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Who is Dunkel?

Posted By PetClub on Pets - I was sitting at the table early this morning and had decided this quiet time was good to write the following blog.  My mind was relaxed and not cluttered with business hassles or appointments or phone calls which I needed to make, or any of the other myriad number of things which often fill my… Continue reading Who is Dunkel?

Motivation (part 4)

Posted By PetClub on Pets - This is the last of our 4-part “motivation” blog posts This effort is not an advertisement or endorsement of any store or product.  It just so happens that yesterday’s mail had an offering called “Costco Connection”.  I guess that it is part sales catalog and part magazine.  This particular issue immediately caught my attention due… Continue reading Motivation (part 4)

Welcome to the Pet Club PCR Blog

Posted By PetClub on Pets - Welcome to the Pet Club PCR blog! We are excited you found your way here as we’ve built this site to provide information, news, product reviews, and content oriented to pet health, pet happiness, and pet life. As pet owners, we know pets provide us with good things, like unconditional love, lightheartedness, and someone for… Continue reading Welcome to the Pet Club PCR Blog

Motivation (part 1)

Posted By PetClub on Pets - This is my first attempt at blogging — so I guess that makes me a virgin blogger. Motivation that stimulates one to undertake a project like Pet Club PCR can be comprised of various things but mine began with: Scooby Scooter Skylar Dozer Gunnar Miller Checkers That’s 3 Goldens, 1 Boxer, 1 big Black Lab,… Continue reading Motivation (part 1)

Motivation (part 2)

Posted By PetClub on Pets - Here begins the rest of the story.  Back in Minnesota the state legislature managed to create a situation that I considered to be untenable.  The rules were that they would award two licenses for companies to sell medical marijuana.  To apply cost $20,000 (non-refundable), win, lose or draw.  Those odds created a situation that I… Continue reading Motivation (part 2)

Motivation (part 3)

Posted By PetClub on Pets - I indicated in an earlier post that essentially everywhere I look these days I keep coming across references for pets and what you can do to enrich their life and yours as well.  Now, it’s easy to find information on how we can enrich and prolong our existence as human beings.  How about diet and… Continue reading Motivation (part 3)

These 20+ Pictures of Dogs and Cats Playing With Snow For The First Time Will Make Your Day

Posted By erikemanuelli on Pets - A lot of people won’t understand the excitement of experiencing snow for the first time, especially if they live in areas where winter is just a normal time of the year.

And what about you? Do you remember the first time you saw a snowy landscape?

It feels like heaven, a white blanket that convers everything, making it simply more beautiful. Like a fairy tale.

Well, if you recall the excitement of seeing snow for the first time, you may imagine how these dogs and cats may feel!

Enjoy the lovely pictures!