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Chart Of The Day: Biotech Bubbles

Posted By Hedgology on Finance - In a previous entry  I discussed whether or not the stocks in the NASDAQ has returned to the norms of the previous levels in 2000, especially with tech stocks reaching new highs. While a bubble may not actually be present in Tech stocks, there is definitely a bubble in biotech stocks, without a doubt. And the […]

Yellen: We Can Raise Rates; We Just Won’t Do It…

Posted By Hedgology on Finance - This month’s quarter of the FOMC press conference was pretty much as expected. Janet Yellen’s statements came off as more dovish than anticipated. Here are the main points to consider from the Press Conference this afternoon: More Changes in Interest Rate Benchmarks Median projections for the fed funds rate fell from...

Making Sense Of The Aussie Dollar Down Under

Posted By Hedgology on Finance - .fb-like span {overflow:visible !important;width:450px !important;margin-right:-200px;} Australia has been hailed at the go to example of economic stability, more or less. Being that it has a $16 dollar an hour minimum wage and an expanding economy… That’s it really. Most people don’t really understand fundamental issues going on in the economic region. Employment remains relatively weak and business exports in the […]The post Making Sense Of The Aussie Dollar Down Under appeared first on Hedgology.

This Time It’s Really Different…

Posted By Hedgology on Finance - .fb-like span {overflow:visible !important;width:450px !important;margin-right:-200px;} Speaking of happy days being here again, you can’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of excitement about the NASDAQ exchange  closing above 5,000. Sure, it’s been 15 long years, and a lot has changed since then. A couple of the companies that once comprised the NASDAQ are no longer listed under it. PE ratios […]The post This Time It’s Really Different… appeared first on Hedgology.

You Call This Full Employment?

Posted By Hedgology on Finance - Yellen has said that, in the long run, the unemployment rate can’t go much below 5.2% to 5.5% without creating a lot of unwanted inflation. In the last jobs report, we have crossed that line. However, let's face it. The current job market isn't anywhere near full employment.

Disadvantages of forex trading

Posted By Alex on Finance - Forex market is described as the “Wild West” of the online trading world. One of the biggest disadvantages of the forex market is that it is fast and volatile which means that you can make money fast; the downside is that you can lose money just as fast as well. Currency values can change without warning which is making it very difficult to accurately predict the forex market movements and where to invest your money. 

A Trader’s Trick Entry Technique

Posted By Alex on Finance - The trading technique described in this article is one of the trader’s entry techniques available for traders. This one comes with the Simple Moving Average period 12 (SMA 12), and the Commodity Channel Index period 20 (CCI 20). This is not a trading recommendation. The article in this piece is just about what the author is doing, not what he wants others to do. There’s risk of loss in trading.

Russia Is Doomed To Oil

Posted By Alex on Finance - The Russian economy exists only due to oil and gas exports, and this situation is unlikely to change. A similar view is shared by many economists, including Russian. The problem is compounded by the fact that every year in the country is getting smaller a number of exporters of services and technologies.