter of the FOMC press conference was pretty much as expected. Janet Yellen’s statements came off as more dovish than anticipated. Here are the main points to consider from the Press Conference this afternoon: More Changes in Interest Rate Benchmarks Median projections for the fed funds rate fell from...

How To Get Your First 1,000 Twitter Followers

Posted By GamerTitan on Web Traffic - Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world and usually the resource of choice when looking for breaking news. The other great thing about Twitter, is its user base is usually of higher quality traffic. This is because Twitter is more geared towards learning new things unlike other social networks which is mostly to snoop.

The Dynamics of Screen Size and Resolution for Conversion

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) … is the difference between browsers and buyers.

The reality is today’s digital shopper is using a host of devices to view your website and emails.

That means, a one-size-fits-all approach to screen sizes and resolutions simply won’t work.

Making Sense Of The Aussie Dollar Down Under

Posted By Hedgology on Finance - .fb-like span {overflow:visible !important;width:450px !important;margin-right:-200px;} Australia has been hailed at the go to example of economic stability, more or less. Being that it has a $16 dollar an hour minimum wage and an expanding economy… That’s it really. Most people don’t really understand fundamental issues going on in the economic region. Employment remains relatively weak and business exports in the […]The post Making Sense Of The Aussie Dollar Down Under appeared first on Hedgology.

[Podcast] Building Relationships: Successful Traffic Tactics With Andrew McCauley

Posted By contentchampion on Marketing - I can’t believe we’re already up to episode number 40 of the Content Champion podcast. This time, I’m thrilled my guest is the ‘Social Media Bloke’ himself, Andrew McCauley of Autopilot Your Business.

This Time It’s Really Different…

Posted By Hedgology on Finance - .fb-like span {overflow:visible !important;width:450px !important;margin-right:-200px;} Speaking of happy days being here again, you can’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of excitement about the NASDAQ exchange  closing above 5,000. Sure, it’s been 15 long years, and a lot has changed since then. A couple of the companies that once comprised the NASDAQ are no longer listed under it. PE ratios […]The post This Time It’s Really Different… appeared first on Hedgology.