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World wrapped in my hand – Travel poem

Posted By shwetadave09 on Travel - I took my time to come up with my first post of 2016. I wanted to write about something that gets me real passionate – travel of course and thus I penned a poem of all the beautiful places I traveled in 2015. 2016… I come with wheels under my feet! Wishing all my friends a very happy 2016 Image copyright – Shweta Dave Image source: sunshineaandzephyr      

American College of Pediatricians Determined Marijuana Causes Brain Damage in Adolescents

Posted By USAMDT on Law - The news is alarming—in light of the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area’s (RMHIDTA) 2015 report on the impact of marijuana legalization in Colorado, the American College of Pediatricians (ACPEDS) has updated its recommendations on marijuana use by adolescents and come down squarely against legalization. Among the ACPED’s most disturbing concerns is growing scientific... Read More »

Drug Testing Costs Outweighed by Benefits

Posted By USAMDTDENV on Law - Drug testing seems important, but many business owners and managers view it as wasteful. It’s not immediately clear why—they are willing to spend money on marketing, investment, expansion, production, and other costs. If time was spent weighing the costs against the benefits, it’s clear drug testing is a smart investment in a wide variety of... Read More »The post Drug Testing Costs Outweighed by Benefits appeared first on Denver South, Colorado.

Lotto News - We’ve won the lottery already – listen to us!

Posted By Camilleri on Lotto News - Lotto NewsIn Lottery News TodayLottery News Today “I would definitely handle my finances more wisely, that’s for use,” stated Kathi Schooley who won her grand prize playing Lucky Times Ten. She paid off her house before realising this was ‘an error’ as her credit score dropped and she didn’t get the investment in her house back when it wasLotto NewsIn Lottery News TodayThe post Lotto News - We’ve won the lottery already – listen to us! appeared first on Lotto News | Online Lottery News Stories & Results.

This Is War: A Step By Step Guide On How To Start A Diet And Win!

Posted By inkinclub on Health - You know that you desperately need to lose weight. You even know the basics - eat less and exercise more. It sounds so simple, but in reality, you have absolutely no motivation to get off of the couch and do anything about it.

Enforce Full Rental Payments via The Tenant Portal

Posted By loculogic on Property - Based on your feedback we’ve added a new option to your property management software that allows you to specify a payment policy for online transactions from your tenants.  Previously a tenant could login to their tenant portal and make any size payment into their account.  Well, who would turn away money, right?  As it turns […]

Drug Testing is Essential for Manufacturing Jobs

Posted By USAMDTATL on Law - Some employers are legally obligated to drug test prospective and current employees—businesses in transportation or federally regulated fields like nuclear energy, for example, as well as safety-related businesses and certain federal agencies. Employers in fields where drug testing isn’t required by law, on the other hand, find testing employees simply makes good business sense. That goes... Read More »The post Drug Testing is Essential for Manufacturing Jobs appeared first on Atlanta, Georgia.

Corporate by StudioPress

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - Are you looking for a professional way to display your corporation or business’ content? If so, I found a theme that has that corporate look that you are looking for. Its designed to show off a lot of content in a way that will showcase your company, services, or whatever you want to share with […]The post Corporate by StudioPress appeared first on Blog Engage.

Social Affiliate Marketing – No Brainer Income

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - For years many of you will have seen adverts plastered across the web pages you visit with stories describing how someone has made millions watching videos, adverts about spread betting millionaire winners and pictures of ordinary people driving fast cars with all the money they made from writing online, and while many of these stories […]

The Tinyland Drama – A funny poem

Posted By shwetadave09 on Travel -   I am quite overage to see cartoons but as they say there is so age to enjoy cartoon Every time I see a town in a cartoon series I feel like hopping in the television and living there especially Noddy loved that town I clicked this picture outside a store in Malaga and was so fascinated that I had to write a dreamy poem on it Try to find and match the poem with the picture

Ohio Proposes Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

Posted By USAMDT on Law - Next month Ohio voters will head to the ballot box to decide the legal status of marijuana in the Buckeye State. If supporters of legalization have their way and Issue 3 passes, pot will be legalized for both medical and recreational use. According to recent polls, the issue remains far from decided, with 46 percent of... Read More »

Surprise! Colorado Leads the Nation in Youth Marijuana Use

Posted By USAMDTDENV on Law - It’s official. Thanks to a recent federal survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA), the people of the great state of Colorado can say, “We’re number one!” Of course, the sentiment is badly tarnished when you consider the state’s top-of-the-heap position refers to marijuana use among Colorado youth. According to a... Read More »The post Surprise! Colorado Leads the Nation in Youth Marijuana Use appeared first on Denver South, Colorado.