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11 Things to Know About Dedicated Servers and Gaming

Posted By uttoransen on Hosting - A dedicated server provides a reliable source of connection with bandwidth solely for your gaming needs. No interruptions. No lag. No connectivity problems. The dedicated server can be used as a place to enjoy your games with your own friends or alone without interruption

PageSpeed Insights Score: Why Faster Hosting is More Important

Posted By erikemanuelli on Hosting - You want your WordPress site to load lightning-fast. And if you’re like most of us, when you think of improving your site’s page load times to get that “lightning-fast” designation, you think of your Google PageSpeed Insights score.

For many website owners, it’s their white whale. Getting a perfect score on PageSpeed Insights is the impossible quest that will magically solve all of their page speed woes.

But is a high PageSpeed Insights score the be-all and end-all of fast page load times? Sorry, but no. If your focus is on improving your site’s page load times, finding a better host will often take you further.

In this post, I’m going to run a real test to show you that high-performance hosting will do more for your page load times than endlessly striving to improve your PageSpee
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d Insights score.

Don't Miss These Web Hosting Black Friday Sales 2016 (~70 Deals!)

Posted By erikemanuelli on Hosting - If you have been thinking about starting a website or switching web host - NOW is the time.

In this page you will find exclusive deals with some of the largest hosting companies.

70 hosting deals, with discounts go as high as 95%.

It is the (not one-of) biggest list you can ever get for web hosting industry.

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