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5 Bloggers That Actually Make Money – Income Reports Roundup

Posted By dlane1987 on Make Money - 1.) Smart Passive Income Income Sources: Affiliate Marketing Niche Websites Speaking Apps October 2015 – $120,217.75 2.) Matthew Woodward Income Sources: Affiliate Marketing Other… (I know he has an agency and also speaks so maybe that is the other.  If not it is unknown and all very mysterious.  I can’t wait to find out what this is I will be keeping up with this blog. October 2015 $25,355 3.) Leaving Work Behind Income Sources: Writing eBooks Affiliate Marketing October $7,557 4.) Reinis Fischer Income Sources: Adsense Amazon + other Affiliates October $549.49    The traffic report of this blog is the most

Top 5 Girls This Week

Posted By dlane1987 on Make Money - Beauty found at This beauty from This Beauty from This Beauty From You may also like   50 Unique and Useful Websites on the Internet Reasons I Removed Comments 3 Ways To Build Passive Income For Financial Freedom How I Made $5,718.30 July – October Blogging Name Drop  

3 Rock Solid Reasons To Write Your First eBook

Posted By dlane1987 on Make Money - Thought of writing an eBook? Admit it. You’ve thought about writing an e-book. I’m also willing to bet that you’ve thought up a whole concept, maybe even visualized what your success is going to look like. You may well have read How To Market And Sell Your eBook In Five Steps. But have you tried sitting down and writing that ebook? My guess is as you are reading this post that you have not. Fortunately, my aim is to help guide you through the process that I have used numerous times to write and sell eBooks. If you consider yourself

Name Drop

Posted By dlane1987 on Make Money - This is a vanity list of the notable people and celebrities that have followed me or one of my businesses.  This list does not guarantee that these people still follow me or any of my businesses. None of these people have endorsed me or this blog in anyway unless otherwise stated. Les Brown @LesBrown77 Learn Speaking Secrets from 1 of TOP 5 world speakers. Speaker-Author-Speech Coach. Empowering individuals to tap into their greatness. John Chow @JohnChow Blogger, speaker and entrepreneur. John Chow rocketed onto the blogging scene when he took his blog from making zero to over $40,000 per month

Reasons I Removed Comments

Posted By dlane1987 on Make Money - If you have been reading my blog.  And I know many of you have see 1000 Visitors Per Day Success.  You will have noticed I turned off my blog comments.  I want to explain why in this very short post. Reasons I Removed Comments 1) An empty comments section can make it look like no one reads your blog. 2) Nasty or inappropriate comments can scare other readers away from commenting. People might even stop reading your blog if the comments are consistently counter-productive or a few inconsiderate readers engage in lengthy flame wars. 3) Spam comments 4) It can be

Find A Great Passive Income Opportunity Today

Posted By dlane1987 on Make Money - Today, almost everyone is looking for ways to be financially independent and secure. Unless you already have various sources of income, you’ll want to find some ways to increase your bank balance. But, how can you do that? Passive income may come to your mind. That’s good! Yes, passive income can act as a second income source and can help you to get some extra cash you need to offset those troubling bills that pour in like a torrent every month. However, we need to find answers to these questions: How can I find a great passive income opportunity? What

Reasons Passive Income Is Dangerouse

Posted By dlane1987 on Make Money - Passive Income Approach to Business Investing in a sound business and earning a regular income without bothering about anything is great, but I am not in favor of getting a passive income. I think you should take care of your business and focus on its growth and development rather than being contended with the passive approach to your business. When you aim for a passive income without bothering about the business decisions, several inconsistencies and problems may leave you with no income, particularly in the long run. In my opinion, a passive approach to business and life can lead to

How To Sell eBooks a Beginers Guide

Posted By dlane1987 on Make Money - This was an old first draft of what was going to be an eBook about self motivation and building passive income streams with eBooks. I have since decided not to publish any more eBooks and so am putting this up free on this blog as part of my eBook Sales Series to help people. I will aim to show you how to create, build and expand your own Passive Income streams using eBooks. First let me tell you about how I came to first discover passive income. I first learnt that you could get a commission for selling other people’s

3 Ways to Get Started With Passive Income Now 

Posted By dlane1987 on Make Money - Passive income is generally money that comes to you anytime of the day and night, without a need to spend any physical effort in order to earn it. Passive income will keep flowing to you whether or not you do anything for it. In other words, it is easy money. Even better, passive income is most commonly tied up in several ways of inflating. By association, it often grows in size. It is one of the easiest ways of making extra income; as soon as you understand the concept of passive income, and how to get started on it, you

1000 Visitors Per Day Success

Posted By dlane1987 on Make Money - Since my last post I have been quite active behind the scenes resolving a major problem that I go into more detail in my first income report. After checking dailyrank I found that I am doing better than I expected. You can see at the start of this challenge I had a huge boost in alexa rankings. After that there is a steady increase which reflects my growth I’ve been reporting. The growth comes to an end in the past few days which I am actually ecstatic about. The reason for that is my site was hacked.  I did fear this

How To Market And Sell Your eBook In Five Steps

Posted By dlane1987 on Make Money - I have a lot of experience in marketing eBooks and have spoke about it in many of my previous posts. eBooks made up a large portion of my income in How I Made $5,718.30 July to October Blogging. I have been asked by a few people to share what I know specifically about eBooks.  This will be the first in a long series of posts about how to make, market and sell your next eBook. This new series will be aimed at beginner to intermediate level, I may do a more advanced section later on but for now I will stick

50 Unique and Useful Websites on the Internet

Posted By dlane1987 on Make Money - 1. – See where websites rank in traffic order. 2. – Test your broadband speed. 3. Clickbank – Sell digital products or be an affiliate 4. – See how websites looked in the past 5. – Googles own URL shortner 6. StumbleUpon – Randomly stumble upon the Worlds best webpages. 7. BlueHost – Cheap and easy hosting 8. Reddit–  The homepage of the internet 9. – Free Website Analyzer 10. – Free Backlink checker. 11. – Share big files for free and secure. 12. – Send selfdistructing notes that expire once read. 13. – Worlds greatest image hosting and sharing service. 14. –