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Wondering How to Make Your PPC Rock? Read This

Posted By erikemanuelli on Advertising - PPC — it’s a staple for most small and medium-sized businesses, in one form or another. And it’s no wonder: In their latest Economic Impact report, Google reports that “businesses generally make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords.”

The entire process is getting smarter, too. Google’s 2017 AdWords product roadmap heavily features AI and machine learning, which they say is “critical to helping marketers analyze countless signals in real time and reach consumers with more useful ads at the right moments.”

Ready to improve your PPC marketing campaigns? Keep reading.

9 Costly Blog Promotion Mistakes to Avoid Like Plague

Posted By erikemanuelli on Advertising - Blog promotion was never easy for me. The fear of getting “too salesy” might have played a role, but more often it was a lack of understanding of my audience and, most of all, a lack of planning.

The truth is, the “how to get visitors to my blog?” question doesn’t have a unique answer. Blog promotion is really a game of analysis, opportunity, and action – and yes, it’s also a game of soft selling, because if you push it too hard, you might lose readers along the way.

The content promotion pitfalls in this post (some from my own experience, others from bloggers I interviewed) are those you should be aware of and avoid like the plague, because they could hinder your reputation and, as a consequence, the growth of your blog.

The Campaign Maker: Optimize, Automate and Simplify Your Facebook Ads

Posted By erikemanuelli on Advertising - Numbers don’t lie: worldwide, there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users, with 1.18 billion daily active users – from managers, to students, to small businesses.

What does this mean for you? In case you have any doubts, Facebook is too big to ignore.

But how to properly run an advertising campaign on this wide social network?

In this post, I’m going to introduce you The Campaign Maker, a platform that will help you optimize, automate and simplify your Facebook ads.

20 Non-Interests-Based Targeting Ideas for Your Next Facebook Ad Campaign

Posted By erikemanuelli on Advertising - Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook Newsfeed and come across an ad that was so well-suited that it felt creepy? It was like the advertiser could read your mind or had been stalking you.

Maybe you have been planning a vacation, and suddenly, you are face-to-face with a Lonely Planet survival guide. Or maybe you’re in a long-distance relationship, and all of the sudden, you see an ad of florist doing worldwide delivery.

It actually isn’t as weird as you think. Facebook knows a lot about you (and which websites you visited), and it uses that information to let advertisers target their ads to select groups of people.

As an advertiser, you can identity and reach a target audience, as long as you know which targeting options to use. I’ll be covering 20 non-interest-based tar
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geting in this article and (hopefully) giving you some fresh ideas for your next campaign.

Improved Viewability Directly and Positively Impacts Revenue

Posted By erikemanuelli on Advertising - Successful online advertising strategies rely on high viewability rates.

The more an ad is seen, the greater the chances are the user will make a purchase.

This used to be an easy feat for advertisers and marketers. But today, they battle savvy internet users, ad blockers, and faulty ad analytics.

Improving ad viewability is still the key to successful online advertising, and investing time into improving these rates has a positive impact on publisher revenue.