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What is Automatic Writing?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - Automatic Writing DefinitionAutomatic writing is the belief that a person can write subconsciously.  It is believed that spirits write through your hands.  The person has no idea what they are writing at the time that their hand is moving.  They may read what they wrote afterwards and have no idea where the information came from. It did not come from their own intent.Automatic Handwriting StoriesStory #1When I was 12 years old, an idea came into my mind to just start writing about anything that came mind.  I never heard of automatic writing.  I felt that it would be okay to just start writing down whatever thought came into my mind. Without thinking, I just wrote.  Amazingly, I started to receive spiritual messages that came straight from the Holy Bible. At that point in my life, I never

What Are Free Tarot Card Readings?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - Just like some individuals strongly believe in the mystic and the occult, there are others who are skeptic about tarot card readings. There are those who think that everyone’s destiny is prewritten while others believe that each person writes their destiny. Those who believe require no convincing. Tarot cards are one of the paths that diviners and mystics use to reveal a person’s future. Experts who are divinely blessed with these gifts can dig into your past and hint the future by offering free tarot card readings. Tarot experts understand that each card has its associated meaning and incorporate it into their tarot card reading.Free daily tarot readings can be essential pointers of the future, present, and past, shed light on your future paths, your concerns, your preoccupations and tho

What Do You Need To Know About The Leo Zodiac Sign?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - Ever wanted to know what your zodiac sign means and how it affects your life? If you haven’t taken the interest to know what your zodiac signs mean, then you are missing out on a lot. For instance, did you know that Scorpios and Pisces have ruled the US for years. In fact, there have only been three Gemini presidents. Want to know more? Well then, did you know that Leos are more likely to hit the gym compared to any other zodiac sign. In a UK study where 10,000 women participated, researchers found that Leos are more likely to visit a gym. They are energetic and love to lead an active lifestyle.  Want to know more about the Leo zodiac sign.  In this post, we take a look at the Leo zodiac sign.   What Is the Leo Zodiac Sign?   This is the fifth astrological zo

A Detailed Explanation of Black Cats

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - Why Are Black Cats Feared?Are you afraid of black cats?  Millions of people all over the world believe that black cats are associated with witchcraft and evil.  I find that black cats are the cutest of all the cats that are out there. I love solid color felines.  Where did this superstition of black cats come from? Traditionally, black cats have been associated with witches.  Our ancestors believed that witches turned themselves into black cats.  Therefore, during Halloween season; you always see pictures of black cats with their spine turn upwards to represent screeching and fear. Black Cat NamesAre you trying to name your cat and Don’t know where to start?  Here are some names that are popular with black cats:MidnightHersheyLunaBearMagicPepperShebaDinahJasmineThe Different Black Cat Bre

28 Questions Answered About Psychics and Clairvoyants

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - #1 What is a Clairvoyant?A clairvoyant is someone that can see into the future using their sixth sense. The sixth sense is a spiritual belief that there is a third eye located in the center of your forehead.  Clairvoyants don’t need to use any spiritual tools such as tarot cards or astrology charts to do a psychic reading. All that they must do is close their eyes and get visions for people. Clairvoyants online need to see the future through their own thoughts or some sort of communication with a spiritual energy or entity.  Many clairvoyants view their spiritual gift as being something supernatural. #2 What is the Definition of PsychicA psychic is someone that can predict the future or see something from the past using a supernatural gift.  Psychics make predictions using various means t

How to Fine Tune Your Psychic Abilities

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - Every has psychic abilities that they can use to see into the past, present and future.  However, most human beings don’t use their own sixth sense to read their future.  This is often due to the lack of training that one receives growing up. Psychic abilities can come in all different ways, shapes and sizes.  You may have a spiritual gift for: clairvoyance, reading tarot cards, astrology charts, numerology, clairaudient, mediumship and much more.  In order to perfect your psychic ability, you are going to have to practice and train for many years. Most psychics say that it takes years to perfect their psychic gift.  It is said that we are all born with the gift to hear from spirit, but often the training gets lots from one generation to the next.  Most mothers and fathers don’t train the

The Laws of the Universe That Govern Your Life No Matter What

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - There are certain laws that work well in the universe, whether we like it or not.  For instance, “What does up, must always come down.”  Also, “What goes around, comes around.”  I am sure that you have heard of other laws that work every single time.Law of Vibration – In the universe, everything moves in a circular fashion. Everything about human emotion has its own vibration to it. This includes anger, fear, sadness, pain, love, etc. Law of Gender – Everything in the universe must get along in order to have harmony. Male and female genders must work together in order to pro-create or to have harmony.Law of Attraction – We attract something into our lives that we want. Our energy sends out a vibration that says that we want something to come into our life.Law of Action – We must do

