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How to Find the Right Cleaning Service for Your Home

Posted By servicedot on Home - Don't Bless Your Mess. Use Trained Professionals to Exorcise It! Now that you've finally decided to take back your free time and hire a home cleaning service, here are some helpful tips to start you the magazine-ready home journey you've been pining for:

What Small Businesses Struggle With Most

Posted By servicedot on Home - It's Not the Size of the Business, It's How Well You Use It . . . Owing and operating a small business often leaves you as a jack-of-all-trades. Whether you enjoy, or are even any good at, every facet of running a business. The responsibility is all yours. It's hard to find enough time in each day to accomplish every management task and look to your business' future when your energies are being used worrying about not getting gobbled up by the bigger fish in the big, big business sea.

What's the Best Way to Structure Your Business?

Posted By servicedot on Home - Corporations, LLCs, and Sole Proprietors — Oh, my! As a business owner, you're probably used to hearing certain jargon tossed around. In the business world, how a business is structured — incorporated, unincorporated, LLC, etc., have an influence on how you make decisions. Obviously there are benefits to each form of business, or owners wouldn't choose to go that route. But knowing which one is best for you can be complicated. Having a solid grasp on the difference is key to understanding how you should organize your business. 

Five Things Your Small Business Needs

Posted By servicedot on Home - Show Your Business Who's Boss by Giving It What It Needs! One of the benefits of owning your own business is not having to listen to other people telling you what you need to do. It seems like there's a lot of info about small businesses floating around on the pages of the Internet. Where one source claims to have the definitive answer about what's best for your business, another site will say the polar opposite.  

Selling the Skilled Trades to the Millennial Generation

Posted By servicedot on Home - Despite What Your Mama Told You, It's OK to Skip College — But Keep Reading Culture's hard push toward sending our nation's adolescents to college has made white collar careers seem like the only viable source of obtaining a livable wage and even respect. This aggrandisement of a college degree has bred a stigma against seeking a career in the skilled trades. And it's harmful. 

Using Deals to Drive Revenue and Customer Loyalty

Posted By servicedot on Home - Nostalgia, Discounts, and Eight Ways to Make Your Customers Hungry to Hire You Back when I was a little girl, my family owned a landscaping nursery. It was in an area where there wasn't much of anything else around other than a place called Tally Hall and a Kmart. That discount store practically shared a parking lot with our family's business. So, not only did I spend a lot of time running between the rows in the greenhouses and conquering the mountains on mulch. I also spent a fair amount of time at that Kmart directly next door because they had food and it was air conditioned. But, what I remember most, and with surprising nostalgia, is Kmart's Blue Light Special. 

Are You Ready for the Age in Place Boom?

Posted By servicedot on Home -   The facilities seem to be cropping up everywhere: senior assisted living. Which makes sense given the fact that the Baby Boomer generation is almost 75 million people strong, the largest segment of our population rivaled only by the millennials. The Boomers were born from the mid '40s to the mid '60s. And, now that the oldest of this generation has reached 70, they might be in need of some help navigating their own home in order to maintain a safe living environment. 

How Our Home Makes Us Happy

Posted By servicedot on Home - "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort." -Jane Austen Tell me, how often, by the end of a long day spent in your work clothes, do you pine to walk through your front door, peel off your pants, and graze at the fridge door until you finally make your way to the cozy cushions of your sofa for some netflix and chill? There really is no place like the sanctuary of home. But, sometimes we walk through our front door and the reality of our home is less haven than hovel. What is it about our homes that make us happy? And what tweaks can we make to our home to make us feel happier?

Preventing Home Improvement Fraud

Posted By servicedot on Home - — Don't Get Ripped off by Liars, Crooks, and Cheats — Make Sure You Hire a Pro to do Your Handy Work! Let's face it — for most of us, owning a home is an emotional investment rather than a financial one. But that does't mean we don't want to make wise decisions when it comes to spending money on home renovations. Hiring the wrong contractor could leave us vulnerable to serious financial consequences. Of the top 10 consumer complaints, home improvement/construction fraud is #2 on the list and failure to have a license and preforming shoddy work is #6. We should make improvements to our homes because it will increase our enjoyment of them first and foremost. However, we don't want to make any wrong steps that will cause us to be irreparably upside down in t

The Top Seven Pitfalls a Small Business Tends to Make

Posted By servicedot on Home - Don't  Booby Trap Your Business With Bad Planning At times owning and running your own business can feel like you're being made to traverse a mine field to get to success. It's true, aspects of your business are trial and error, but there are steps you can take to avoid these seven very common pitfalls that small business owners make.

The Modern-Day Word-of-Mouth

Posted By servicedot on Home - Give Your Customers a Place and Reason to Refer Your Business So much has changed about our day-to-day life because of technology, and it seems to have changed exponentially in the last decade. Little things like, Googling, Muggles, and yes, blogs didn't exist in our vocabulary. More than just words, these things have changed they way most of us have lived. For small business owners, however, one thing hasn't changed in the last decade, and that's how much word-of-mouth means to a business in the service industry.