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Last Chance to Donate Towards Breast Cancer

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - Please do help me reach my goal and donate towards this great cause. The CIBC Run for the Cure happens this Sunday. I need your help, please if you can, using credit card or PayPal, contribute some money towards finding a cure to breast cancer. Every year for the past 5 years I have […]

The Internet Has Evolved But It is Not Finished

Posted By ivanpw on Blogging - Since its consumer popularity in the 1990s, the internet has revolutionized how we live our lives. We communicate through emails, instant messengers, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone calls, video chatting, and any number of social media outlets. We collect information from any of the billions of websites available and more are popping up every day.… Continue reading »The post The Internet Has Evolved But It is Not Finished appeared first on

Affiliate Lights Changes USD to GBP (10 GBP Bonus)

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - As many of you know Blog Engage recently started accepting GBP for it’s memberships and registrations. Our affiliate program in the past was converting sales in USD, most sales still to this day are originally in USD. I have decided to start making all commissions and all payouts in GBP. What does this mean for […]

DTFP One Month Giveaway

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - Needless to say it’s been a long five months in my life. The wife and I recently purchased a new home, it’s had a lot more to do than we initially thought. We had water in the basement, tons of facial upgrades internally and externally. I can honestly say I’ve learned more in the last […]

The Definitive Two Step Process to Stay On Top of Everything

Posted By JaysonFeltner on Blogging - Being successful in the workplace often means having the ability to stay on top of everything.  Most workers are completely overwhelmed by their workload.  The answer to their problems lies in their ability to quickly and efficiently process the onslaught of responsibilities coming at them.The other night over dinner, as she usually does, my wife asked how my day had gone.  “Surprisingly well” I answered.  I then went into ,probably too much, detail about why my day had gone so well.  “I’ve found a simple two step process to help me stay on top of everything” I told her.As an executive and leader of my company, I can sometimes feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.  …

5 Smart tips to choose the right password

Posted By lukasmork on Blogging - A recent study has shown that thousands to hundreds of thousands of accounts are made daily on the Internet by people from all around the world. As you may know, creating an account usually means providing information such as a username, an email and choosing a password in order to not give other people access… Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Blogger

Posted By JaysonFeltner on Blogging - When I decided to become a blogger, it was purely out of the interest to become a better writer.  I had enjoyed writing in my youth.  As an adult, I found myself writing only emails, technical documents, and notes.  I wanted to really write again.  So I decided to become a blogger.A blog gives you the chance to write for the world, not just yourself.  But I quickly found that it gives you much more than that.  There are intangible values that come with blogging that I never intended to be part of the process.When people ask me why I blog (because I make much more money leading an energy company) I tell them that they should become …

9 Goals to Kick off Monday Morning at My Small Business

Posted By extremejohn on Blogging - Good morning, and happy Monday. I hope you had a great weekend, and your week is off to a great start. As any entrepreneur or small business owner can come to expect, Monday’s can be an entirely different level of hectic. I like to keep the typical Monday chaos to a controlled minimum whenever possible. [Continue Reading]

The 1 Trick You Must Know To Remember Names

Posted By JaysonFeltner on Blogging - A strange looking and eccentric woman walked up to me and asked my name.  She said she had a strange ability to remember names.  I was in the middle of a class of 30 people and liked my odds.  I bet her should couldn’t remember names of every person.I told her my name, then promptly moved to a seat across the room. I convinced another few people to move as well.  This way, she couldn’t just remember a pattern of names.  She had to remember our names based only on our faces.My jaw was just as open as the other 29 jaws in the room when she went around naming each and every person.  First and last names!  …

5 Reasons Why Natural Gas is the Future Fuel of Choice

Posted By JaysonFeltner on Blogging - When I graduated from college, natural gas prices were at an all time high.  The industry was booming and everyone was saying that natural gas is the energy of the future.  When prices fell by half almost over night, I was still saying‚ “natural gas is the energy of the future”.  It is as true a statement today as it was then.My career has been spent in the natural gas industry.  No matter what the price has been, the fundamental economics of natural gas continue to be solid.  Natural gas, more than any other fuel in the world, has all the makings of the best fuel choice for our future.As oil production continues to decline around the …