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3 Questions to Ask Before Taking on Debt

Posted By erikemanuelli on Finance - Almost everyone will have some sort of debt in their lifetime. Whether it is just a mortgage or it is a payday loan to get through a particularly rough month, taking out a loan is a good way to give yourself an injection of cash when you need it most.

However, getting into debt for the wrong reasons can cause some serious problems. For example, if you decide to take out a loan to buy a wardrobe full of designer clothes but then find that you can’t make the repayments, you stand to lose far more than your wardrobe but may have to sell off lots of your things to cover the interest.

While there are lots of sensible ways to get fast cash now, you should always ask yourself these 3 questions before you sign on the dotted line and commit yourself to the repayment scheme. This is a good way
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to figure out whether you are taking out a loan for the right reasons and when saving up might be a better idea.

How to Choose and Stick to Your Financial Plan in 2018

Posted By Mdinich on Finance - Open letter to Journalists, bloggers, and anyone trying to keep a financial resolution. “Everything Works, but everything does not work for everyone” – Gary Vaynerchuk My new year’s resolution in 2018 is to become a better writer and blogger. My father, Michael R. Dinich, a man who has dedicated his life not, only to serve […]

Getting Full Control Of Your Finances

Posted By erikemanuelli on Finance - As you consider getting a more tight reign on your finances, one of your first steps should be to design a budget within which you can most comfortably function.

Look at your monthly income. Are you a single breadwinner, or is there more than one breadwinner in the house? What is the monthly budget you’re working with?

Electroneum: Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2017

Posted By ocasiomarketing on Finance - In the early days of bitcoin, a man purchased 5,000 coins for only $27, which today would be worth almost $900,000. Don't miss this low risk opportunity to invest in the newest cryptocurrency ready to EXPLODE on the scene.

Average American Household Debt By State

Posted By fthead9 on Finance - Politics can be a divisive topic, where issues and events can polarize the population into opposite sides of the spectrum. In the U.S., states are labelled based on their predominant voting pattern (red for Republican vs. blue for Democrat). With this in mind, we decided to take a look at the state of debt in the United States during this Presidential election race and break down how personal debt compares between red and blue states.

5 Times When a Personal Loan is Better than Using Credit Cards

Posted By fthead9 on Finance - For many Americans the process of purchasing an item goes like this: find what you want to buy, put it on your credit card, and pay it off… eventually. As a result credit card debt in the United States is on track to reach $1 trillion by the end of this year. Meanwhile some consumers […]The post 5 Times When a Personal Loan is Better than Using Credit Cards appeared first on Dyer News.

Debt Consolidation: Is it a Good Deal?

Posted By fthead9 on Finance - Is your credit card debt calling to you? Ready to pay it off once and for all? Consolidating your debt could be the answer. This year U.S. consumers are on track to reach a combined $1 trillion in credit card debt. Add in the fact that credit cards often carry notoriously high interest rates and […]The post Debt Consolidation: Is it a Good Deal? appeared first on Dyer News.

The Average 401(k) Balance By Age

Posted By douglascarey on Finance - The good news from ICI is that total household retirement assets are, on average, higher than they have ever been. The bad news is that average household retirement assets are only in the $24,000 range, meaning total household financial assets are only in the $70,000 range.

Do I Need A Financial Advisor For Retirement Planning

Posted By douglascarey on Finance - Today's technology is reshaping industries, and the financial advisor industry is no different. The old model where advisors charge hefty fees is starting to erode. Financial planners charge an average of $2,000 per plan and they usually leave you with a 100 page report and you never hear from them again. This model is ripe for destruction.

Online Financial Planning: Easier Than You Think

Posted By douglascarey on Finance - It used to be that you could sort of tell when it was time to get professional help in managing your investments. You knew, for example, that in your 30s and making a decent salary and socking away a fair amount of money, you probably did not have enough in assets for it to make sense to have professional help--the costs would just be too high. But at some point, with a mortgage and a kid and maybe another one on the way, you might start paying closer attention to those financial planner advertisements on TV or in the local paper, and even give one a call.