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6 Big Mistakes Presenters Make When Closing – and how to avoid them yourself

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - We are all familiar with crucial importance of creating the right first impression when presenting to an audience but even the strongest speakers sometimes forget the all-important last impression. Some of the best presentations can be undermined by a few moments of indecision at the end. 

The Power of Words – How I misjudged Toastmasters

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - As a presentation and public speaking coach I’ve always been aware of Toastmasters International and its worldwide reputation for helping people to improve their communication and public speaking skills. My curiosity has led me to attend several of their meetings in the past to experience for myself the value they offer.

Get those butterflies flying in formation – 10 Tips for the Nervous Presenter

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Public speaking anxiety seems to me to be a little like the ‘tax man’. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what you do, it will come knocking at your door at some point.

Apple does it again or does it? – Presenting the New iPhone 6S

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Apple has long been hailed as one of the most innovative, influential and admired companies in the world. If you’ve ever used any of their products it’s pretty easy to understand why.

The Secret to a Truly Memorable Presentation – PURPOSE

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - ‘I want you to think back to the very last presentation you attended and tell me the one thing you remember from it’. We ask that question during each of our presentation skills workshops and sadly it’s extremely rare that any of the delegates say they remember anything of note.