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Pricing Psychology: 7 Clever Tweaks To Make Customers Buy Again (+ More!)

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - Of course: Your level of service, the quality of experience you offer and many other emotion-driven factors come into play...
But pricing has massive psychological impact.

Ignore this critical aspect of business at your peril.

Pricing affects immediate AND longer-term opinions formed around your brand. It changes how customers feel — and ultimately has the power to equal business success or failure.

In this post, Sam Hurley is going to show you some super-easy yet ingenious tactics to price your products and services the right way…

How to Build Your Audience Before a Product Launch

Posted By uttoransen on Marketing - Your new product will need a buzz. While it’s easy to spend all of your time and energy creating a new product that will presumably change your industry, it’s critically important that you also spend just as much time and energy building the energy and anticipation that must accompany that shiny new product.

3 storytelling techniques to jazz up your content

Posted By HishamWyne on Marketing - Blah and boring content loses eyeballs faster than snow melts in a fire. But not all topics can be world-beaters. Here are three storytelling techniques to add some frisson to your content - even when the topic is vanilla.

50 Amazing Quotes From a Dead Copywriter

Posted By TheBadBlogger on Advertising - In case you don’t realize who the dead copywriter I’m talking about, his the one and only, legendary, Gary Halbert, who’s considered all over the world to be one of the best copywriters who’ve ever walked the face of the earth. Let me share with you 50 amazing quotes from Gary that I have collected from The Gray Halbert Letter.

5 Steps to Decode the E-Commerce Customer Journey: Multi-Device Mayhem

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - Even if the trend begins to slow down — we’re still talking trillions in e-commerce global online sales each year.

Mobile shopping is now the norm. Customers typically conduct research on multiple devices before making the final purchase. These customer journeys may span weeks or months.

So, how do you successfully connect the shoppers’ research phase with conversions and revenue — across channels and devices?

In this post, you will discover five steps to decode the often complex multi-device, multi-channel conversion paths of your customers!

Marketing Goals of Facebook Ad Campaigns

Posted By andreji on Marketing - If you are lost in the Facebook Ad campaign goal settings and not sure whether to select awareness, consideration or perhaps conversion goals to start with, read on and find out more about each goal group and individual goals to make the most out of your Facebook Ad campaign.
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Digital Marketing 101: Simple Strategies For Success

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - Corporate leaders who are focused on making company growth a reality for 2017 should know that there are multiple strategies they can deploy to realize their goal.

One of them is by consistently implementing digital marketing strategies that are known to generate outstanding outcomes.

Here are just three of several online advertising techniques that can take your company into a new dimension of prestige and power.

Different Values in International Markets

Posted By uttoransen on Marketing - People with little international experience may have very nationalistic views and not understand that people from other nations have their own nationalistic views. Managers operating in global environments must be prepared for unexpected resistance and pushbacks from others

10 Common Mistakes with Facebook Ads

Posted By andreji on Marketing - Let's use kittens in all our Facebook Ads. I know who my customers are, I am not targeting any new people. Boost post button is the king. One Ad is enough for me. Let´s put them all in one big target group. These are the examples of mistakes that even some of the more experienced Facebook Advertisers might do. What are all of them and how to avoid them? Continue reading to find out.
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DIY Marketing Series - Dealing With Online Reviews

Posted By robtcase on Marketing - According to a survey conducted by Brightlocal in 2016, "84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation". This is probably not a surprise for many of us, but it does highlight why the online review is possibly the most stressful thing business owners contact us about.

How to Use Free Telephone Conferences to Build Your Online Readership

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - Teleconferencing has been around for many years. Ever since more than one person could be on a line, people have used telephones to have meetings with one another. For the purposes of building an online readership, teleconferencing can be used to attract listeners, highlight experts and put your brand in front of people who otherwise might not have heard of your business.

We’ve talked a lot in the past about different ways to pull readers to your website, including using Twitter chats and promotional groups. Teleconferencing is a bit different than webinars, because you don’t have the visual elements you’d have with a webinar, which is more of a video conference.

A telephone conference can be used in a number of ways to reach out to your readers.