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Merry Christmas from #MyBlogU!

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - It’s Christmas Eve today and obviously we won’t take too much of your time. We realize these are the days you want to spend with your family and friends sharing holiday cheer and love! In the spirit of these wonderful … Continue reading →

Can You Still Be Drug Tested in States with Legal Marijuana?

Posted By USAMDT on Law - If your state’s decision to legalize medical marijuana, recreational pot, or both has encouraged you to believe you’re now protected from employment drug testing—not to mention its potentially unpleasant economic consequences—think again. Even though you might be “legally” allowed on the state level to grow, smoke, or eat marijuana, it’s still illegal on the federal level. Here’s the... Read More »

How to Ignite Social Media Marketing in 2016 [Infographic]

Posted By Cent on Blogging - This infographic has everything you need to ignite social media marketing in 2016 from image sizes, to best posting days and times for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

Free 1099-MISC Tax Filing for Property Managers

Posted By loculogic on Property - Rentec Direct provides simple solutions for filing 1099-MISC tax documents online through a partnership with Nelco, authorized tax professionals.   For the 2016 tax season, Rentec Direct users are eligible for ONE FREE e-filing with discount code BB3 (includes one federal e-file and recipient reporting service). E-filing through your property management software includes: Federal E-Filing: […]

The Best New Year’s Resolutions for Property Management

Posted By loculogic on Property - A new year is perfect time to reflect on the past twelve months through a lens of confidence for jobs well done and assessment for what could be done better.  With the idea of new year’s resolution in mind, this period of reflection gives you a glimpse of what 2016 might have in store for […]

Enforce Full Rental Payments via The Tenant Portal

Posted By loculogic on Property - Based on your feedback we’ve added a new option to your property management software that allows you to specify a payment policy for online transactions from your tenants.  Previously a tenant could login to their tenant portal and make any size payment into their account.  Well, who would turn away money, right?  As it turns […]

Rent vs. Buy – The Benefits of Renting

Posted By loculogic on Property - While the 2016 housing market predictions seem disconcerting for those wanting to break into home ownership, in reality, there are many benefits of renting.  In fact, renting is the preferred housing choice for those who value the flexibility and affordability associated with deferred ownership and maintenance. In the rent vs. buy debate, realtors and financial […]The post Rent vs. Buy – The Benefits of Renting appeared first on Rentec Direct.