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$1800 Yearly Budget for Daily Cash Contest

Posted By GuestCrew on Contests - We are starting a Daily Cash Contest on AmplifyBlog with a $1800 yearly budget. This way, we can make sure that the contest keeps running for ever.

This is going to be fairly simple – all you need to do is, post comments on AmplifyBlog and the member with the most comment for the day, will be awarded with a cash prize. So, everyday, the top commentator of AmplifyBlog will earn $5 cash.

5 Things You Can’t Forget on the Day of Your Event

Posted By Printsome on Blogging - An event planner is like the captain of a ship, nobody likes to see them nervous. So in order to help you we’ve put together 5 simple things that we should never ever, ever forget on the day of an event. The post 5 Things You Can’t Forget on the Day of Your Event appeared first on Printsome Blog.

1000 Visitors Per Day In The Next 90 Days Challenge

Posted By dlane1987 on Blogging - I have decided to take up a challenge set on the Warrior Forum. The Challenge is to get 1000 Visitors a day in 90 days blogging alone. And $2500 a month I’m going to change this to $100 per day in 90 days (I changed this to fit in with another Challenge on WF and so I can stick with the daily measurement. (This I guess is so theres no cheating and the visitors have to actually produce income not just bots or trash traffic. Today is 10 September 2015. My End for this challenge is December 9, 2015. At the The post 1000 Visitors Per Day In The Next 90 Days Challenge appeared first on Dans Passive Income.

125 Marketing Quotes from Top Bloggers

Posted By GuestCrew on Social Media - So much goes on in the blogosphere - how do you stay updated?

While there’s no dearth of quality content in the online marketing space - we decided to compile a top 125 list, thus making sure we have included all of our favorite marketing articles.

So, without further delay - here’s the best of the best – Marketing Content Round-up.

Take Your Business To The Next Level Helping Others

Posted By dlane1987 on Blogging - Having or making your own business, even the small one can definitely be a big help for you. It can even be your number one or last source of money when you really need it. However, despite of the fact that your small business can already give you enough money that you can spend for your needs and wants, improving or leveling it up would definitely be a big help for you and your family. Once your businesses are already in the next level, you will immediately notice a much greater amount and number in your income. Passive income is The post Take Your Business To The Next Level Helping Others appeared first on Dans Passive Income.

The 3 Major Risks of Using Social Media in Your Business

Posted By erikemanuelli on Social Media - Social media is all fun and games … until a blunder, blooper, or breach cripples your company image and drops your CMO to their knees.

Proper etiquette and online security are no laughing matter. Yet it’s amazing how few companies actually know the risks that come with using social media as a business. The truth is all it takes is a split second for disaster to strike.

While the manifestations of these risks come in all shapes and sizes, knowing the three big boogiemen will help you steer clear of danger.

Back brace came off search and focus

Posted By dlane1987 on Blogging - In my journey my next big development was having my back brace remove. If you don’t know what a back brace is then it is a device designed to keep your back in the best posture. Like a mouth brace (Americans call them Retainers I think), the brace is used for a period to make you heal in the right way. Finally I had my brace removed and had freedom again. By this point I was walking again although I was not sure if I would make it up the stairs to the doctors appointment I was determined to give The post Back brace came off search and focus appeared first on Dans Passive Income.

14 Ways to Improve Website User Experience – INFOGRAPHIC

Posted By Cent on Blogging - In the 90’s most things on the web was text-based; it’s not the case today. Consumers have a lot of options in this fast-moving world. The desire to keep moving has never been more prominent whether it is traffic on the road, fast food or even websites. Getting web users to your site is hard enough as is; it is even harder to keep them there. User experience directly or indirectly effects SEO rankings; it certainly affects consumer buying process.