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The Options Wheel Strategy Explained

Posted By cashblog on Make Money - Options trading can be a profitable investment strategy for those willing to take risks. One popular approach for options trading is the “Options Wheel Strategy.”
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44 Delicious Weeknight Dinners You Can Make in 20 Minutes (Or Less!)

Posted By alwaysusebutter on Food and Beverages -
When you need a quick weeknight dinner after a busy day, these recipes are just what you need. From pastas and stir-fries to soups, ramen and breakfast for dinner - this list has everything you could possibly crave. Set a timer, choose a recipe, and get ready to have dinner in 20 minutes (or less!)....
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20 Best Beach Songs for Your Next Family Beach Day

Posted By apieceoftravel on Travel - A day at the beach with loved ones isn’t complete without some top-notch beach songs playing in the background! This happy music lifts your spirits, gets everyone in the mood for a good time, and provides singalong opportunities that inevitably bring people together. However, not all songs are made equal when it comes to the …
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How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Calathea Makoyana Indoors

Posted By planetnatural on Home - If you’re looking for the perfect tropical houseplant to add to your indoor garden collection, this plant is just for you. Prayer plants are among the most popular houseplants in your local garden center, and the calathea makoyana is no exception. Do you have your eye on this plant but are still trying to decide whether you should get it? This guide will teach you everything you need to know about calathea makoyana care. Botanical Name: Calathea Makoyana  Common Name: Peacock Plant, Cathedral Windows  Family: Marantaceae Plant Type: Evergreen, Herbaceous, Perennial  Hardiness Zones: 10 – 11, USA Sun Exposure: Partial Sun, Full Shade Soil Type: Moist but well-drained Soil pH: Acid, Neutral, Slightly Alkaline  Height:  Up to 4 ft. tall  Bloom Time: Anytime, but flowers are small  Flower Colors: White Native Area: Brazil What’s a Calathea Makoyana? Like the peacock prayer plant, calathea makoyanas are members of the family Marantaceae. Although this plant can be naturally found all over South America, Brazil (specifically in the Espirito Santo state) holds the undisputed record for this plant’s presence. Also known as the peacock plant, Calathea makoyana is a beautiful evergreen perennial with big oval leaves on long thin stems. This plant’s leaves sprout from the central rhizome and have dark... Read more
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What Can You Feed Fish Other Than Fish Food? Here Are Alternatives

Posted By FishKWisdom on Pets - Have you ever been in the position where you have to ask yourself what you can feed fish other than fish food? Do you want to experiment with homemade fish food? Are you aiming to feed your pet fish a varied nutrient-packed diet? Or, did you just run out of store-bought fish food? Regardless of [...]
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10 Work-Life Balance Tips To Build Wealth Without Burning Out

Posted By fwo on Finance - Working long hours is necessary to be financially well off, right? Building wealth is a marathon, not a race. Instead, maintain a healthy, balanced life that makes sense for you. If you do, you’ll stay productive and avoid burning out.  Here are 10 work-life balance tips to avoid burning out on your wealth-building journey. 1. Define What [...]

How to Protect yourself from Allergies this Spring

Posted By Enerhealth on Health - Allergies Vs Cold or Fever:
While seasonal allergies and colds share similar symptoms, they have very different causes. According to the Mayo Clinic, Seasonal allergies are immune system responses triggered by exposure to allergens, while colds are caused by viruses. 
Common Types of Spring Allergies:

Spring is here…and so are the seasonal allergies. As the flowers bloom to fruition, they bring along the allergens with them. Some of the most common types of spring allergens include tree, weed and grass pollen. The pollen is released and small pieces can be easily carried by the wind and insects. 

Another common springtime allergy includes molds and mildew spores. Mold thrives in wet places like fallen leaves, grass and rain. It also thrives in warmer places such as the indoors in bathrooms, kitchens and basements. Not to mention, mold can grow on plants that have grown during the winter. 
Bites from bugs like mosquitos, bees, wasps, and fleas become more common in the spring time due to the warm weather. 

Symptom Check:
Allergy symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of a common cold yet they vary based on location and severity. Spring allergens can trigger symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, coughing, congestion and itchy, watery eyes. 

How to Manage Seasonal Allergies: 
Avoid coming into contact with outside allergens: Controlling your exposure to allergens is one of the best ways to manage your allergies. Using an allergy forecaster can be very helpful as certain weather conditions can increase the severity of allergies. Avoid dry and windy days, as pollen is increased.

Check the pollen count outside by using an allergy forecast
Keep windows and doors closed
Stay indoor when pollen counts are high, dry and windy days, as there is likely in an increase of pollen in the air 
Wear protective clothing when outside

Keep up your hygiene: While it is impossible to completely avoid all allergens, there are many steps you can take when it comes to your personal hygiene that can protect you from allergies.  

Bathe, shower, change clothes after being outdoors
Avoid touching your face eyes and nose
Wash bedding in hot water weekly  
Use zippered allergen impermeable pillow and mattress covers

Keep your air clean: Help reduce the amount of pollen coming into your home by keeping the air clean with air conditioning and dehumidifiers. 

Keep indoor humidity below 50%
Use air conditioning instead of fresh air 
Use a dehumidifier to keep indoor air dry 

Relieve your allergy symptoms: When the allergies do kick in, consider trying natural herbal supplements to lessen the severity of the allergy attack. If your allergy symptoms significantly hinder your daily life, seek consultation from a doctor or allergist for additional help. 

Take natural herbs from Enerhealth Botanicals

Echinosha Elderberry Syrup- A combination of nature's incredible bounty, that can give your immune system a super boost and calm down respiratory passage ways and work to eliminate excessive phlegm.

Nettles Decongesting- Nettle’s herb helps the body deal with the effects of allergens; it works by modulating the body’s inflammatory pathways to support upper respiratory health. This herb also promotes detoxification and healthy blood. 

Honey & Propolis Throat Spray- With resinous propolis and soothing honey, Honey & Propolis Throat Spray coats the throat for long-lasting relief and helps settle coughs. 

Echinacea Blend-  Echinacea is one of the most popular and widely recognized herbs to support a healthy immune system. All species of echinacea contain phenolic compounds, which work in combination to produce immune-enhancing substances. Phenols have antioxidant properties, which have been shown to support overall wellness.

2. Consult with doctor 

Things To Do In Springfield, MO: A Family’s Guide to the Best Attractions

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33+ Top Gifts For Seniors With Limited Mobility

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Bill Gates Stock Portfolio: Top 10 Stocks to Buy Right Now

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15 Cover Songs That Are Superior to the Originals

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Top 10 Places Tourists are Prohibited from Visiting

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Dredge Review – Trawling in the Deep

Posted By BossLevelGamer on Gaming - 8I’ve always enjoyed fishing mini-games when they’re part of larger games. In university, I spent hours fishing in Animal Crossing on the Nintendo DS (a normal thing that students do), and I’ve whiled away many hours fishing in Zelda games and Stardew Valley. This is why when I heard about Dredge, a fishing game tinged […]
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“I Think I Just Inhaled My Dad”: Daughter Accidentally Scatter Her Dad’s Ashes and Breath Them In

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How Big is an Acre? Here Are 10 Real-Life Stunning Comparisons

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10 Lifestyle Changes To Save Significant Money in the UK

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