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Top Free High PR Link Directory Submission Sites List

Posted By soltinidotcom on Blog Tips - Exclusive list of High DA PA free link directories. Do you know why they are important ? While talking about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) link building is one of the main factor for getting any website on top of Google and other Search engines. As we know, there can be variations of links that can be created for a website. Links from Link directories is one among the variations of Link Building. Link Directories also called web directories are the sites which are the directories of website links kept as archive.

Building Your Brand? Become a Podcast Guest! #MyBlogU

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - Appearing in podcasts is able to give your brand an incredible boost. Even small podcasts can often gain a lot of traction because they deal with a specified field or topic. Then there is the sheer reach of podcasts (even … Continue reading →

How to Write Many Articles A Day With 8 Strategies

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - Have you ever wondered how to write multiple articles a day for your website? I think you know very well that a professional blogger should not deal solely with the production of content for his blog. Having a website (or else, online business) means, in fact, taking time also for its management, optimization and promotion. So […]

10 Things You Need to Do Right After Launching a WordPress Site

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - “I’ve just launched my new WordPress site… Now what?” – you’re thinking.

So your site is finally available to the world, and that’s great! You can start using it to further your goals, and eventually grow your blog/business/portfolio or whatever else your desire is.

But there are still a handful of things that you should do right after launching a WordPress site to set yourself up for success.

Domain Name Budgeting Between TLD Price Rises and the Crisis

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - Domain name prices are on the rise.

If you, like me, run multiple blogs on different domains, you may want to go for cheaper options or to rethink the number of domains you own, perhaps by cutting some of the extras— you know, those services and domains that don’t result in a consistent ROI or never get enough traffic.

Want Some Publicity? Get a Guest Spot On a Twitter Chat! #MyBlogU

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - Welcome to May Twitter chats hosted by #MyBlogU! This whole month we are going to talk about building your brand by being featured: In podcasts, Twitter chats and social media AMAs. In my opinion, Twitter chats are the most woefully … Continue reading →

How to Create Blog Ideas Influencers Can’t Wait to Share

Posted By Cent on Blogging - Bloggers are often faced with a bit of a dilemma. If you were to write the single greatest article of your career, would it truly matter if no one saw it?
As of 2013, approximately 128 million people were blog readers. With numbers like that, it’s astonishing that any blog could be without a loyal fan base, but it happens far more often than you’d think.
The desire to reach a broader audience is perhaps why bloggers so frequently reach out to influencers.

10 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Successful

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - For the past fifteen years or so, we’ve been told how important it is to have a website to complement our business ventures. We’ve been informed that the positives are plentiful, and there’s no reason why you’d neglect the benefits that a website could give you. While this might be the case for a particularly […]

#MyBlogU April Community Updates: Visual Marketing + Articles Gallery is Growing Up!

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - Good news: we are slowly but surely moving to summer! April has been a fun month: We’ve discussed a few visual marketing topics, including tools and examples. Let’s quickly round-up the month: April Twitter chats: Original Image Creation Tools Free … Continue reading →

Using the Google Search Console to Boost SEO

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - If you have yet to hire an SEO expert to help you optimize your site for search engines and you’re faced alone with data from your analytics tools, don’t fret. This guide will teach you how to use Google’s Search Console to get you the data that you need for boosting your SEO which in […]