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28 Easy Things To Draw To Banish Boredom And Boost Your Mood

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - Is your brain crying out for something fun to do? And do you happen to have a writing tool handy, along with something to write on? Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m not completely hopeless at drawing, but I’m no expert, either. So, what are some really easy things to draw?” Or you might wonder where can […]
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How to become a Fitness Instructor

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Personal trainer, group exercise trainer, fitness instructor, gym instructor. With a myriad of titles, it’s easy to get lost when looking at a career in the health and fitness industry. How many roles, positions and job titles have you come across in your searches for a training provider? Have you looked at the course/role descriptions and wondered what the difference is, don’t they all train people?Sign up to our next Virtual Open DayDependent on the course description the roles can seem blurred, however a fitness instructor and a personal trainer are very different things. A fitness instructor, otherwise known as a gym instructor, will have undertaken a Level 2 Certificate. This means you could work on the gym floor delivering inductions (dependent on the facility they work in) showing

Review of RYOT® SmellSafe® Small HardCase™

Posted By RFunctional on Health - My small, Ryot SmellSafe® Hard Case came in a monthly cannabis accessory subscription box that is no longer in circulation: Stashbox. As is typical with most of my reviews of cannabis accessories, I will focus on price, discreetness, and usability. The Ryot case itself is an oblong circle that is […]

12 Steps To Better Yourself Every Month This Year

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - Do you ever say to yourself, “I want this to be my best year ever”? You think about all you've achieved — and failed to achieve — in months past, and you feel compelled to take things up a notch. To be a better version of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. You want to meet […]
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Interview with Exercise to Music Instructor Olivia Birchenough

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - We took a few minutes to chat to the talented Channel 5 presenter, actor and fitness instructor Olivia Birchenough, we discussed her career, becoming an fx instructor her ETM qualificationTell us a bit about you and what you’re doing at the moment ?For the past 5 years I’ve been presenting for Channel 5’s children’s segment, Milkshake! This involves presenting live tele on a daily basis, as well as fronting the channel’s live theatre tours up and down the country. Alongside Milkshake!, I’ve been on tour with a theatre company called The Paper Birds, performing in their one-woman show Mobile, which travelled to various theatres up and down the country for 6 months. And I’ve been awarded Best Leading Female at both The Great British Pantomime Awards and Panto Insider Awards 2017!When did yo

Vape Pen Review : The Cannon

Posted By RFunctional on Health - This is one of those reviews I hate doing but occasionally you’re left with no choice. Now I had high hopes for this product as the packaging and looks of The Cannon are very similar to the “Kiln” from Atmos and at the price ($17.00USD marked down from $69.00) I […]

50 Of The Best Gifts for Couples 2019

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - Looking for gift ideas for a special couple in your life? Maybe for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, a wedding, or some other special occasion? You’ve asked around and made a list, only to pass on each one of those ideas because they sounded better in your head than they looked up close. Or maybe you […]
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Top 5 Tips for Succeeding as a Mobile Personal Trainer

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - How to Become a Successful Mobile Personal TrainerAfter you have received your Personal Training Qualification you will be entering a very competitive field. Each client who chooses to spend their hard-earned cash on a Personal Trainer, ultimately wants the best! To be successful as a mobile Trainer you not only have to be good at your job, but also ensure you are going above and beyond client’s expectations. With all of our experience in the industry, we have listed our top five tips to become a successful mobile personal trainer: Time management skills Be prepared and get creative Listen more than you talk Go over and above Stay educated1. Time Management SkillsBeing on time is the number 1 priority, clients are paying for your time and it is a sign of professionalism to show up to sess

Hydrate With These 7 CBD Sparkling Waters

Posted By RFunctional on Health - If you’re a fan of bubbly and fizzy water brands like LaCroix or Topo Chico, these CBD-infused sparkling waters may be your new drink of choice. As more federal restrictions are removed from hemp cultivation, expect to see a growing number of CBD seltzer brands in every flavor imaginable. Here […]

50 Of The Best Growth Mindset Quotes For Kids And Teachers

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - One of the reasons teachers choose their profession is because they want to make a difference in the lives of children and positively impact their futures. Believing that you can change someone's future or have some kind of influence on their path in life requires teachers to have a growth mindset — a phrase coined by Dr. […]
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Fasted and Fed State

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - What are the Differences Between the Fasted and Fed States of the Body?A nutrition trend that is becoming more popular is to take time away from eating and to enter a fasted state. As with many approaches to health and fitness there is little new here, fasting can be traced back to Ancient Greece and earlier, but of late a number of high level executives and celebrities have adopted the method and swear by the results.Intermittent Fasting recently had a resurgence thanks to the 5:2 diet, where people would eat normally for five days and then dramatically reduce their calorie intake for two days. This method (and other forms of fasting), when combined with good food choices and exercise is said to reboot the immune system, improve brain function, help  weight loss and bring the body back i

Strain Review : Golden Pineapple

Posted By RFunctional on Health - The other day I was itching to try a new strain of flower that I’d seen popping up all around town named Golden Pineapple. What caught my attention was this hybrid’s parents were not the usual lineage’s I’m used to seeing on shelves, as Golden Pineapple is a cross between […]

Am I In Love? 15 Undeniable Signs You Are

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - Someone has been on your mind an awful lot lately. And you’re wondering, “Am I in love?” Sure, maybe you have the physical symptoms of being in love — or some of them, at least. It feels familiar but different. Because this person is different, and you’re not the same person you were the last […]
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TRAINFITNESS Launch Career Concierge™

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - TRAINFITNESS are excited to announce the launch of its new service, Career Concierge™. Through this service TRAINFITNESS offer greater support to students once they qualify, further improving the quality of learning experience with TRAINFITNESS.Career Concierge™ provides access to specialists in recruitment, insurance, clothing and digital marketing. The new service will support personal trainers as they start their careers in the industry and bring long term support to new personal training businesses. This is in addition to the aftercare that students already receive in the form of interviews with leading health clubs.Thanks to Career Concierge™ students will have access to preferential rates to companies such as Balens, Concise Digital, Smart Little Web and Zlogg, covering all the basi