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4 Obstacles to High Impact Presenting

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - I often find it fascinating when I reflect on the conundrum that often as individuals we may want to do something, we know what to do and even how to do it yet still we don’t do it. That may well sound a little confusing so I will explain. I believe that one of the most sought after leadership skills is the ability to communicate effectively and with impact. As the founder of a unique presentation skills training business we work with people at all levels, across all sectors every day. We see the same enigma affecting many of our clients when we ask them the following question:In your opinion what does it take to be a great presenter? As you can imagine with very few exceptions, the answers are quite lengthy. Most of us already know what it takes to be a high imp

Presentation Lessons from Bonfire Night

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Tonight may be bonfire night but the fireworks have been lighting up our night skies since Halloween. Nothing that we’ve seen so far though can compare to the colour and intensity many will witness tonight and over the weekend at firework displays across the entire country.If you’re one of the millions wrapping up over the next couple of days to visit a professional display and just so happen to be someone who is also called upon to present their ideas from time to time watch carefully. Personally I don’t go to local displays much anymore because I was spoiled by the magic of Disney’s New Year’s Eve firework display a few years ago and they’ve never quite been the same since. Don’t let me put you off though as although the expense and extrava

Cameron v Corbyn – Presenting v Protesting

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - It seems to me that there are only 3 types of people that would listen to a politician speak non-stop for 1hr and 10 minutes. A fellow politician, someone interested in politics or someone who is passionate about public speaking.I’m one of the latter.I’ve just finished watching the YouTube video of David Cameron’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester last week having previously endured Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the Labour Party Conference.Two politicians with two speeches and two entirely different deliveries.David CameronPutting all personal political views aside for a moment this was a visionary speech. Cameron is clearly an extremely accomplished speaker in his own right but last week he raised the bar substantially by using passion and pers

10 Traits of Highly Successful Speakers

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Years of coaching, training, studying and presenting have taught me a really important lesson about speaking in public; it really is a myth that great speakers are born that way. Like any other skill the highly successful speakers have learned their craft. Having spoken and worked with many of them to establish exactly what it takes to truly connect with an audience and speak with impact here’s what I’ve learned. 1. They focus on the opportunitySuccessful speakers feel nervous too but they make a conscious choice to reframe their thinking. They focus on how they can help their audience, the difference they can make to their professional lives and that nervous energy is channelled into excitement. To them it’s not about fear it’s about impact.2. They

3 Pointers to Help You to Present Like a Pro

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - When it comes to presenting I’m often asked the same question time and time again, ‘Isn’t it true that the really great presenters are just born with the ability to speak beautifully’.I’m sure you can guess my response.The answer is always ‘No’.How many astronauts, surgeons or nuclear physicists were born that way?Without exception everyone has to learn their craft and it takes time, commitment and an overriding belief that it’s possible.In short, I believe that just like any other skill you only need to be able to answer YES to two questions before you can develop and excel in it:Am I able? – In other words is it humanly possible for someone like you to achieve such a goal?Am I willing? – That means are you willing to do whateve

The Art and Science of Presenting-Episode 10 – Body Language

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - In episode 9 we said that ‘If there’s a mismatch between what we are saying and how we are saying it then the impact of the words we use is significantly diminished; people won’t trust what you say.’ In other words when it comes to the way people feel about our message then what we say and how we say it both verbally and non- verbally are each critically important to building trust. In fact, we don’t have to utter a word to communicate as even if we aren’t saying a thing our body is still giving us away.The way we move our arms, heads, the way we stand, use our face and make eye contact are constantly sending messages.

The Art and Science of Presenting-Episode 11 – How to tell a story with impact

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Each of us have stories to tell which hold the wisdom and power to influence, inspire and connect with others in a way that facts, numbers and data can’t even come close. It seems to me that the last thing people really want more of at the moment is information. Emails, texts, social media, instant messaging, the media, our boss, colleagues and customers together with report after report after report; we are all drowning in information.

The Art and Science of Presenting-Episode 12 – How to make the right first impression

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - How long do you really have before you make that all important first impression? Is it 5 seconds, 10 seconds or perhaps a little longer? Researchers at Princeton University believe that it takes only one tenth of a second for someone to judge us as soon as they see our face. That may be difficult for some people to believe but think about the last time you were introduced to a stranger - didn’t you get a feeling about them in an instant?

3 tips to raise your game as a presenter

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - One of the very first questions we ask delegates at our Mindful Presenter training workshops is what in their opinion are the key characteristics that make a ‘great presenter’? Without exception the lists are always very long and very similar.The top 10 we see time and time again are: Confidence The ability to tell a great storyInspirational Honesty & sincerity Self-awareness Energy & enthusiasm An expressive voice Great body language – congruenceKnowledge & credibility A sense of humourMost of the time we would have a whole wall covered with post it notes each highlighting a different and very specific attribute that professionals believe are the key components required to be a great speaker.In summary, for most people being a powerful speaker doesn’t

Every Presenter Is Looking for a Game Changer

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Whether it’s your first time out or you’ve been on your feet giving presentations for the past 25 years, everyone wants the same thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO or the trainee marketer. ‘The Game Changer’ We hear it every week on our presentation skills workshops: “wow, that’s a game changer.” What they mean is that they have just seen, heard or experienced something that they know they can repeat and will change everything for them. It instantly shifts the status quo while raising their game and the way they are perceived as a presenter.Today it seems no longer good enough to:  -   Make great eye contact  -   Tell a powerful story -  Open with impact -  Be passionate -&

Six Real Examples of How to Open a Presentation With Impact

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - If you go to work every day the odds are that regardless of your position you are likely to have to attend some form of presentation from time to time. Many of us also face the regular challenge of having to give them and having been on the receiving end ourselves we all know that there really is nothing worse than a boring one.We also know that we can tell within the first 60 seconds whether or not we will need to discreetly pull our phones out of our pockets to check our emails.

6 Big Mistakes Presenters Make When Closing – and how to avoid them yourself

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - We are all familiar with crucial importance of creating the right first impression when presenting to an audience but even the strongest speakers sometimes forget the all-important last impression. Some of the best presentations can be undermined by a few moments of indecision at the end.