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Stock Broking – A Game With The Bulls And Bears

Posted By lukasmork on Blogging - The famous/ infamous Wall Street is the Mecca for stockbrokers around the world. If you aim to be a noted stockbroker, and dream of having your own business up there, it’s all about playing with the BEARS and the BULLS, as the experts keep on saying. It is a volatile world of shares and stocks… Continue Reading

Apple Watch Website Redesigned, New Documentation

Posted By Rob on Technology - The Apple Watch website has just received a redesign, though launch of the anticipated wearables is still a few leagues away. It is set for an early 2015 debut, sometimes in spring. That is, if Apple does not delay it. Been known to happen. In any case, the company has just given the Apple Watch […]The post Apple Watch Website Redesigned, New Documentation appeared first on Appleitis.

Marketing Your Products Online, by Brian Newmark

Posted By BrianNewmark on Marketing - Having your own products and selling them online is the ultimate online stability for any business. All you need to do is get your products online and both digital and real-world goods qualify for this. However, getting your products online and making sales are two different things. When it comes to marketing your products on […]

New iPhone 6 Ad Demoes The Voice Messaging Feature

Posted By Rob on Technology - Apple has packed in a lot of intuitive features into iOS 8, one of these being voice messaging. This brand new iPhone 6 ad demonstrates this new option, or at least tries to. Fact is that not many people are using this feature. And while the Cupertino based company has aired a bunch of new […]The post New iPhone 6 Ad Demoes The Voice Messaging Feature appeared first on Appleitis.

App Review: Loose Leaf

Posted By Rob on Technology - Technology has advanced by leaps in these past few years, but when it comes to sketching nothing beats a silky pen and a crispy paper. Loose Leaf is an app that tries to emulate that experience. And remarkably, it get close. Sketching out ideas on your iPad screen or just doodling around is a pleasant […]The post App Review: Loose Leaf appeared first on Appleitis.

Apple Releases New Photo Of Spaceship Campus Site

Posted By Rob on Technology - Work on Apple’s massive new spaceship campus continues, and the company has published a new photo this week, showing how the development is coming along. The aerial photo of Campus 2 was published on Along with the image, the company has also unveiled a map to mark some of the key locations that have […]The post Apple Releases New Photo Of Spaceship Campus Site appeared first on Appleitis.

Improve Your Reality with The Power of Your Thoughts

Posted By TatianaMichelet on Self Improvement - Your thoughts, beliefs and judgements create your reality! Do you believe that your thoughts come in response to what you’re observing? What about if I said this is just an illusion. Imagine for one moment, the truth is that what you are observing is actually in response to what you’ve been thinking!

App Review: Kingdom Rush Origins HD

Posted By Rob on Technology - Carrying on with the mantra of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, arrives Kingdom Rush Origins HD. It is the latest title in the Kingdom Rush series, and is pretty much more of the same. But this, in this case, is a good thing. An excellent thing, even. This time around the focus on […]The post App Review: Kingdom Rush Origins HD appeared first on Appleitis.

I’m Tired Of These Candy Crush Saga Invites

Posted By Techmalak on Technology -  Seen by over 100 million Facebook users in its first day of release earlier this month, the Candy Crush Saga is a hit among mobile devices users on the popular social media network to say the least.’s puzzle games series is one of the most popular Facebook games in a long time, with people spending all kinds of time on the game. And with 864 million Facebook users, it makes sense that went all out in an advertising campaign on epic scales that saw the game being promoted everyday.But I can’t stand all the invites I’ve got from people whom I haven’t spoken to in years, on FB about the game, which countless Crush Candy ads in my news feed. I haven’t played Candy Crush, and I’m not interested in its Saga either. I’ve never got

Apple All In For Charity With Black Friday (RED) Gift Cards

Posted By Rob on Technology - The Cupertino based technology giant has positioned the world’s most exciting shopping event with one of the most important charity drives. The (PRODUCT) RED sale is on. As part of the World AIDS Day 2014, Apple has revealed Gift Card values for eligible products that yield donations to the Global Fund. Everything from the iPhone, […]The post Apple All In For Charity With Black Friday (RED) Gift Cards appeared first on Appleitis.