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New Andy Murray logo design

Posted By garethdotdesign on Blogging -   I rather like the new logo design for Andy Murray created by Aesop. It features ‘A’ and ‘M’ (his initials) and also the number 77, which signifies him being the first British man in 77 years to win Wimbledon. Admittedly I’m not sure I would have picked up on the ’77’ but now I know it adds […]The post New Andy Murray logo design appeared first on Dot Design.

The Impact Of The Apple Watch on Investors

Posted By JaysonFeltner on Blogging - This April, the Apple Watch will hit stores.  The impact of the newest product from the world’s most valuable company is expected to make waves in the watch industry.  But what will the impact be for investors? When Steve Jobs returned to Apple nearly 20 years ago, he immediately slashed their product offering to four […]

Investing In Process Not Profits

Posted By JaysonFeltner on Blogging - Warren Buffett is notorious for buying a business, then leaving them alone for years.  This is not very typical in the investing world but it proves he is making sound investment decisions. I’ve seen many companies acquired in long drawn out legal jousting matches.  Pricing negotiations, conference calls, redlines, and hard nosed tactics are often the what […]

11 Great Tools that Power and Electrify The Bad Blogger

Posted By TheBadBlogger on Blogging - Are you having trouble finding web hosting, plugins and themes that will help make your blog awesome? Well, below are my recommendations. Most are for the same tools I use for this blog.

25 Insider Facts about Amsterdam

Posted By Expatshallowman on Blogging - About Amsterdam, 25 Insider Facts! Recently, while browsing my feed on Stalkbook, a post popped up called 25 INSANE facts about Amsterdam. The information contained therein, was neither INSANE nor particularly accurate. I assume that it was written by excited tourists, after a joint or three in an Amsterdam coffeeshop, which as the post excitedly pointed out, … Continue Reading →The post 25 Insider Facts about Amsterdam appeared first on Amsterdam Confessions of a Shallow Man.

Creating an Effective Design Review Process for Website Development

Posted By splatdude on Blogging - Throughout my life, I’ve lived among fitness addicts. Many of my friends have been working out for decades; they’ve witnessed every trend come and go, from aerobics to Crossfit. ® A lot of them possess skill sets which rival those of people who train for a living. The other day, I was having coffee with […]The post Creating an Effective Design Review Process for Website Development appeared first on Splat Productions.

Guide to Social Media in 2015 (And my critiques/favorites)

Posted By DalyMarketing on Social Media - Foursquare: What? Is anyone even on there anymore? Totally irrelevant and I don’t see it making a comeback anytime soon. Its prime moment was when the Mars Rover checked in from Mars. And then, it went back to being stupid.

13 Blogging Lies We’ve Heard Enough of in the Blogging World

Posted By TheBadBlogger on Blogging - I’ve been around the blogosphere for almost 10 years, and I’ve read just about every type of blogging shit there is. I’ve seen masters of prose, masters of spin, masters of drama, and masters of nothing at all. So, here are 13 common lies you come across in the blogging world. Let’s expose them – and put them to rest!

Optical Measurement, For The Win: Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge vs. The OptiGauge™

Posted By Lumetrics on Blogging - There are many types of thickness measurement- one of those being ultrasonic thickness measurement. Ultrasonic thickness measurement has many benefits, but falls short in a few critical areas where optical thickness measurement excels. Here are the details in a colorful infographic.

Easy Start-up Success

Posted By JaysonFeltner on Blogging - Today at lunch I had the privilege of hearing a remarkable success story of a guy who quit his job, started a business, and in only one year, is living his dream.  I wanted to share this story because it is the type of small business I love because it proves that anyone can quit […]

How To Get The First 1,000 Users For Your Startup

Posted By roypovar on Blogging - “How can I get my first 1,000 users?” Is one of the most popular questions I get asked whenever I do consultations or meet a new client. Last week, specially for Ledel’s FlyBudapest conference, I teamed up with (the amazing!) Ben Lang to answer that question. In a 45 minute talk, we shared 6 best [...]

Mommies What’s for Supper?

Posted By Kaboutjie on Blogging - I don’t know about other moms but having to cook a nutritious, tasty meal every day takes its toll on me. I run out of ideas and leave things to the last minute. When the end of the work day approaches I only then start trying to remember what meat I have in the freezer […]