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10 Must-Read Tips to Improve Your Editing Skills

positionly on Marketing - What makes someone a great writer? While it’s true that some are naturally gifted with a command of the English language, you might be surprised to learn that some of the best writers in the business have first drafts just as ugly as your own: Scattered ideas, half-finished thoughts, bad grammar – and yes, even... Read more »The post 10 Must-Read Tips to Improve Your Editing Skills appeared first on Positionly Blog.

5 Ways to Create Findable Content Without Keyword Stuffing

positionly on Marketing - When it comes to content many people still seem to be in the SEO stone age with repetitive keyword usage, lack of clarity and context, boring headlines just for the sake of Google search. By now that doesn’t work anymore if it ever did. Content findability is the key element of getting editorial sites to... Read more »The post 5 Ways to Create Findable Content Without Keyword Stuffing appeared first on Positionly Blog.

Apple iPhone 6 Is On Its Way. It Might Be a Game Changer

UpWired on News -   The time has come for Apple to show their new iPhone – iPhone 6. Although Apple did not release any concrete data about the new iPhone, this smartphone is so important that some of the youtube vloggers and professional journalists get the hang of the parts the new iPhone will be built off. Regardless, we have to start from the beginning! According to rumors that flooded the Internet in recent weeks and months, the Apple iPhone 6 will be introduced in September. Although, unofficially, the first information suggest that the new model will be much bigger than before, it will be available in two different sizes and every bit of it will be enhanced and redesigned in comparison with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. Actually, while researching about this phone, we found out that Apple w

Luscious Child Theme For Studiopress

bbrian017 on Blogging - Are you looking for a fun theme or maybe something a little whimsical? If you are, I have the theme for you. On October 11th, StudioPress Themes announced the release of the Luscious Child Theme. The Luscious theme is a fun theme designed for bloggers and publishers who want to display there content in a […]

How To Use Customer Value to Move Your Business Forward

positionly on Marketing - Writing for Forbes, Bill Gurley points out the dangers of being seduced by Customer Lifetime Value, and it is true that this metric is not without risks, especially when it is used to portray a rosy Utopian future. But it can also be valuable when used as tool in your strategy, rather than as the... Read more »The post How To Use Customer Value to Move Your Business Forward appeared first on Positionly Blog.

Content Marketing Strategies for Business

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Content marketing can be really helpful for your business. Both online or offline business looking to create an awareness about their brands can use content marketing for promotions. One of the very basic requirements for a content marketing campaign to work positively for a business is to have a solid strategy backing it up. Strategy […]

How Big Brands Do SEO (and Few Hacks to Beat Them)

positionly on Marketing - Big brands are everywhere. But I don’t care that there is hardly an aspect of our lives that’s not dominated by Apples, Samsungs, Nestles and others. Given my professional affinity though, their unfair prominence in search gets to me. Type any keyword into Google and you are bound to see big brands occupying top results.... Read more »The post How Big Brands Do SEO (and Few Hacks to Beat Them) appeared first on Positionly Blog.

Crowdfunding Startups – Getting A Project Or An Idea Funded

BusinessBanter on Business - Crowdfunding has been validated as a way to raise funds, build a buzz and test the idea for a project in the pre-production phase. Many entrepreneurs and business savvy creatives are crowdfunding startups to bring their project to life and successfully launch themselves into their respective market. If you think crowdfunding could be a good […]

Going Green Child Theme by StudioPress

bbrian017 on Blogging - Trying to save the earth, your neighborhood, or just looking for a natural look for your website but not sure what you need to do it? Having a professional website isn’t everything you need to start a healthy related website. Along with a professional looking website, you need to have the look and feel of […]

The Zen of SEO: Earning Links by Helping People

positionly on Marketing - While many people use Zen solely as synonym of “awesome” I’d like to show that you can translate your Zen practice into your work as an online publisher. Helping people without judging them is one of the main tenets of the awakened Zen practitioner. How does it differ from the fake servility of many businesses?... Read more »The post The Zen of SEO: Earning Links by Helping People appeared first on Positionly Blog.