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Possible Evidence The Death Star Attack Was An Inside Job

Posted By bluerocker on Humor - I Wanna Be A Geek!I Wanna Be A Geek! - Geek News From Around The WorldNew evidence sheds light on a possibility that the destruction of the Death Star was an inside job Chances are I’m like you and I took the destruction of the Death Star at face value. Luke Sykwalker and his team of pilots through the maze that is (was) the outer layer ...Possible Evidence The Death Star Attack Was An Inside JobAuthor: Keith Hearn.

Best 10 places to visit in West Midlands, United Kingdom

Posted By ivanpw on Travel - Ever thought about visiting the West Midlands in the United Kingdom? There’s more here than meets the eye so take a look at these ten very good reasons why you should start planning that visit.

Photography Pocket Guides

Posted By alanranger on Photography - I am pleased to announce that the Photography Made Easy Pocket Guides are now available to order at the special pre-launch price of £4.95.This new series of guides have been designed to; * be convenient as an easy to understand quick reference guide * fold into a compact wallet size guide that can be used on a shoot and fits in your bag * be useful by providing access to the key tips to save you time and frustrationThere are 7 Photography Pocket Guides to choose from in the series with 3 more on their way soon.

5 Must-visit Places in Colombia

Posted By ivanpw on Travel - When it comes to countries, Colombia nearly has it all: Beaches, rainforest, cosmopolitan cities, mountains, you name it, Colombia probably has it. And now Colombia is one of the biggest up-and-coming destinations, you’re probably planning a trip there pronto....

10 Camera Mistakes - Infographic

Posted By alanranger on Photography - During the early stages of your photography career, you’re going to hit some speed bumps along the way. The list of common mistakes related to camera settings is actually a lot longer than 10 but here you’ll find an easy to navigate infographic to show you which are the most useful for you to read and avoid

Celebrate the Art of Quilts

Posted By Nazmiyal on Shopping - Quilts – A Traditional American Art Art and Americana come together perfectly in quilts. If we forget about football and baseball, quilting could be America’s past-time. Not too long ago, quilting rose to fame once again thanks to a landmark 1971 exhibit held at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Over 40 years later, “Abstract Design Read More...The post Celebrate the Art of Quilts appeared first on Interior Design Blogs By Nazmiyal.

The amazing W Hotel Bali

Posted By Kenkai on Travel - Now this is a nice hotel. I first visited this on New Years Eve back in 2012. Such an amazing view once you’re in there. You get a whole view of the pools and it’s just stunning. Just a little further on is the beach which at that time, they held the fire works. This place was flash. The real ... Read MoreRelated posts:Traveling to Bali (Kuta, Jimbaran and more) Tanah Lot, temple of the giant snake – Bali, Indonesia Things to do in Bali, Indonesia