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How To Brush Your Teeth With Braces Infographic

Posted By HiTekDental on Health - Braces don’t just look awkward—they often feel awkward, too: Though they are sometimes necessary to ensure an aligned bite and beautiful smile, they can make routine tooth care difficult, particularly for young children. Taking extra care when brushing with braces is, however, essential as food particles can easily adhere to the brackets, leading to plaque […]The post How To Brush Your Teeth With Braces Infographic appeared first on Hitek Family Dental Care.

The Peach Power Smoothie

Posted By TrainFitness on Health -   The Peach Power SmoothieBy Hannah Tyldesley  What do you do when summer come calling and the sweet tooth with it?Whip up a delicious Peach Delight and celebrate the sweetness from the natural sugars summer shares so well.Peaches also offer a rich treasure of minerals such ascalcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, and copper all inspiring the summer glow, as well as the summer body. They are a low calorie snack contain no saturated fat and offering a good source of dietary fibre.Peach Delight2 peaches1 banana½ a cup of Vita Coco Coconut WaterA tbsp. 0% fage yoghurtA squeeze of honeyA sprinkle of desiccated coconutPop everything in your nutribullet blender, whiz it up and top with sprinkling of extra coconut for that summer kick!Macros

Demystifying the Psychology of Fonts in Emails

Posted By emailmonks on Marketing - Internet and emails is the lifeline that connects us to every happening in the world, while on the move. So when you open an email, what is the first thing you observe in the content? Headlines? Images with attached captions? Ads? Ever considered what all have in common? Fonts and colors! While Colors in emails […]The post Demystifying the Psychology of Fonts in Emails appeared first on Email Monks Blog: Email Marketing Tips & Best Practices.

How to Write Many Articles A Day With 8 Strategies

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - Have you ever wondered how to write multiple articles a day for your website? I think you know very well that a professional blogger should not deal solely with the production of content for his blog. Having a website (or else, online business) means, in fact, taking time also for its management, optimization and promotion. So […]

5 Steps To Great Sex With Your Wife Or Girlfriend

Posted By Gettinglaid on Adult - Lіkе the trees and flоwеrѕ іn the park, your sex life needs саrе and attention іf уоu want to kеер іt іn gооd condition. Great ѕеx іѕ nоt just about sexual techniques. You need to lіѕtеn to еасh other аѕ wеll аѕ closely observe each other’s reactions іn оrdеr to understand your partner’s sexual nееdѕ. If you are kееn to gеt the ѕеx life уоu […]

Naked Tough, Pins & NJ’s May Musts

Posted By bnbstyle on Entertainment - I’m just going to gloat the tiniest bit and say we called it. Self-expression, pins, and chick flicks are rebounding on the fashion scene. Each of these trends is gaining ground in new and interesting ways this month and has everything to do with Rachael Zoe‘s much repeated, spot-on quote, “Style is a way to […]The post Naked Tough, Pins & NJ’s May Musts appeared first on The Blonde & The Brunette | Your Quick Daily Dose of Style & Beauty.

Could it be you? National Lottery players fail to claim £128million in prizes in a year 

Posted By Camilleri on Lotto News - Lotto NewsIn Lottery News TodayRead the full article at: of £128mln jackpot remained unclaimed in 2015. Why some Britons do not bother to check their numbers, although Lotto sales tickets reaches new records?Lotto NewsIn Lottery News TodayThe post Could it be you? National Lottery players fail to claim £128million in prizes in a year  appeared first on Lotto News | Online Lottery News Stories & Results.

ACH vs. Checks – Which is better?

Posted By loculogic on Property - The most common rent payment options for renters are paper checks and online payments made via ACH.  Online payment options have become a popular choice for property managers and landlords who want to offer renters convenient ways to pay their monthly rent. What are ACH payments? ACH transactions are typically faster to clear and far […]The post ACH vs. Checks – Which is better? appeared first on Rentec Direct.

How to Manage Wisdom Tooth Pain

Posted By HiTekDental on Health - Managing Wisdom Tooth Pain Prior to having your wisdom teeth removed, you can manage the pain by: Using a mouth rinse: You can make a simple and effective mouth rinse at home by mixing a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of salt, then stirring. Swish the rinse in your mouth for about 30 […]The post How to Manage Wisdom Tooth Pain appeared first on Hitek Family Dental Care.

Build Your Own HIIT Workout

Posted By TrainFitness on Health -   Build Your Own HIIT WorkoutBy Bryn Ray   When it comes to getting the heart racing, a HIIT programme is the remedy required. Short bursts of high energy combined with little rest will have the endorphins screaming and the metabolism fired. But with endless ideas out there how exactly do you know you’re working to ensure efficient and effective fat burn?This is where we step in with our ‘Perfect HIIT Programme’ helping you to build the workout your body craves ahead of the summer months. Follow our 7 step guide to building your HIIT Programme based on our T3 workouts covering mobility, recovery and relaxation as well as the all-important high intensity intervals.Section 1= General MobilisationFirst, we want to prepare the body for exercise. This