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World's first natural heat generating gloves and insoles

Posted By GuestCrew on Reviews - After years of dedication and research, Astec Int and Zondo have developed a unique fabric which draws energy and reflects body heat. The world's first "Self Heating Gloves and Insoles" are entirely battery free.

Newsjacking - 21 Ways to Be Sure You’re Doing it Right

Posted By GuestCrew on Marketing - There is one thing we never run out of us – news.

There is always something happening in the world, and there are always marketers looking to capitalize on it.

After all, going viral is one of the best ways to generate traffic.

Enter Newsjacking.

Link Building Strategies to Boost Off-Page SEO of your site

Posted By GuestCrew on SEO - Recently, I have shared my views on the topic: Content Amplification technique for Amplifyblog, there I have got a link back to my blog as well. Though I have taken part in many roundups, few give Nofollow, few dofollow which is fine. But don’t ever miss the opportunity to participate in such round-ups

The Facebook Fishing Formula: Beginners Guide To Facebook Retargeting

Posted By TwoTreesMarketing on Marketing - See how I generated a 7,245% ROI in 7 days from a low traffic web page (and step by step of how you can do the same for your business!)

Spoiler Alert: In the followup article we generated $18,750 for $114 spend in 48 hours!

25 Tips on Writing a Press Release That Boost Conversion

Posted By GuestCrew on Advertising - Traditionally, press releases were used as official statements by companies, corporations, businesses, community groups or governmental agencies as a way to communicate the occurrence of news worthy events to the masses.

However, today – press releases are used for much more than just getting a story out there. They can also be an invaluable marketing tool.

6 Highly Effective Ways to Increase Blog Traffic For Free

Posted By Gurpreetdhillon on Web Traffic - Drive tons of Traffic to your blog for free with effective ways.No Doubt you can grow your traffic with Social media but you can't get good result without knowing some important factors and that's what we have discussed in this post.

That ways helped me to grew my blog traffic instantly.

Email Marketing Evolution: 3 Trends

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - According to data from Smart Insights, across all industries, the average email open rate is 22.87 percent and the average click-through rate is a mere 3.26 percent. That means roughly 97 percent of all marketing emails accomplish nothing.

Email marketing must become more adaptive and better tailored to the unique buying stage of each audience member. Not surprisingly, full-scale marketing automation produces on average an 80 percent increase in leads and a 77 percent lift in conversions.

For a brand to survive, it has to invest heavily in three email marketing trends that are proving to be effective.

[Video] New Trick Works !- How to get massive Twitter Followers

Posted By neon on Web Traffic - Ever wondered how i got 23 thousand real Twitter followers in just 1 month with few follow back ?

here i made a video to tell us how this stuff really works and what i did to gain that huge amount of twitter followers.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Proofreading – 28 Step Guide to Doing it Right

Posted By GuestCrew on Pro Writing - Q) Why do we see so many mistakes in web copy?

Ans. The pages were never checked by a proof reader.

Writing is only half the story behind good copy. The writer remembers what he thought he was typing so everything you write needs to be proofread by someone else