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American Furniture Icon: The Grandfather Clock

Posted By DutchCrafters on Shopping - The post American Furniture Icon: The Grandfather Clock
From nursery rhymes to stories of olden times, the grandfather clock has been an icon of classic British and American elegance since William Clement created his first longcase clock in 1670. Let us show you some surprising places that highlight time-honored, American made Grandfather clocks in ways both old and new. 1. Foyers and Entryways As much as […]The post American Furniture Icon: The Grandfather Clock appeared first on TIMBER TO TABLE.

Free Gifts with Photography Mentoring

Posted By alanranger on Photography - Sign up for 6 months of on-line photography mentoring with Alan before 15th April 2015 and receive a free gift of your choice worth £25 Choose from: * 4 x Photography Made Easy Pocket Guides * 1 x Camera Sensor Clean * 1 x Monitor/Laptop Colour Calibration

Spring to life with photography

Posted By alanranger on Photography - Spring will be officially upon us in two weeks, the clocks go forward on 29th March and will hopefully bring some nicer weather with it. Photography, for most, just seems so much more appealing when we don’t have to worry about constant downpours and surprise snow flurries. Even though I know winter has its own charms, I can’t deny that the warmth of a spring morning truly raises my photography spirits.So now that days are slowly becoming warmer, there hasn’t been a better time to get out there and put your photography skills to the test.

Hassan Tower and Mohamed V Mausoleum in Rabat, Morocco

Posted By JourneyBeyondTravel on Travel - Guarded at all times by elaborately dressed royal guards and fez-topped security personnel, Rabat’s two most visited sites stand opposite each other along the magnificent Bou Regreg river. Hassan Tower (or Tour Hassan) and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V are two of Morocco’s most mystical places: one is an incomplete project of majestic proportions and ... [Read more]

3 Modern Rules of Rustic Hickory Furniture

Posted By DutchCrafters on Home - Cozy and kinda crafty, rustic hickory furniture (too often!) gets a bad rap for being thematic and over-the-top. Let us help you get the look you crave – think a little more Aspen, a little less Abraham Lincoln. 1. Round out the Edges [Read More…]The post 3 Modern Rules of Rustic Hickory Furniture appeared first on TIMBER TO TABLE.

Save Chesterton Art Exhibition Ends

Posted By alanranger on Photography - The art exhibition from artists in Warwickshire is has now come to an end after being extended for an additional week due to demand and popularity.  The exhibition was organised at short notice but despite the limited time for artists and people to provide works of art and visit the exhibition it was very popular and well received.

London Fashion Week : Designer J. JS LEE

Posted By carolinestyling on Fashion - So I'm in London, a rather cold and wet London but at least right now I'm sitting in a warm press room typing away this post. Started the day by getting registered and watching the first scheduled show I received an invite to - J. JS. Lee - a very talented woman. A lot of woman will find something to love in this A/W collection, which for the first time includes British heritage fabric brand 'Hainsworth' - it's elegant with masculine undertones - lots of oversized coats and knits that cocoon the body in wonderfull textures. There were also some sharply tailored, chic blazers and A-line dress with a 60's nod.I particularly loved the fur pieces, maybe because I'm such a fur fan and this particular piece is pink ! But also, a lot of brands, shosp and designers use faux fur but not all

Why 20’s is the most important decade of your life!

Posted By EyesofBeijing on Personal - Growing up, I dreaded the year I turned 19. I know… you do not have to tell me twice, I AM WEIRD. I thought being 19 was so insignificant, a waste of time. I mean, how could you blame me. It’s after the year you become an adult through the eyes of society (in most countries in the world) and before the first year of the most important decade of your life. However, thinking about my 19th year of life…

Manifesting Desires with Your Heart Energy

Posted By TatianaMichelet on Self Improvement - Does manifesting work or is it a subject for the deluded? Your own manifestation powers have to be tested… Especially since a friend of yours went skydiving and can’t stop bragging about it. You don’t have the fund for a skydiving session. You are not envious but irritated. To turn the irritation into an opportunity, you decide to manifest your arising desire, which is to join your friend in the air by the end of next week, never mind about your phobia of boarding a helicopter and your fear of flying.

Planning A Winter Road Trip in Iceland

Posted By MalloryOnTravel on Travel - IainIainMallory Guest post by Alison Bailey It’s Iceland, it’s December,  it’s cold and snowing, having spent several days holed up in Reykjavik courtesy of a hurricane Iain and I are planning to escape, and circumnavigate the island. Originally intending to drive anticlockwise around Route N1, a circular road that makes a circuit of the island possible, but the weather wasn’t […]The post Planning A Winter Road Trip in Iceland appeared first on Mallory On Travel.MalloryOnTravel