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Yahoo Breach Even Bigger Than Thought — 3 Billion Impacted

Posted By g2crowd on Technology - More and more information has come to light since Yahoo’s major security breach in 2013. In September 2016, Yahoo revealed that a hack in 2014 compromised an estimated 500 million users. A second disclosure in December of that year acknowledged that an earlier hack in 2013 was found to breach 1 billion user accounts. Today that number is reportedly 3 billion, virtually every single Yahoo ... Read More
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Cybersecurity Digest: Edition XV

Posted By g2crowd on Technology - Initial estimates of the Equifax breach showed an already astounding 145.5 million people had data exposed, but new data shows some 2.5 million more were affected. The new information came out of a forensic investigation by Mandiant, a cybersecurity consulting firm contracted by Equifax. Mandiant’s investigation found no evidence that hackers accessed databases outside the U.S., but 8,000 Canadians were affected. An additional investigation ... Read More
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AR/VR Digest: Edition XIX

Posted By g2crowd on Technology - VR is obviously all over the place in the gaming world, but more and more companies are beginning to explore AR and VR as business solutions (many have been doing this for quite some time). At one of the many decked-out booths at Microsoft Ignite 2017, I experienced VR for the first time (video below!) from a B2B software company with a CPQ tool. Yes, ... Read More
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Macro Marketplaces for Microtransactions

Posted By g2crowd on Technology - In this day and age, customization is king. People love products that they can craft into an extension of their personality, and technology is no exception. Laptops and phones come in a variety of colors, not to mention the laundry list of preferences that can be adjusted once the technology is powered on. In many ways, the software experience has ... Read More
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Second BA Landing Page

Posted By g2crowd on Technology - Talk to our Software Buying Advisors: (888) 555-1234 or Chat Now Chat Now We base all of our recommendations on reviews written by real users of thousands of software products. We have more business software reviews than anyone else. Because of this, we can drill down and provide the most valuable, relevant insights based on company size, industry and individual ... Read More
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Funding, IPOs and Acquisitions Digest: Edition XVII

Posted By g2crowd on Technology - Google Cloud added to its versatile toolbox this week with the acquisition of the cloud identity and access management product Bitium. In its statement announcing the acquisition, Google pointed to how the move from on-premise solutions to the cloud allows for much higher productivity and innovation. As enterprises continue to adopt cloud technologies, Google views Bitium’s cloud identity and access management solution as essential. “We ... Read More
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Game Dev Digest: Edition III

Posted By g2crowd on Technology - As of September 27, Blizzard will start enforcing permanent bans for “Overwatch” players who have accumulated three seasonal bans. This is an attempt to crack down on toxic players. Designer and programmer Charles Randall expressed that game developers would be more candid about the development process of games if they felt the gaming community was less hostile. Polygon contributor Mike Sholars wrote a powerful essay on ... Read More
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Is It Time to Invest in a Real Estate CRM?

Posted By g2crowd on Technology - On its face, real estate may appear to be the business of buying and selling properties. In truth, it’s a business about relationships. When I was in college, I worked in a real estate office, and my boss told me the most important part of her job was ensuring she had good relationships with all of her clients. A significant ... Read More
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CodeLobster PHP Edition: More Than Your Average IDE

Posted By erikemanuelli on Software - Software developers and programmers today have been given tools that just ten years ago might have been impossible to find. The most basic thing they need to do their jobs is the platform on which they code.

What used to be simple plain text editors have now given way to complete Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).

The IDE is where everything is done under one roof, from writing the code to compilation and sometimes even execution. What’s even more remarkable is that these IDEs offer so many functions that extend their power greatly. From auto-complete for code syntax, colour-coded text, to pre-made templates, there’s so much to explore.

For those in the field, today we’re going to take a closer look at CodeLobster PHP Edition.

12 Things You Should Know Before Using Google AMP

Posted By uttoransen on Mobile - Google is working hard to improve the mobile experience of website visitors. Google AMP is part of that initiative. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The goal of the project is to provide an open-source platform for publishers and developers to use as they create faster versions of their websites for mobile devices

The Top 6 Ad Tech Companies You Need to Know

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - Don't believe the critics: The future of advertising technology is bright. Companies spent over $500 billion spent globally on advertising in 2016, and there's a wealth of ad tech companies uncovering innovative ways to reach modern consumers.

Here are six ad tech companies to look out for in 2017. Although advertising trends tend to be short-lived, each of these companies understands the need to evolve and meet the needs of today's publishers and consumers alike.