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#Win a Blog Engage and Blokube Subscription @freetodate1

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - Hi everyone and welcome to our newest mini contest where we giveaway a 1 free year of our Blog Engage and Blokube Marketing Services. Please take a moment to thank our contest sponsor, Free Dating Services. Without our paid sponsors we would not be able to host these giveaways so please make the connection and […]The post #Win a Blog Engage and Blokube Subscription @freetodate1 appeared first on Blog Engage.

How to share unpublished posts (drafts) with the Public!

Posted By enstine on Blogging - As bloggers, there are many cases that oblige us to allow someone else read unpublished blog posts on our blogs before they get finally published. If you are writing for a client or reviewing a product, the client may demand to read through the post before you make it public. You may be writing a… Continue Reading …The post How to share unpublished posts (drafts) with the Public! appeared first on How to make money blogging.

Get your mind fit – increase your personal awareness

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - It struck me that having a healthy mind when getting into dating and relationships is probably the best thing to have when you’re moving forward. The mind is an all encompassing organ that controls and effects everything. When I was younger and jumping foot first into the dating scene I had an unhealthy mind and

The impact of depression on relationships.

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - How does depression impact relationships, and what do you do about it? I’ve been asked this a couple of times, actually, and I am glad this is what Raymond asked me to write about. (Before we get started, go ahead and click play on the YouTube video at the bottom and jam it while you […]

Top 8 Things to do before Starting a Crowd Funding Campaign

Posted By GuestCrew on Business - Crowd Funding Checklist - Top 8 Things to do before Starting a Crowd Funding Campaign

Before you start a crowd funding campaign, you need to plan a few things. Starting with – time, you are going to need plenty of it, some funds to market your idea and a base on which you will market it.

Your Analytics Are Lying to You and You Believe Them

Posted By ericruv on Blogging - You could be reading this metric wrong… And if that’s the case you are most certainly making a lot of bad decisions. Wait, you do have installed some sort of analytics in your website right? Ok, let’s start there. You get into your analytics dashboard, most probably google, and start reading through that mess of […]The post Your Analytics Are Lying to You and You Believe Them appeared first on My Way to Online Income.

Michael Gove’s first public speech – 3 Lessons we can learn from him

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Michael Gove, the newly appointed Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, gave his first public speech at the Legatum Institute in London last month and if you’re about to give an important speech yourself it’s worth learning from Mr Grove exactly what not to do.

Why Profit Depends on Getting to the Heart of Your Customer Behavior

Posted By erikemanuelli on Business - If you want to make people buy more of your stuff, find out why they're purchasing in the first place.

When a customer chooses to buy a product, either online or in-store, several factors influence the decision to purchase.

Everything from price, timing, need, savings, and how the purchase affects their bigger picture is considered.

Successful businesses understand how behavioral economics affects their customers, and play into these theories to optimize the buying experience and increase profits.

So Much for Public Speakers to Learn from President Obama’s Eulogy for Reverend Pinckney

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - I’ve never made any secret of the fact that President Obama stands out for me as one of the most gifted orators in the world today. Politics aside, my interests lie with the manner in which he delivers his message and the success this brings.I’m pretty certain that he could even speak about the most mundane topic imaginable in a way most people would hang on to his every word and ‘get it’.

8 Presentation Tips for Donald Trump

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a sales pitch where the pitcher calls the president ‘incompetent’, the competition ‘stupid’ and then insults his business partners.Until now that is.That’s exactly what Donald Trump did during his rambling speech at the Phoenix Convention Centre last week. With an audience of thousands and the prospect of reaching countless more, I can’t help feeling that Mr Trump missed a golden opportunity to rally supporters through solutions and optimism. Instead he chose the path of despair. A mindless game of rhetoric that is certainly nothing new in politics, yet this felt different.Here are my 8 tips to help him during his next campaign speech:1. Lose the lecternMovement is energy and creates visual stimulation