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Shredded Tires and Gas Station Gourmet

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - The open road uncoils before us like a black vein stretching towards eternity, carrying us to the sublime destinations we dream about. The best trips are those that have the power to stay lodged in your memory for lifetimes to come. There is no greater joy than the feeling of freedom experienced as the hum […]

Go West, Young Woman: Getting Away

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - The summer of 1996 seems far removed from the world I know today – the Internet in its infancy, Seinfeld gearing up for its second-to-last season, smartphones and ipads and personal GPS as seen only on Star Trek. Gleaming Doc Marten boots, smooth and deep-purple, like a stone bruise or a bad decision, held a […]

5 Lessons Learned from Road Trips

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - Since our son was born three years ago, our family has taken two big road trips. Prior to these road trips, the furthest I had traveled was from Oklahoma to Missouri. The first big trip we made as a family was from Oklahoma City to Minneapolis. It was a business trip for my husband, and […]

Meeting, Mating, Swiping and Liking: Which Dating  Apps Do It Best?

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - Digital dating apps are a dime-a-dozen. It’s mind-boggling to try and make up your mind which ones to sign up for. Guidance, please! Don’t worry and chill, because this blog is written for singles who want to know which of the most successful dating apps are also the most popular dating apps. So, we’re going […]


Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - September will be here before you know it (and why-oh-why does the summer always go by so quickly?) so we are gearing up to get back on a schedule here at Heart and Humanity. Our monthly theme, therefore, will be Back to School: Lessons Learned Of course you can write us a piece about actual […]

Dating After 50: In Eight Steps

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - I never thought I’d be dating again at my age. Dating. Eeee. Someone spare me, please! But we make mistakes, and we make them willingly, and they come to roost. Then: they go away, and we start dating again. Whoopee. Step One My last wife and I met online, through Yahoo Personals, just after 9-11. […]

How Online Dating Could Make You Rediscover Yourself

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - Online dating is the virtual version of regular dating. It enables you to connect with other singles online. Women sometimes have forgotten the true essence of dating. It is not just a process of meeting and getting to know people, but it is a powerful tool to help you with your personal growth, learning, and […]

Can An Investment Portfolio Save Your Relationship?

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - This is a collaborative post for which we have been financially compensated for. Our collaborative post section is not written by our team and is entirely reflective of the views and beliefs of the post author. Money is one of the top subjects in a relationship that can cause severe arguments. In fact, several couples […]

The Puppeteer

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - CW The smell of a cheese and pickle sandwich, the small burn holes in his shirt from the cigarette ash – black around the edges, like the holes in her burned out soul. Just a few of the memories of her grandfather – the puppeteer – that stick in her mind as though at that […]

From the Publisher’s Desk: I Have a Dream

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - It’s been quite a journey for me over these last six years writing to an audience. Yep, from my first ramblings on my very first blog; a way to process what I was thinking after a hard day at work, to this amazing magazine, Heart and Humanity, that is growing nicely month by month. It’s […]