When Should You Put Your Mother or Father into a Nursing Home?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - Every child in the world today fears having to deal with an aging parent.  In today’s 21st century world, mostly every person in the household must work unless you are to young to get a job.  The problem arises when you have an aging parent that needs 24-hour care. Nursing homes have become more popular in the United States and around the world because 21st century society is expensive and adult children must work full time jobs and take care of their own children. It is often difficult for an adult child to take care of their parent that needs 24-hour care. Despite its difficulties, many adult children try to take care of their parent on their own and often fail.  It is important to evaluate whether you can really take care of your mother or father properly 24 hours a day.  Nursing homes

The Main Religions of the World That People Follow

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - Religion is a topic that most experts say you should never talk about. It’s religion and politics that should be shunned upon. However, today we are going to discuss the main religions of the world. What do people believe in these days? Over the centuries, religion has shifted.  There was a time in ancient history when mankind believed in astrology, sun and moon Gods, one God, multiple spirit guides and much more.  Today, there are a few major religions in the world such as: Christianity, Islam and Judaism.Religion DefinitionReligion is a system of beliefs that one believes in.  It often includes prayers, textbooks, songs, spiritual gatherings and prophecy.  It is often passed down from generation to generation as a belief that a culture or people operate from.  Religious beliefs often af

What’s My Moon Sign in Astrology?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - If you are new to astrology, its important that you understand your moon sign. In your astrological chart, the moon sign tells where it was when you were born.  Every zodiac sign was positioned differently during their birth.  Your personality and soul decisions are based on your moon sign.  How you interact with the world all depends on the date and time that you were born. In every two to three days, the moon moves to a different sign.  It is possible that a Libra born on the 15th of the month will be different than one born on the 17th.  Your moon sign and sun sign work together. Moon signs predict who your soulmate will be based on your zodiac sign.  The four elements of zodiac signs are: water, fire, air and earth. Aries Moon Sign – A true fire sign. Aries tend to be more in control

Best Work from Home Jobs in the United States

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - If you are sick and tired of working for someone else and want to be your own boss, its important to find a job that works best for you. Work at home job opportunities are on the rise because people often feel that they want more independence and want to be their own boss.  The internet allows someone to start a business with a website. Websites are relatively cheap to build if you are doing this on your own.  Nearly every business has one.  A website will give you the power to lead customers right to your doorstep.Some work at home jobs don’t require you to have a website because you will work directly for their company from the comfort of your own home. Below are some of the top-rated work at home jobs.  Some of these jobs are paying people $24,000 a year or more per year. Best Work at

Love Seems Tougher Today Than It Did 10 Years Ago

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - Have you noticed that a lot of people these days are complaining about their love life?  It doesn’t seem fair that you put all your eggs in one basket and then your love life turns out to be a shamble. You may be asking yourself why and what you may have done wrong. Love is often something that a lot of people don’t understand completely. One must dig deep into their heat and try to understand why they are seeking love to begin with.As a psychic, I am often asked what I see in someone’s love life. I often see a lot of pain from broken relationships.  Ten years ago, people seemed to want to have loving relationships a lot more than they do right now.  Many people go through stages in their love life. One minute they feel that a soulmate is in their life and the next minute, they say that t

A Séance is a Practice for Calling Up the Dead to Speak with You

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - What Should You Expect During a Séance?The séance is a spiritual connection with the dead.  Mediums often have a séance because they are trying to connect with an entity that is in the spirt world.  You may want to connect with a deceased mother or father because you want to see if they are okay. Many people from different walks of life want to speak to the dead because it brings them a sense of comfort to know that their loved one is no longer in pain.The word séance is French. The French meaning is session.  The author George, First Baron Lyttelton first published a book in 1760 entitled, “Communication with The Other Side.” Spiritualism was founded in the nineteenth century and this book gave a rebirth. One of the most popular women in history that requested a séance regularly at the w

Moon Phases

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - Important Facts About Moon Phases:It is the sunlit portion of the moon as it is looked upon by earth.Moon phases change every 29.53 days.The moons turning is protected by earth’s gravity.The 4 in-between lunar phases are 7.4 days. This can differ to the shape of the moons orbit.Every part of the moon sees around 14.77 days of sunlight and 14.77 days of night.The part of the moon that faces away from the earth is called the murky side of the moon.There are 3 major phases of the moon. These are: new moon, first quarter moon, full moon and third quarter. Creates light and shadow.The moon well-lit by the sun can vary as much as ten percent.The 8 Middle Phases in Order: New MoonWaxingFirst QuarterWaxing gibbousFull MoonWaning gibbousLast QuarterWaning crescentWhat is Waxing and Waning?The moon