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Top 8 Things to do before Starting a Crowd Funding Campaign

Posted By GuestCrew on Business - Crowd Funding Checklist - Top 8 Things to do before Starting a Crowd Funding Campaign

Before you start a crowd funding campaign, you need to plan a few things. Starting with – time, you are going to need plenty of it, some funds to market your idea and a base on which you will market it.

Why Profit Depends on Getting to the Heart of Your Customer Behavior

Posted By erikemanuelli on Business - If you want to make people buy more of your stuff, find out why they're purchasing in the first place.

When a customer chooses to buy a product, either online or in-store, several factors influence the decision to purchase.

Everything from price, timing, need, savings, and how the purchase affects their bigger picture is considered.

Successful businesses understand how behavioral economics affects their customers, and play into these theories to optimize the buying experience and increase profits.

Why Small Business Needs The Email Marketing Companies

Posted By neon on Network Marketing - You are wrong if you think your don’t need a company to work for you, you are also wrong to think your blog could be a stand-alone without the Email Marketing Company, plus , you are further wrong if you think the Email Marketing Companies is just a bunch of fragmented piece of trash .

Sales Conversion Case Study:How I Created A 7,425% ROI On A Single Campaign, In 24 Hours

Posted By TwoTreesMarketing on Marketing - Only 2-4% of your website traffic will convert on their first interaction with your business. And there are WAY too many businesses who think that driving more traffic to their business, is the key to success.

“We just need to get 1000 more page views to hit our sales target…”

And to some extent, that works….but you’re leaving 96% of that traffic on the table.

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, you need to start thinking about how you interact, and engage with your customers.

Otherwise, you’re casting your line, without any bait. Something will bite eventually, but you may go hungry just sitting there and waiting…

Keep reading to learn how….

6 Simple ways the Pro Bloggers Promote there Content to get More traffic

Posted By neon on Pro Writing - Your blog would possibly be a trash can if you don’t promote your blog, infact your would be the writer and the reader of your content.

One thing for sure is certain, as a tutorial blogger not all articles you write are highly ranked on search engine, and even if they are , not all articles would receive and equal amount of monthly page views.

Not all article has a seo keyword, and not all article are/should be optimized for seo
Thus all you need do is to use a strategic way to promote your content, yes promote your content – like the probloggers does.

The Bare Bones of Content Marketing - 32 Ways to Reach Your Market

Posted By GuestCrew on Marketing - Content marketing is more than just writing words. It’s giving words power through information and persuasion. And when you use content marketing wisely, you can easily reach your market and command them to buy.

The trick is simply learning all of the ways you can make your words work for you.

10 Social Networks to Promote your Business Online in 2015

Posted By GuestCrew on Networking - Looking for places to promote your business online?

Online marketing has changed so much in the past few years that some of the basic practices of promotions are nothing more than spamming in 2015. Article marketing and directory submissions are two practice that are not even mentioned any more.

The Best Chrome & Firefox Extensions for Online Marketers, Bloggers, SEOs & People that Work Online

Posted By donesmart on Marketing - A guide to the absolute-best most-essential Firefox and Chrome Extensions for online marketers, bloggers, SEOs and people that work online.

NHL Announces Significant Rule Changes

Posted By sportsboon on Sports - NHL Announces Significant Rule Changes   More rule changes are in store for the NHL that are expected to start as early the 2015-16 season Once more, the NHL is tinkering with further rule changes to increase interest in the game as the game’s general managers voted on Wednesday.  The post NHL Announces Significant Rule Changes appeared first on Sports Boon.

Does modern software mean it’s time to say goodbye to your accountant?

Posted By PaulMorris on Business - Most thriving businesses who want to streamline their financial reporting will have come across accounting software. Often touted as the perfect tool with which to replace your accountant, they are virtual solutions to the complex fiscal issues that challenge the … The post Does modern software mean it’s time to say goodbye to your accountant? appeared first on AK Tax & Accountancy Ltd | Accountants in Medway Kent.