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How to Self Publish Your Book #1: Traditional vs. Self Publishing for Bloggers

Posted By erikemanuelli on Writing - Until very recently, you had one choice if you want to get your book in the hands of readers: traditional publishing.

But today, traditional publishers are no longer the sole gatekeepers. You have a lot of options when it comes to publishing your book.

Wondering whether it’s worth it to pursue a deal with a traditional publisher, or whether you should take matters into your own hands and strike out on your own publishing journey?

In the first post in our self-publishing series, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of each side so you can make an informed decision.

Idea Starters: 20 Phrases to Help You Come Up With Topics to Write About

Posted By erikemanuelli on Writing - Does your brain hurt from coming up with new ideas for your blog?

Whether you are the writer and idea starter or you assign topics to other people, coming up with topics every day or sometimes several topics per day can drain the most creative of spirits.

An idea starter is also called a prompt. It is simply a phrase that is meant to jog your brain and get your creative juices flowing.

When you are at a loss for ideas, you can turn to the prompts listed in this post and come up with something to write about.

4 irrefutable reasons to accept the Sark e-Media’s 30 day blogging challenge @saraharrow

Posted By JELindholm on Writing - This is my 30th blog post in a little more than 30 days as I complete the 30 Day Blogging Challenge at  I do not doubt for a second that this experience has given me the tools, knowledge and motivation to take my blog to the next level. But those are just words.  Below […]The post 4 irrefutable reasons to accept the Sark e-Media’s 30 day blogging challenge @saraharrow appeared first on Inward-Facing Writers.