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A Retirement Withdrawal Calculator For Planning Your Future

Posted By douglascarey on Finance - When it comes to figuring out if you will outlive your money in retirement, most people make only a best guess. But why guess? You can use good calculators to help figure out if your retirement income will support your expenses and if you need to dip into your investments.

Can I Retire At 55?

Posted By douglascarey on Finance - You normally have a variety of levers you can pull when looking at retirement. If you target a certain age for retirement, you eliminate how far you can pull one of those levers, which is time--you are taking away the option of delaying retirement beyond a certain date. That's OK; it's just something to be aware of.

How Much Money Do You Need To Retire?

Posted By douglascarey on Finance - It is such an important question- How much money do I need to retire? But not enough people ask it. Even they do ask the question, they are not using the proper tools and analysis to correctly answer this all-important question.

First, you must use planning tools that are accurate. They should calculate your taxes properly, allow for different account types such as Traditional IRAs, 401(k) plans, Roth IRAs, 592 plans, and many others.

A Guide to Securing Your Kid’s Financial Future

Posted By erikemanuelli on Finance - If you have kids, your biggest concern will more than likely be securing their financial future.
You want to be able to rest soundly knowing that your kid’s futures are all squared away, and if anything should happen to you they will be taken care of.
This guide will help you to ensure your kid’s future is secure.