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3 Tips to Destroy the Presenter’s No.1 Enemy – Waffling

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Reading slides, reciting bullet points, fidgeting and incessant ‘umming’ and ‘erring’ are amongst the top bad habits we see each week in our presentation skills workshops and coaching sessions. The number 1 spot though is always proudly taken by the same menace - waffling.If you haven’t come across the term before, waffling in a presentation is to speak excessively about something trivial without adding to your overall message.Sound familiar?It’s painful enough having to experience it in the audience but just imagine how destructive it can be to the speaker who suffers from the affliction of ‘waffling’ and doesn’t know how to fix it.If it’s a personal torment of yours then here’s what we suggest to speak with clarity and pu

Michael Gove’s first public speech – 3 Lessons we can learn from him

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Michael Gove, the newly appointed Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, gave his first public speech at the Legatum Institute in London last month and if you’re about to give an important speech yourself it’s worth learning from Mr Grove exactly what not to do.

So Much for Public Speakers to Learn from President Obama’s Eulogy for Reverend Pinckney

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - I’ve never made any secret of the fact that President Obama stands out for me as one of the most gifted orators in the world today. Politics aside, my interests lie with the manner in which he delivers his message and the success this brings.I’m pretty certain that he could even speak about the most mundane topic imaginable in a way most people would hang on to his every word and ‘get it’.

8 Presentation Tips for Donald Trump

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a sales pitch where the pitcher calls the president ‘incompetent’, the competition ‘stupid’ and then insults his business partners.Until now that is.That’s exactly what Donald Trump did during his rambling speech at the Phoenix Convention Centre last week. With an audience of thousands and the prospect of reaching countless more, I can’t help feeling that Mr Trump missed a golden opportunity to rally supporters through solutions and optimism. Instead he chose the path of despair. A mindless game of rhetoric that is certainly nothing new in politics, yet this felt different.Here are my 8 tips to help him during his next campaign speech:1. Lose the lecternMovement is energy and creates visual stimulation

What is the difference between Cost accounting, financial accounting and Management accounting?

Posted By TutorPace on Tutorials - Accounting is a versatile profession and is continually changing and adapting to various requirements needed in different industries over the years.

100 Lesson Plans And Ideas For Teaching Math

Posted By TutorPace on Tutorials - Teaching Math is a great process, since it is oriented towards applications and practical thinking. The versatility of a teacher with innumerable innovative ideas on hand paves way for success in teaching Math. Or else, the classes become boring and the teacher could not get across his or her ideas successfully.

Innovative and Effective Online Math Classes

Posted By GuestCrew on Tutorials - I taught elementary schol for 18 years, 6 of those as a Mathematics Coordinator providing trainings to principals and teachers. Using years of classroom experience and research, I have honed my techniques into very effective instruction.

Events that are tracked as computer milestones

Posted By shkhanal on Education - Computers emerged as the most powerful and useful devices, that shape up the modern world, out of the gradual improvement and innovation of calculating devices and mathematics. Here, in this post, we present the major computer milestones.