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The Different Types Of Solar Energy Technology

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - Solar energy covers all of the power that comes from the sun. Most people picture solar panels when they think about solar energy, but those are not the only tools that humans have developed to harvest that energy. There are three broad categories that cover most solar energy technologies. If you are considering investing in […]

How Long Can You Expect Your Solar Panels To Last?

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - Nothing lasts forever. When it comes to technology, most people are used to replacing their devices every few years. This mentality makes some people wary of using solar panels – a huge investment – because they assume they will have to replace them every so often. Fortunately, solar panels are much sturdier than the average […]

How Renewable Energy Could Help the United States Save Billions

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - Growing and funding existing US renewable energy standards could drastically save our country hundreds of billions of dollars in not just environmental costs, but also health costs, by 2050. New research from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory of California and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of Colorado found that air quality and climate change mitigation would […]

Renewable Energy Myths

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - Renewable energy is still new to many. It is a slow process to introduce new forms of energy into society and making them the most efficient as possible. Whether it is wind power, hydroelectric power, and even solar power, these types of energy are becoming more and more popular in use around the globe. There […]