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5 Steps to Getting Personal Training Clients via Inbound Marketing

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - Inbound marketing is a way to attract personal training clients to your business by creating valuable content that speaks directly to them. It helps them to solve problems that they know they’ve got with their health and fitness when they are ready to make a change. In other words, inbound marketing aims to set-up your funnels in a way that it will be your ideal clients who will look for you and find you when they need you.Outbound marketing, like ads, cold calls and leaflet dr [...]

How to Write Content That Gets New Leads

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - As a personal trainer, your clients will likely see a lot of your content before they make a decision to invest in your services. Your content is everywhere you post; your website, your social media, even the comments you leave and the emails you send to your mailing list. This exposure is called a sales funnel.  People in your audience will be at different stages of their own buyer journey. The job of your content is to encourage your potential clients at whichever stage they a [...]

How Improve Your Fitness Website Loading Speed & Rank Higher On Google

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - People’s attention spans are short and waiting for a personal trainer’s webpage to load for too long will all but guarantee that the visitor to your site will navigate away without waiting to hear about all the ways you can help with their goals. This can negatively affect your bounce rate, how quickly a website visitors lands on and the leaves your page and even how you rank on Google. Larger web pages take longer to load because it takes the browser time to download th [...]

8 Simple SEO Tricks to Boost the Ranking of Your Fitness Website

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - Once upon a time, it was easy to rank at the top of Google when you optimised your site for a couple of select keywords. Those days are long gone, and if you want to get more eyes on your personal training website, it takes a lot more work. With more and more personal trainers opting to have fitness websites of their own, having a badly performing website is almost as bad as having no website at all.So in this article, we'll map out the biggest bang for your buck SEO tips to help you [...]

Top Ten Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Fitness Website

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - You probably already know what a powerful tool your website can be for your personal training business but it can sometimes feel like no one ever looks at it and it is just a glorified digital business card that costs you money every year. ​You spent all that time getting a fitness website design, expecting to be overwhelmed with leads, but the flood of incoming queries doesn't seem to materialise. Don't beat yourself up. This happens to a lot of personal trainers. Sometimes it [...]

Reasons Why Your Content Won’t Rank Even If It’s Optimized

Posted By Mack85 on Marketing - There could be several reasons why your content didn’t show up well on the search engine. As an initial consideration, your content may have poor formatting, less searched keywords, wrong grammar, and its overall structure might be unattractive. But are these the only problems that is affecting your content raking or there are some other reasons to bother. Let’s find out!
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Facebook targeting strategies for Boosterberg

Posted By andreji on Marketing - The power of Facebook lies in its marketing opportunity for advertisers to target very specific audiences. Facebook is really good at collecting behavioral and demographic data about its users, which can in turn be used by advertisers to create a very relevant ...
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Facebook and Friends: Where to Now for the Global Advertising Platform?

Posted By andreji on Marketing - End-user openness and transparency between friends are what has made Facebook so popular in the first place. It is this globally networked popularity that has energized the commercialization of Facebook and transformed it into the global, targeted advertising platform that ...
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Choosing the right objective for your Boosterberg campaigns

Posted By andreji on Marketing - Facebook offers various advertising objectives to help marketers reach their preferred business goals. Advertising objective is an action we want people to take when they see our ad. Objective is one of the first things you choose when creating a Facebook ad and it should align with your overall business goals.