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10 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes for Writers 2021

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - All that glitters is not gold. It is a new year and some of us may have decided to explore self-expression through writing but not through the dopamine-riddled social media but through independent means of publishing on WordPress. Finding a basic blog theme and getting started on cataloging your stories, unique observation or analysis is one part of the challenge but why stick to a default WordPress theme when you can choose from similar minimalist themes that offer blog demos or have been specifically designed with independent writers in mind. Your minimalist WordPress theme needs a few core features that keep everything clear while offering responsive views and also be accessible for the visually impaired.   What Is a Minimalist Theme? A minimalist WordPress theme is a theme designed to

The Killer Mistakes Online Businesses Make On Social Media

Posted By shathyan on Blogging - Why take your brand to social media if you aren’t going to make the most of it? How successful is your brand on social media?… Take your time and answer the aforementioned questions honestly. Does your answer to the second question come with a defeated countenance and a sigh, I understand. It happens to even ... Read more
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Alexandra Daddario stars in Lost Girls and Love Hotels coming to DVD and Digital

Posted By BlazingMinds on Entertainment - Haunted by her past, Margaret has relocated to Tokyo, teaching English by day and losing herself in anonymous sexual encounters at the city’s infamous love hotels by night. After an unexpected encounter, she begins a tumultuous affair with Kazu, a Yakuza gangster. Spiralling out of control, she is on a collision course with a malevolent […]
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How to Get Started on Twitch?

Posted By dragonblogger on Technology - Twitch is a live video sharing service, mainly used in the gaming world. It attracts more and more gamers who share their passion and sometimes manage to make money from it. However, it requires a minimum investment. The Twitch platform Twitch is a community platform for sharing or live video streaming. Created in 2011 by Justin ...
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Alice Cervantes

My name is Alice and I have been into gaming since I first got the Nintendo 64 in late 1996 and enjoy writing about all things relating to entertainment, gaming and streaming. Lately you can find me playing mostly MMO's like WoW, FFXIV or Black Desert Online when I have time to game.


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The Best Cooking Recipes on the Internet to Make for Your Friends and Family

Posted By wcmarksblog on Creative Lifestyle - I have always admired people who can cook well because I was never one of them. Since I had a lot of…
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How To Take Your Brand From Bland To Standout With Just a Few Unique Strategies

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - When it comes to defining your company’s brand, image truly is everything. Without a strong brand, consumers may struggle to remember your company even after initial exposure to it, or may not be able to distinguish between what makes you unique and the draw of your competitors. Honing a brand is one of the most important, and difficult, jobs of any company’s marketing department, but if your business is relatively young or you’re new to the marketing world, it can be confusing to know where to start to make the brand truly stand out. Take Your Brand From Bland To Standout Fortunately, employing some highly effective and unique strategies can put you on the right path to having a trusted, recognizable and creative company brand. Make Sure You Have Your Demographics Nailed Down It’s next t

Creating Key Relationships With Blog Commenting

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - To this day nothing works better when building new relationships online than blog commenting! Its a vital process to creating a successful online brand and identity. Blog Engage helps you do this and in an extremely efficient and productive manner. In today’s screen cast I share some of my techniques on how I’m using Blog […]