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Rental Properties and Service Animals – Infographic

Posted By loculogic on Property - Animals are, understandably, a point of contention between landlords and tenants. Issues stemming from fear of damage or liability often cause landlords to hesitate about opening the doors to pet owners. Even if you have a strict no pet policy, you should know that assistance animals are not legally considered pets and are given certain […]
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The Massive Growth and Success of The Huffington Post

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blogging - The Huffington Post is one of the most well-known names in media and online content in the world today. Rated as one of the top blogs and news aggregators online, The Huffington Post continues to expand their reach on a daily basis. While the site started out with a focus on just politics, it has quickly […]The post The Massive Growth and Success of The Huffington Post appeared first on

Growing Your Business By Using Capital

Posted By fthead9 on Business - Smart small business owners don’t wait to consider borrowing money until a pressing need arises. They know that taking advantage of the right kind of financing is one of the most important ways to build a business. By thinking proactively about new opportunities, you can use financing to help build a solid foundation for your company’s future.

Move-In Specials to End Rental Vacancy Today

Posted By loculogic on Property - Despite a competitive rental market, some property managers are attempting to entice new residents to their property with move-in specials and incentives. Free Rent? Free TV? Free parking? Waived application fee? Discounted security deposit? In an effort to avoid vacancy, newly constructed apartment owners offer rental incentives to future tenants. Move-in specials like discounted rent, […]
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10 Smart Onsite Marketing Tips for Your Blog

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blogging - When it comes to marketing tips for your blog, onsite techniques seem to be the bratty little kid in the family. Everybody likes the well-behaved older child – offsite, commonly followed marketing tactics – but the onsite stuff is annoying, agitating and generally ignored by most bloggers. If you neglect the bratty little kid you can expect big problems down the road.   Marketing Tips for Your Blog   Ditto for ignoring your onsite blog marketing. Follow each tip below to increase organic, passive promotion on your blog. If you publish a polished, easy to share post you won’t haveThe post 10 Smart Onsite Marketing Tips for Your Blog appeared first on Blogging Tips.

How to Get Started With Video Marketing for Your Blog – A Short Guide

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - According to HubSpot’s visual content marketing statistics for Jan 2016, today’s web users interact and are much more attracted by visuals than in the past, and marketers strive to give visual assets a more prominent role in their strategy.

This is not only about compelling images to accompany blog posts or interesting infographics. Video has become an essential asset in a blogger’s and a marketer’s toolbox.

Certainly, writing is easier that making videos – video is not just about words, but also:

- Image
- Body language (if the speaker appears in the video)
- Tone of voice
- Confidence projected
- Credibility
- Minimal elements of distraction
- Visually appealing and convincing content

All these elements come together to create an overall effect that pushes the viewer to
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act upon the content.

Tips for Working Towards a More Efficient Small Business

Posted By fthead9 on Business - Running an efficient business can mean a lot of different things but it all boils down to how well a company takes advantage of its assets and addresses its issues. By assessing your organization, staffing, equipment, and spending you’ll be on your way to creating a more efficient and successful small business.

Non-stop action: why no rest is wicked for fx workouts

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Metabolic training will help your clients achieve their goals faster and fitter  At TRAINFITNESS, our fx clients burn more calories. How? All the fx programmes are a form of metabolic training where the goal is to speed up our participants’ metabolism in order to burn fat and get results quickly. Our fx instructors achieve this by bringing the class into the anaerobic training zone. It’s a principle that you can apply to your own individual and group workouts and that of your personal training clients. Why metabolic training?Metabolism is the process of converting nutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) in the body to the compound ATP which, when broken down, releases energy for the body to use. Metabolic training, therefore, is all about makin

Set up A Detailed Contact Page #MyBlogU

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - If you have a detailed FAQ (or Customers’ Knowledge Base) and Glossary on your site, hopefully many users’ questions will be answered on your site already. However if you provide a service or simply want to hear from your site … Continue reading →