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5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Be Using Facial Serum

Posted By delicatebeauty on Health - To most people, a serum may just be another layer that they’ve to slather on in their skincare routine. However, when you really look into its spectacular benefits, you’ll understand why so many skincare giants want you to use it every day.Read on to find out why a facial serum is absolutely essential in your skincare.1. You’ll Start Seeing Instant Brightening ResultsThe biggest benefit of serums is that they are quickly absorbed into the skin. Unlike facial moisturizers, which take longer to seep into the deeper layers, a serum can penetrate and take effect with fast action. This is the reason why you may start seeing the results in the first week only.Serums usually have a lightening ingredient, like vitamin C, and a moisturizing ingredient, like Hyaluronic acid. Both of them work toget

47 Badass Quotes That Will Get You Motivated

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - Some people think being a badass means being tough, rebellious, and uncompromising. It may require those qualities at times, but most often, being a badass means living true to yourself, finding your inner strength, and holding your head up high. Does that sound like you? If not, maybe your inner badass is begging to be […]
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The One Skincare Mistake That is Destroying Your Skin

Posted By delicatebeauty on Health - Skincare is a tricky business. If you have pesky skin issues like acne and dark spots, your skincare routine will call for special efforts. However, in a passion to do away with all your skin problems ASAP, you may end up slathering on the wrong products.If your current skincare routine and trips to the dermatologist have not done any good up until now, then you’re probably making a huge blunder. Some acne and anti-ageing treatments can be too harsh on the skin, stripping away its natural oils.When the surface of the skin is left unprotected, it becomes vulnerable to all kinds of issues. For women’s natural skin, proper skin repair is impossible if the surface is dry, flaky, and inflamed. Chances are, you’re skipping on a key step in your skincare.The best, highly-qualified dermatologists

Why You Should Use a Stretch Marks Cream During Pregnancy

Posted By delicatebeauty on Health - When it comes to stretch marks, women tend to have mixed emotions. While some happily embrace them, others experience a growing urge to get rid of them right after childbirth.Whether you decide to live with them or seek a stretch mark treatment is entirely up to you. If you consider them to be unsightly, there is no harm in post-pregnancy treatment. However, what does matter is the kind of treatment you opt for.After childbirth, a woman’s body takes to heal and recover from the traumatic experience. In this process, it develops stretch marks on the belly, back, and thighs. If you do want to get rid of them, it’s important to seek treatment immediately.The longer you take, the more stubborn the stretch marks become. There are many treatments, like laser therapies, Microdermabrasion, and st

31 Hurtful Words To Remove From Your Vocabulary

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - When was the last time you caught yourself using words that hurt someone else? Were you aware at the time of why you used them? Or were you just saying something you thought was funny? For that matter, why do we ever use hurtful words to describe someone? Maybe we take some pleasure in finding […]
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4 Benefits of Anti-Wrinkles Skincare Products

Posted By delicatebeauty on Health - The way your skin behaves over the years is influenced by several factors, such as your skincare habits, the amount of sun exposure, genetics, and stress. Including anti-wrinkles skincare products in your skincare regime can help counter these factors. An anti-wrinkle skincare product with the right ingredients can nourish your skin in many ways and give it a youthful appearance. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using these products:No More Wrinkles Wrinkles are a natural occurrence with age. They are not simply associated with the elderly. If you’re in your late 20s or early 30s and do not manage stress well, then it’s likely that your skin has become increasingly prone to wrinkles. As the name might suggest, using anti-wrinkles skincare products can go a long way in removing

15 Of The Best Gifts For People With Anxiety

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - Do you have close friends and family members who live with anxiety? Or are you constantly on the look-out for anxiety gifts for yourself and the people you love? When you find something that works, it’s hard not to want to share it with others in your life who struggle with anxiety. You want to […]
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What Makes Retinol Face Creams so Effective?

Posted By delicatebeauty on Health - You’ve probably heard a lot about Retinol face creams and how they are the answer to a lot of skin complaints these days. But how does a retinol face cream work and why is it one of the best skincare treatments out there?To put it simply, while other skin-care solutions provide temporary results by masking any symptoms of skin damage and skin aging, retinol face creams contain ingredients that work on a cellular level and instead of temporarily disguising the damage, they work to actually repair it. To understand this better, let’s take a look at some of the ingredients present in the best retinol face creams and how they help:Retinol Face Creams: A Closer LookAs the name might suggest, retinol face creams contain retinol, a member of the retinoid (vitamin A) family. You might have receiv

99 Of The Best This Or That Questions To Spark Conversation

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - Fun questions or boring small talk? Lots of laughter or uncomfortable silences? There’s no better game to ignite an engaging and fun conversation than This or That questions! This or That questions are funny and intriguing at the same time because they present you with just two options. Whether you love or hate them both, […]
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List Of Benefits Of A Good Anti Aging Skin Serum

Posted By delicatebeauty on Health - A good anti aging serum is a must in everyone’s skin care regimen. Research claims that the ideal age to begin using anti aging products is 29 years onwards. When your body slows down, so does the collagen production, and what does this mean for you?Lesser elasticity.Increased chances of wrinkles.Lesser protective barriers.Not an appealing idea!So why use anti aging products, especially anti aging serums? Well, here’s a breakdown of the benefits of anti aging serums to give you a better idea!1. Concentrated DoseA serum is packed with a concentrated dose of the important ingredients. Anti wrinkle serums are full of enhanced properties of the vital ingredients which help to pause, reverse and improve signs of aging much faster than any other topicals!2. Brightens SkinDue to age and environm

The Magic of Anti Acne Facial Serum: Results and Benefits

Posted By delicatebeauty on Health - Even if you don’t follow an advanced skincare regime, you have probably still heard of anti-acne facial serums. Also known as vitamin C facial serums, this particular skin care product has received a lot of attention thanks to its proposed benefits. But how does it work and should you consider using it? Let’s find out.Benefits of Vitamin C Facial SerumHelps Treat AcneFacial serum for acne? That’s right. Among its many benefits, a vitamin C facial serum can help treat acne scars. This is because vitamin C can help treat hyperpigmentation. It reduces the production of melanin, which evens out your skin tone as well as your pimples.Enhanced Collagen ProductionVitamin C can be particularly good for your skin as it stimulates the production of collagen. As you cross your mid-twenties, the amou

Using Stretch Mark Removal Creams Post Pregnancy

Posted By delicatebeauty on Health - Stretch marks are a common occurrence during pregnancy. As your skin stretches, the elastin and collagen fibers that form the supporting layers of tissue in your skin tend to tear. The resulting scar is what you call a stretch mark.Besides the physical stretching of your skin, stretch marks may also occur due to the increased levels of hormones during pregnancy. They attract moisture into the skin, which weakens the bonds between the collagen fibers present in your skin. As a result, your skin tears more easily when it gets stretched during pregnancy and a stretch mark forms.Not every pregnant woman gets stretch marks, though. If your mother didn’t have them, then you might not get them either. Some of the most likely places for stretch marks to occur are your abdomen, thighs, breasts, an

9 Tips For Aging Gracefully And What To Avoid

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - Do you know the secret to aging gracefully? It’s not in the latest age-defying beauty treatments. But if you’re reading this article — on this website — you probably already know that. You don’t chase fads or worry about every wrinkle you find on your face. You don’t fret over silver hairs or the changes […]
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How to Study your Personal Training Course From Home

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - In an ideal world, everyone would come to a venue and study their PT course on the gym floor, but that just isn’t practical for all. You’re busy, you have commitments, we get it! This is why a distance study course can come in handy. Our distance course allows for...
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