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The Blog Engage $500 USD 2014 Guest Blogging Contest

bbrian017 on Blogging - Hi everyone, I’m very happy to announce our first $500 USD Guest Blogging Contest of 2014. The rules are simple, the concept is great! All you have to do is write a post on your blog about the contest including the code given below, write a guest article here on Blog Engage and promote it […]

The Summer of Link Love

positionly on Marketing - While Google attempts to scare SEO aware webmasters to link out to other sites, average people link and share more than ever. Will Google finally subdue the Web as we know it or will the people prevail by spreading link love naturally? Which one of the two trends has better chances? Will the current summer... Read more »The post The Summer of Link Love appeared first on Positionly Blog.

Blogging concepts I never understand!

bbrian017 on Blogging - It’s been around 2 and a half year since I’ve been blogging as a part time blogger. I have mentioned several times in my previous articles, I did read a hell lot of articles before I jumped into blogging. And whether it is about blogging or technology or my field of study, I still love […]

A Simple Guide to Identifying & Recovering From Google Penalty

positionly on Marketing - The word penalty has never had any positive connotation to it, it is always associated with some form of punishment. For site operators, a Google penalty is no different, although the severity of the punishment depends largely on your own actions, and it is never permanent. Unless you take no steps to correct your actions.... Read more »The post A Simple Guide to Identifying & Recovering From Google Penalty appeared first on Positionly Blog.

What to Do When Content Marketing Gets Boring

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Have you watched a boring film? Or attended a boring lecture in collage? Did you like it? Would you share it with your friends and connections? Surely not. Boring does not work. Your audience will move away at the speed of the exit click, and that is just around the corner. Here, in this article, […]

StudioPress Clip Cart E-Commerce Theme

bbrian017 on Blogging - In the last few weeks I have been sharing with you some of my favorite ecommerce Premium Themes from premium theme designers, such as StudioPress Themes and Elegant Themes, but this week I found a new theme by StudioPress that offers a trendy design that is geared toward ecommerce. On November 10th StudioPress released their […]

How I Got Google Adsense Approval in 7 Weeks (But Didn’t Make A Dime)

bbrian017 on Blogging - Getting google adsense approval is just a piece of cake and if you’re looking for ways to get your approved then keep reading. This reminds me of my early days of blogging, when I haven’t started making much online and when affiliate marketing was hard to find in my dictionary. The good news is that […]

Celebrate the Art of Quilts

Nazmiyal on Shopping - Quilts – A Traditional American Art Art and Americana come together perfectly in quilts. If we forget about football and baseball, quilting could be America’s past-time. Not too long ago, quilting rose to fame once again thanks to a landmark 1971 exhibit held at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Over 40 years later, “Abstract Design Read More...The post Celebrate the Art of Quilts appeared first on Interior Design Blogs By Nazmiyal.

Beautiful Pro Theme by Studiopress

bbrian017 on Blogging - Studiopress has recently launched a score of new Genesis themes, Beautiful Pro Theme. With HTML5 markup it one of the most advanced and fastest theme. If you are already used to HTML5 markup after the Genesis 2.0 update, then this is the theme for you. Along with HTML5 markup, you also get a mobile responsive […]

What to Do When Content Marketing Goes Wrong

BrianNewmark on Marketing - There are so many ways to do content marketing safely. You can even go slow and test the waters before starting out a fully-fledged campaign to be safe. You can take minimum risks and do it steadily over time. But what if you have already messed it up? What if it has already gone wrong? […]