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The Earth Day Origin And Why We Should All Be Celebrating

Posted By lnjnaturals on Environmental -      Planet Earth. Have you ever experienced anything more strikingly wondrous? Vast, diverse, and complex, our planet provides us with the ideal conditions to promote and sustain life. Approximately 2/3 of our beautiful planet is made up of water, and coincidentally so is 2/3 of any one of us. Our atmosphere envelopes us in protective layers, regulating pressure and temperature. The air we breathe fills our lungs, oxygenates our cells, and promotes regeneration. The connections between Earth and life should come as no surprise, because we were, after all, created for our planet.    For many, many years, human beings have walked the Earth, advancing their minds, their tools, and their technology, and for many, many years, human beings have lived blissfully unaware of the impact they we