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Merz on Main – Columbia, IL

Posted By investmart007 on Food - “Home-style Favorites” – Merz on Main COLUMBIA, IL/January 23, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) Merz on Main is a corner tavern in Columbia, Illinois, located just ten minutes from the Jefferson Barracks Bridge.  They cater to those seeking comfort – comfort food, that is. On any particular day, you’ll likely find owners Steve and Linda Merz in the […]The post Merz on Main – Columbia, IL appeared first on St. Louis Restaurant News.

#TshirtTuesday: Satirical design with LivingTees

Posted By Printsome on Blogging - Travis one day decided that the corporate job was no longer for him so he founded Living Tees - a T-shirt line with a sense of humour...
The post #TshirtTuesday: Satirical design with LivingTees appeared first on Printsome Blog.

Are You a Millennial and Want to Work From Anywhere in the World? Here Are 5 Ways to Make That Happen

Posted By erikemanuelli on Business - Live that laptop lifestyle.

We are in a day and age where younger and younger members of the workforce (Millennials and soon Generation Z) are questioning why, on earth, they would accept a job that forces them to sit in an office for 40+ hours per week.

There are some jobs where this is essential, it's just part of the gig. Maybe it's even what you want--and that's perfectly fine. But there is a growing number of talented young people who absolutely do not want that, and they struggle to figure out how to find a different option.

Nicolas Cole (the author, as someone who recently took the leap) wants to pass along some resources and knowledge that will help you make tangible moves toward the lifestyle you would rather be living: working from your laptop, anytime, anywhere.

What are the best food choices for breastfeeding mothers

Posted By medlicker on Health - Breastfeeding mom diet is very important as what a mother eats affects her breast milk, which ultimately affects the baby as well. Nursing (lactating) mothers should, therefore, pay a close attention to what they eat to ensure their baby gets all necessary nutrients. This post describes 17 best food choices for breastfeeding mothers, including recipes and other tips.

How to Optimize Google Analytics for WordPress

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - Google Analytics is an immensely powerful tool that enables its users to gain invaluable insights into the behavior of their website’s visitors. Learning how to optimize Google Analytics for WordPress will let you know how users interact with your site and which goals you are failing to meet, and ultimately enable you to shape a unique marketing strategy for your whole online business.

Despite there not being a single official tool for integrating Google Analytics with WordPress, there are plenty of unofficial plugins which get the job done fantastically well.

This time around we’ll be taking a look at several of these plugins, and an extended peek under the hood of one in particular. Then we’ll guide you through the process of setting goals for your site. Are you ready to unleash th
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e full potential of Google Analytics for WordPress? Let’s find out!

Utilizing your Past Relationships to Embrace Your Present Success

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - Feb 14, 2015 If you are anything like me you find yourself reliving the trials of your past and how you should have reacted to them, more often than you, or I, care to admit.  You find yourself cringing at a past peer, or laughing at the memory of a great employee all while you are … Continue reading Utilizing your Past Relationships to Embrace Your Present Success

The Perfect Pancakes at Winslow’s Home

Posted By investmart007 on Food - Taking Locally Sourced to a New Level at Winslow’s Home University City, MO/January 22, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) – We are lucky to live in a major metropolitan area in the modern age.  In St. Louis, we are literally surrounded by thousands of restaurants serving just about every kind of food imaginable.  Every corner of the globe […]The post The Perfect Pancakes at Winslow’s Home appeared first on St. Louis Restaurant News.

January Must Have’s & A Give Away

Posted By bnbstyle on Entertainment - January is all about looking forward and quite frankly about making resolutions really happen. Things on our radar include getting the inside scoop on where the top stylists in the world shop, rainbow sweaters that reflect our daily mood, our latest chick flick obsessions, and a one-two get in shape style punch. Read on. 1. […]The post January Must Have’s & A Give Away appeared first on The Blonde & The Brunette | Your Quick Daily Dose of Style & Beauty.