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Presenting – A Big Crisis in Leadership Today

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Would you market your business today the same way you were marketing it 30 years ago?Would you use exactly the same technology today that you were using in your business 30 years ago?Would you lead your team exactly the same way today you were 30 years ago?I’m guessing that as leaders we’ve all learned quite a few lessons in the last 30 years and so  for most of us the answer to each of these questions is likely to be a resounding no.If that’s the case, why has the business culture surrounding presenting remained static for decades? Every week we are called in by HR Business Partners of some of the world’s biggest brands to help their people 'improve their presentation skills'.On further discussion we are often told:'It's not joined up thinking''Their mes

From Movable-Type to Streaming Video - What You Need to Know About Media Today

Posted By GuestCrew on Communication - In today’s digital world, where we are all connected by smartphones, tablets and computers, we often forget the historical advances in print media that brought us to where we are today.

30 SEO Link Building Tactics from the Pros – INFOGRAPHIC

Posted By Cent on Blogging - There is a sea of information on link building tactics and some are from real experts and some from self-proclaimed local experts. Here is a list of 30 SEO link building tactics from the pros in an Infographic that is easy to consume.

Leaving the Mountain: Building a Team of Remote Team Players

Posted By PaulMorris on Blogging - In this age of cyber meetings and talking wrist watches, the office just isn’t what it used to be. Every day, advancements in technology give us more wiggle room: more ways to communicate with co-workers, more devices to solve problems,The post Leaving the Mountain: Building a Team of Remote Team Players appeared first on Rhodes Events.

Top 15 Twitter Tools for Twitter Power Users

Posted By GuestCrew on Social Media - So you want to get the most out of Twitter?

Are you dissatisfied with the native Twitter interface?

Are you searching for tools to make Twitter easier to use?

Then read on.

There are hundreds of Twitter tools available, and it’s not easy to compare them to know which one to choose to manage your account. Luckily for you we love to make lists, and we love to identify the best Twitter tools. So here we go with a rundown of the top 15 applications on the market for the serious Twitter user:

Broke, Smoke, Love has Enough of Chasing Life Dreams

Posted By TatianaMichelet on Self Improvement - Evading North Eastern Europe’s financial crisis towards a fresh start in life, Gina walked up the stairs of a small plane in a modest airport, away from her deserted town. It was dawn. Nearby, Gino carried in a suitcase, the photo album of her teenage years. He waved, a speechless goodbye. A single tear slipped down his forced but brave smile.

World's first natural heat generating gloves and insoles

Posted By GuestCrew on Reviews - After years of dedication and research, Astec Int and Zondo have developed a unique fabric which draws energy and reflects body heat. The world's first "Self Heating Gloves and Insoles" are entirely battery free.

The Power of B-List Blogging Connections

Posted By GuestCrew on Blog Tips - There is no harm in making A-list connections; rather you should focus on making these connections actively. But do remember that an A-list influencer or a blogger is always busy and their time is limited. You have to work really hard to make these connections and expect very little in return.

Now, coming back to the B-List, this is where you should invest the bulk of your time. The B-listers have influence, connections, and most importantly – time. They can do a lot more for you

15 Ways to Develop a Social Media Following

Posted By GuestCrew on Social Media - Could you be doing more to develop that saint-like following? A following that will drive your business forward…

The truth is that the majority of us don’t do enough through social media. We understand the power that it holds. But we don’t strive to be innovative in the way that we use it.

A New Cloud Threat for 2015: The Man in the Cloud Attack

Posted By GrowMap on Technology - How an MITC attack can co-opt popular file synchronization services, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox - users need to report any activities in their accounts they did not initiate. Share this with your tech, IT and security connections.