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Types of Body Fat

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Obesity is a major problem in the UK and in fact most of the world … no surprise there! There is a great deal of talk about fat and how that affects our physiology, but fat has always just been fat. However, more recently, the media has been talking about the different types of fat within the body.This article aims to discuss the difference between the different types of fat that we have inside our bodies and the roles that they play. For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing brown and white fat, and their roles within the body.First of all, we will look at brown fat. This is a type of fat that has many blood vessels, which therefore gives it a slightly brown tinge. The key role of brown fat is to produce heat for the body, and it has a major role in helping our bodies stay w


Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Being desk based is a common feature of many jobs in the UK. The stresses that result from being in a seated position have long been discussed but have recently been gathering some weight. The use of the prolonged seated position, particularly if posture is deviated, is a key factor in the development of low back pain. The discussion and education regarding how to safely and effectively sit at a desk (sounds like it should be simple … and it is once you know how) has a great effect on helping to reduce incidences of low back painSo what is ergonomics then? Simply defined, it is the study of efficiency in the working environment. There is also an emphasis placed on the physical stresses placed on the body when carrying out various tasks. In this case we are looking at how to efficie

How to Create A Gratitude List And Make It A Habit

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - Do you want to be a happier person? Do you want to make others happier, too? And are you looking for ways to grow more quickly into the person you want to be? Make a daily gratitude list. According to Amy Morin’s article in Psychology Today, science has linked a daily gratitude habit with the […]
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What is SMR?

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - SMR stands for self-myofascial release, a method of eliminating/easing trigger points and restoring tissue integrity and normal function.So what does SMR actually mean? First take the term fascia, this is basically a layer of connective tissue that we have surrounding the muscles (that ’s where the ‘myo’ bit comes in). Its main aim is to give a layer of support and protection to the muscles and the body in general and covers most of the body. The traditional view regarding this tissue is that it is a passive tissue that transmits forces and tension around the body and holds us together. So basically what we are working with is the self-release of tension in the connective tissue.Due to the role of the fascia in the transmission of force, it often develops areas that are painful to the tou

101 Things To Be Grateful For Today

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - If you’re looking to create a habit that will make you a happier person, choose the habit of thinking about what you’re grateful for – every day. Gratitude makes you happier. This is not news, but it’s easy to forget when you’re faced with a stack of responsibilities that seems impossible to meet – or […]
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PT Salaries

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - I am often teaching new personal trainers who are just at the start of their journey into the fitness industry, one of the most common questions I get asked is ‘what is the average personal trainer salary?’ Now this is not an easy question to answer as to do so you need to fully understand your options when it comes to working in the fitness industry and what different routes offer in terms of both starting and potential salaries.The best way to look at this is to try and split the type of job roles down into two key groups, employed and self-employed. This is your first major decision when it comes to looking at potential work in the fitness industry, while employed jobs tend to have all the perks of being safe, guaranteed salary, all the hassle (tax, NI, CPD, Insurance, and the list goe

How To Be A Nicer Person In 10 Steps

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - How does it pay to learn how to be a nicer person? When you’re faced with a supreme challenge to your social skills, do you act like a cornered wolf, run the other way, or try to see the situation from the other person’s perspective? It’s not always easy, I know. But if you’re the […]
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Cold Weather Motivating Clients

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - It's 5.30 pm and it’s Winter. Seems like the middle of the night, right? It is dark and dismal, temperatures are in the low numbers and so is motivation. Even the most fanatically fitness-minded amongst us are struggling to get up for getting up out of our chairs. And if you can’t get excited about the prospect of moving your toned ass, what are the chances of your clients being incentivised? If you called them to cancel the session, they would probably thank you for it. But we are not going to do that, are we?! When winter casts its shadow over our flagging early evening drive, it is the first task of the trainer to find the ‘go’ to pass on to our customers. If you find yourself fancying a ‘cuppa’ and a cosy blanket rather than burpees and a barbell, your clients will follow you into hib

What Is Respect And Why Is It Important?

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - Why is respect so important? What comes to mind? Is it about whether or not your kids obey your every rule? Or do you immediately think of how you were treated by an authority figure who cared more about his rules than about your more pressing needs? What does it mean to respect someone? Is […]
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Lajos's Story

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - We’re all culprits of taking our health slightly for granted, and often it takes a drastic change or in some cases worse to give us the reality check we need to begin looking after the bodies that look after us! We’re so heavily involved in the industry that promotes fitness, exercise and diet it’s very easy to become lost in what sits at the core of wellness. This is happiness, and the ability to enjoy day to day life without being held back by problems many of us don’t give a second thought to. Recent TRAINFITNESS graduate Lajos was admittedly one example of this, letting injury get in the way of his personal health. An ankle injury meant Lajos could no longer play basketball to same high level he once had, and so quickly gave up and it wasn’t just his ankle that suffered. He began to g

11 Of The Most Admirable Personal Qualities

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - What admirable personal qualities do you think of when your favorite people in the world come to mind? Or when you notice positive qualities in a person, which ones make you think, “I wish I were as ___ as what’s-his-face”? Chances are, you’ve found yourself changing your attitude toward someone when you noticed one of […]
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Lift Less, Feel More

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - “Feeling” is one of the most important components of training for physique. No matter what gym you go to, you will have seen someone doing a bicep curl, for example, with little regard for proper technique or knowledge of what they are doing. They are just trying to heave as much weight as possible, shouting and screaming, and paying little or no attention to the exercise. Success in body-building however comes from the muscular contraction. It is both the key and the secret. If you don’t FEEL the muscle, you can’t grow the muscle.We, perhaps, have all been guilty of it at some time or another. Some guys especially can buy into societal pressure to be macho and compete on the gym floor. Granted, some might do it occasionally as a bit of fun competition, but when trying to train seriously

5 tips to help boost your client’s motivation

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Some would argue that getting into shape and living a fitter and healthier lifestyle should be motivation enough, however, we're all human and sometimes it's difficult to be upbeat all the time.Everyone has a day where they don't want to get up and train or struggle to give 100% to a session.  As a personal trainer you've probably heard every excuse under the sun and you've most probably spent time with clients who don't feel like training.  Below we've come up with some strategies for you when working with a client who's a bit down and struggling to motivate themselves.Identify the problemEveryone is different and will have personal triggers that set off a decline in motivation. Have a chat and find out what the problem might be; are they tired, is the session too early in the day or too

Drop the junk – there’s a healthier alternative for you.

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - In a perfect world, we'd be spending our Sunday's prepping a weeks' worth of meals and topping up with fresh options during the week. But given the nature of modem day lifestyles where we're always on the go, it can be a struggle to have homemade healthy food every day, let alone a fridge to store it all in.Without those homemade meals, it's very easy to make poor nutritional choices. To help you make slightly better ones we've compiled a list of healthier options you can find on the high-street. They might not be to everyone's taste, but they do at least offer variety, flavour and meals more aligned to your goals of healthier, happier and fitter living.LeonLeon have a range of options and a menu that is regularly updated. Nutritionally, the food is up there with your own meal prep exploi