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5 Ideas to Make your Holiday Swag Stand Out

Posted By ivanpw on Blogging - Holiday season is finally here. Get ready for series of interesting events approaching the New year! Well, buckle up: After the shopping frenzy of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, it is time get down to work: Prepare your branded holiday swag.… Continue reading »The post 5 Ideas to Make your Holiday Swag Stand Out appeared first on

How to make Money by uploading videos on YouTube

Posted By Suprabhat on Blogging - You might have heard about Peoples,YouTube Channels  who are earning money by uploading videos on YouTube. And many of you might have tried jumping into it to make money by your YouTube videos and channels but you not make except some bucks it is because you didn’t have huge followers or Subscribers. So in this tutorial we will learn How to make Money by uploading videos on YouTube even if you don’t have huge subscribers. You would also like to read Different ways of Making Money Online without Investments Things you will learn :- How to create your own YouTube Channel and how to make it look professional How to Create YouTube Videos easily without having professional Skills How to get Adsense approval via your YouTube Videos How to rank YouTube Videos high on Search Engine as

Stock Broking – A Game With The Bulls And Bears

Posted By lukasmork on Blogging - The famous/ infamous Wall Street is the Mecca for stockbrokers around the world. If you aim to be a noted stockbroker, and dream of having your own business up there, it’s all about playing with the BEARS and the BULLS, as the experts keep on saying. It is a volatile world of shares and stocks… Continue Reading

Extreme Budget Tablets: Hands On Comparison

Posted By dragonblogger on Blog Tips - Review of budget tablet models and how they compare, these are Android tablets less than $70 in price.Author informationIggy CastilloI have spent many years in the PC boutique name space as Product Development for Alienware and Dell through their acquisition and finally Velocity Micro. During these years I spent my time developing new products, technologies and configuration’s with companies such as Microsoft, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Asus and more. Gaming and new and old technologies are what drives my interests and passion. | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | LinkedIn | The post Extreme Budget Tablets: Hands On Comparison appeared first on Dragon Blogger Technology.

Inspirational Artist-J.K. Rowling

Posted By askgetit on Blogging - “I was set free because my greatest fear had been realized, and I still had a daughter who I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” J. K. Rowling There are few literary characters as beloved as […]

The 7 Laws of Personal Branding

Posted By askgetit on Blogging - Right now, you have a problem. No one knows who you are, what kind of work you do, how good you are or even how to find you. Obscurity is the single biggest hurdle an artist-entrepreneur must overcome and branding helps to solve it. Branding is a fancy word for reputation. A strong brand is […]

Gift Ideas for Black Friday!

Posted By TheGreenAge on Blogging - It can sometimes be tricky finding the right presents for everyone, but we want to help out by suggesting 6 of our products that make great gifts: Valiant Stovefan TheThe post Gift Ideas for Black Friday! appeared first on TheGreenAge.

Blogger Interview: Sharing Pinterest Marketing Ideas with Jeff Sieh

Posted By Ileane on Blogging - I shared my best Pinterest marketing ideas in this interview with Jeff Sieh. But first, let me tell you a little about Jeff. He's the man behind the widely popular Google+ Hangout series called The Manly Pinterest Tips Show. Yes, that's right, men love Pinterest too! Jeff is also making a name for himself in the world of video production and social media management with His Design Online, the company he started a few years back. I think Jeff is the perfect person to advocate for the wide spread adoption of Pinterest by men around the world.VISIT THE BLOG TO CONTINUE READING:

Twitter Impersonation: What To Do And How To Contact Twitter

Posted By BlazingMinds on Social Media - There may come a time when your Twitter account may be impersonated, so what do you do about? Hopefully, your Twitter account will never be copied/impersonated, but if it does, then here are some useful tips that may help you out if someone is claiming to be you on Twitter!

10 Free Online Tools to Monitor Your Social Media Influence

Posted By erikemanuelli on Make Money - While social media is becoming ever more decisive in terms of search engine positioning, branding, traffic and conversions, in the other hand, it needs to be monitored in order to check your online influence. First of all it is difficult to measure from a quantitative point of view, the level of interaction and conversation that occurs in real time. […]

Achieving More While Doing Less

Posted By JaysonFeltner on Blogging - This morning on my way to work I was listening to my Bible as I usually do.  I was listening to Luke 19, a verse I had heard many times.  This morning, however, the message came across differently.  It hit me like a freight train. Jesus provides us some wisdom on how to be a […]