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Presenting is only as complex as you make it

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Ranging from finance to pharmaceuticals and aerospace to automotive our clients often present a similar opening challenge to us with each enquiry: “Our work is very technical and complex to explain so it is important to ensure that we are able to simplify our message and communicate it clearly to someone who has no previous knowledge on….”We get it, every business is unique.President Obama is one of my personal favourite speakers who I would go as far as to suggest is one of the most gifted orators in the world today puts everything into perspective for us.The leader of one of the most powerful nations on earth arguably has the most onerous job on the planet when it comes to complexity yet he knows exactly how to simplify his message. Addressing millions of p

5 Questions For Mindful Presenting

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - It’s been suggested that there are around 30 million presentations given each day  across the world. Although many are excellent we are sure you’ll agree that there are also a fair number which are mind numbing.At Mindful Presenter we believe that your audience should: Know why they are there and be clear on what’s in it for them Learn something new Feel something; connected, inspired, supported or at least engaged Be truly glad they came Remember what it is you really want them to remember Feel inspired to do something with the information you’ve sharedIt all begins with 5 simple but extremely important questions:

5 Tips For a Great Marketing Presentation

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Having spent most of my career in senior leadership roleswith some of the UK’s most successful brands I’ve often felt that a major element of an organisation’s success and growth lies firmly in the hands of themarketing team. From what I've seen its not at all easy being the head of marketing as it's always seemed to me that most people believe they are marketing experts, especially the CEO.The reality is that the skill levels required to achievesuccess in marketing in any business are wide ranging and hugely challenging: Story telling Critical and creative thinking     Channel Marketing  

A New Year and a New Way of Presenting – The Mindful Way

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Human beings are creatures of hope and New Year’s celebrations allow us to celebrate the passing of a year and resolve to do better in the next. It’s a time which traditionally helps us to look back, reflect and assess for a few moments what’s important in our lives and how we are doing so far.

5 Presentation lessons from

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Presenting is about crafting and delivering a persuasive message with meaningful stories. After all, there’s not much point in delivering an Oscar winning performance if your objective is to lead your audience into action and they simply applaud and do nothing. When you are mindful they too become mindful and will act on your ideas.We believe that each of the following extracts published this year by are worth sharing to help us think about how we can improve our presentations further.1. Presenting is hard“Presenting is hard. Considering the nerves, the anxiety, the awkwardness, and the stares, no matter the venue, we all struggle with presenting.The question is, "Why?"A lot of our struggles stem from fear. After all, stage fright is one of the most common

5 Pearls of Wisdom from Presentation Masterminds

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Whatever your profession or personal interests we all have people who we admire and respect in our chosen passion. It may be an author, speaker or leader who has achieved a level of success or significance in their field that we can learn from and feel inspired by.It may even be someone we aspire to be like based on our perception of them being brilliant in their field.

5 Presentation Nuggets From in 2015

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - I’ve been studying and teaching presentation skills for many years and it thrills me that there is still something new to learn each day. I’m also comforted by the fact that there are some timeless truths that haven’t changed and are always worth repeating. Driven by our ambition to change how organisations inspire and engage people, we make it our business to share everything that we believe to be of value in helping professionals to connect with impact. We believe that each of the following extracts from is worth pondering to help us all to present more mindfully in 2016: 1. Believe in Your Audience “Employees mirror the enthusiasm, determination, and direction of a leader who shares innate confidence in their competence. With this

5 Presentation Gems from in 2015

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Those of you who follow us will know only too well that our passion at Mindful Presenter is simply presenting, nothing more and nothing less. We teach it every day and write about it every week. The really exciting thing about the Mindful Presenter philosophy is that we are continually learning from fellow coaches, consultants and trainers.With that in mind, as the year draws to a close we thought it appropriate to include a few of our favourite excerpts from other publications.Each of the following extracts from have served in their own way to help us as Mindful Presenters to consider the impact we have on our audience.I hope they will go some way to helping you to raise the bar on your own presentation performance in 2016: 1. Present like a GPS, not like a road ma

How to Turn a Boring Subject into a Brilliant Presentation

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Whether you are speaking about algorithms, algebra or actuarial science your presentation will only be as boring as you choose to make it. When my son was a young boy despite being deluged with gadgets and toys, one of his favourite sayings was ‘I’m bored’. I would often respond by telling him that he wasn’t bored, he was simply boring; harsh I know.In our presentation workshops today one of the most common complaints we here from professionals is that they really want to connect with their audience but their topic is just so boring.I acknowledge their gripe in the same way that I did my son’s all those years ago. In fact I go on to explain that whilst some topics will naturally be more inherently interesting than others, every presenter has the sam

Michael Gove’s first public speech – 3 Lessons we can learn from him

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Michael Gove, the newly appointed Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, gave his first public speech at the Legatum Institute in London last month and if you’re about to give an important speech yourself it’s worth learning from Mr Grove exactly what not to do.Whether you’re the CEO, a senior Politician or a project manager, giving your first public speech is not for the feint-hearted and will always present a formidable challenge.

The Future of Presenting: Mindfulness

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” Niels Bohr Good speaking skills are by far the most influential keys to success in today’s extremely competitive world, especially in business.My latest search for ‘presentation skills’ on Amazon yielded over 14,000 results with Google trumping them by 32 million. Keep your hands out of your pockets, don’t fidget and whatever you do remember to make good eye contact are a just a few of the obvious tips you will find during your search.It’s all out there and it seems there’s nothing really new. We actually all know what it takes to be a great speaker. Th

So Much for Public Speakers to Learn from President Obama’s Eulogy for Reverend Pinckney

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - I’ve never made any secret of the fact that President Obama stands out for me as one of the most gifted orators in the world today. Politics aside, my interests lie with the manner in which he delivers his message and the success this brings.I’m pretty certain that he could even speak about the most mundane topic imaginable in a way most people would hang on to his every word and ‘get it’.On the 26th June 2015 thousands of mourners witnessed arguably one of the most powerful and poignant eulogies ever delivered as President Obama spoke for 37 minutes at funeral of Rev. Clementa Pinckney murdered along with eight others at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.It was only a few short months ago I had to deliver a Eulogy at my own mother’s funeral an