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How To Choose The Right Gym & Enjoy Getting Fit In It

Posted By inkinclub on Health - You want to start going to a gym, but nowadays there is a gazillion of gyms available, and yet they’re all slightly different. There’s Gold's Gym for the bodybuilders, the Powerhouses for powerlifters, Curves for women; YMCA Fitness, David Barton Gym, MVP Sports Clubs, 24 Hour Fitness and on it goes into infinity.

Fitbit: All You Need To Know About Your Fitness Buddy

Posted By inkinclub on Health - Looking for a fun and stylish way to get into better shape and stay active? If so, then you need an activity tracker! And of all the brands out there, the Fitbit is one of the most popular -- and for good reason! If you're thinking about buying one for yourself, we've got some tips on how to make Fitbit your best fitness buddy.

59 Tips (Over 5315 Words} To Help You To Not Gain Weight Over The Holidays Ever Again

Posted By lifehackingmachine on Health - If You Are Thinking About Going On A Diet After New Year’s You Are Starting Way Too Late. Often you get sucked in to dieting for summer and by the time cooler weather comes around in the fall, you are ready to put the feed bag on, the over-sized sweaters come out, and all the disciplined eating goes out the window?

Missing Movember? Now Is The Perfect Time To Be Happy For The Next 11 Months

Posted By inkinclub on Health - We’ve all come to know and love Movember, the month formerly known as November when the artist (or shall we say hipster) once known as your boyfriend/brother/friend transforms into some mustachioed characters for 30 days, all in the name of men’s health awareness. But when all is said and shaved, what else can men do for the remaining 11 months of the year to live healthier, happier lives?

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes To Make Your Holiday Special

Posted By inkinclub on Health - So you have made healthy eating a priority in your life, and the holidays are coming and there is a big possibility those resolutions will go straight out the window. While there's nothing wrong with indulging in a few of your favorite treats, these amazing, knock-your-socks-off Thanksgiving meals can keep your healthy eating lifestyle on track while still letting you enjoy your favorite meal of the year.

Which Yoga Is Right For You? A Complete Guide To Yoga Styles

Posted By inkinclub on Health - From Yin to Vinyasa, there is a style for every body and everybody.Taking the first steps towards practicing yoga can be daunting if you're not born with the innate flexibility of a Russian gymnast, and you don't know your Bikram from your bingo wings. Well, it's time to grab life by the lululemons - use this trusty guide to yoga styles to help you choose the best practice for you - you'll be bendier than a pretzel before you know it!

Why I Regret Becoming a Yoga Addict: Confessions Of a Sore Loser

Posted By inkinclub on Health - When my friends started pestering me about trying out their new yoga class, I rolled my eyes and prepared to launch into my lengthy list of excuses about why I couldn't attend. After all, yoga would just be a passing phase for them, like all of the other trendy things they'd tried - and subsequently given up - over the years. an

It's a Deal! The Best Fitness Devices To Buy On Black Friday

Posted By inkinclub on Health - Fitness trackers are on quite a few Christmas lists this season. Not only are they popular devices, but they can actually help you to lose weight and become healthier. However, they can be rather expensive depending on the exact model you select. Luckily, there are a few offers for fitness devices going on this Black Friday.

6 Healthy Halloween Recipes That Will Make Your Party Ghostly Fun

Posted By inkinclub on Health - Halloween is almost here! You're throwing your usual All Hallow's Eve Party — yet, this year you want something a bit different from Tombstone cookies, Zombie Fingers, and candied apples. Come over to the "healthy side" and make these tasty Halloween snacks!