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3 Modern Rules of Rustic Hickory Furniture

Posted By DutchCrafters on Home - Cozy and kinda crafty, rustic hickory furniture (too often!) gets a bad rap for being thematic and over-the-top. Let us help you get the look you crave – think a little more Aspen, a little less Abraham Lincoln. 1. Round out the Edges [Read More…]The post 3 Modern Rules of Rustic Hickory Furniture appeared first on TIMBER TO TABLE.

Some Ideas and Tips for Your Home Theater Lighting

Posted By shkhanal on Home - Any light source that is shone on to the screen is going to restrict your view, plus darkness just intensifies the theater experience. That's the reason, when you are in a movie theater, you know that while watching the movie, the theater's light is dimmed to almost darkness. The only light you will see is from the projector.

How it could be different for your home theater lighting?