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Blogging Tips From Sean Rasmussen At Learn How To Blog

CatherineHolt on Blog Tips - Today on Friday’s Featured Blogger, I am delighted to share with you an interview with Sean Rasmussen from Learn How To Blog.  I have had the privilege of knowing Sean both personally and professionally for the last couple of years, and if you want  to learn about blogging….this is the guy to learn from! Sean has made a [...]The post Blogging Tips From Sean Rasmussen At Learn How To Blog appeared first on .

Outreach WordPress Theme By Studio Press

bbrian017 on Blogging - As the name implies, the Outreach Theme from, a concern of Copyblogger Media network is marketed as a theme suitable for charitable or religious causes. For instance, the theme can be used to represent a church within a specific geographical area. In other words, the theme is for non-commercial uses. However, after going through […]

“All Your Domains Are Belong to Us!” – Google

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - In a not-so-surprising and what seems like a long over due move from Google, it looks like they are finally getting into the domain name registration space. You would think with everything that Google has had in place for so many years now that this would have already been released years ago… but alas, better late than never. The interesting thing here is that Google can instantly make themselves the leader in the domain registration space, even when sites like HostGator have hosting and domain registration for over 10 million sites and GoDaddy has another 12 million customers as well. Here’s what we know so far… Google Domains is currently out in beta. Private registration is available at no extra cost. You can create up to 100 email aliases for each domain. Easy domain

Modern Blogger Theme by Studiopress

bbrian017 on Blogging - The Modern Blogger Theme is one of the recent releases by Studiopress. It has built in HTML5 support for faster rendering making it a very fast loading theme. Studiopress themes are generally known for being elegant and fast, and the Modern Blogger theme doesn’t disappoint. Modern Blogger wasn’t actually created by Studiopress, it was by […]

Practical Tips to Save Money on Home Expenses

FrugalSoldier on Make Money - As you know, owning a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Besides the price of the mortgage, there are inherent expenses that you will not be able to avoid. Here are a couple of quick tips on ways you can save money on home expenses. Purify Your Air with House […]The post Practical Tips to Save Money on Home Expenses appeared first on Frugal Living Tips.

Biz Gamers – Have you Tried Capital City: Escape from SuperCorp?

ivanpw on Blogging - I play games. A lot. It’s an interest of mine, and no, it’s not a time wasting activity. For me, playing games is a learning experience. Of course, not all games are created the same – but the right choice of games has helped me to gather new ideas, stay creative and hone my intuition – and relieve stress, too!… Continue reading »The post Biz Gamers – Have you Tried Capital City: Escape from SuperCorp? appeared first on

5 WordPress SEO Tips to Increase Website Traffic

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - Most beginners quit blogging just because of one reason and that is lack of website traffic. They work very hard in the beginning and follow each and every way to increase their site traffic, but they will give up after not noticing any results from search engines. Always remember one thing, without optimizing your posts for search engines, you will NEVER get any organic traffic. You must be optimizing your blog posts, at the same time, you also need to take care of your readers. Don’t over optimize your blog posts and focus on solving your readers problems on your blog posts, you will notice great results from the search engines. How to increase website traffic? Are you searching for different ways to increase your website traffic? If yes, this detailed guide is for you, and I’ll walk yo

InReview by Elegant Themes

bbrian017 on Blogging - Are you into writing reviews for products? Have you ever thought about creating a review site so you can review products and services in your niche? Maybe make a little money on the side from a site like this? If so, I have a great looking WordPress theme that was designed to be a review […]

Take your blog to the next level with Elegant Themes

bbrian017 on Blogging - So much work goes into starting a blog. You have to select a niche to blog in, determine where to market your blog and so much more. Everything you do will affect the overall quality of your blog and the amount of readers you have visiting daily. I believe one of the most important aspects […]

What Are the Benefits of Commenting on Blogs? I Have 8 for You

ryanbiddulph on Blog Tips - I comment on 100 blogs daily.


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