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Face-to-Face PT vs. Online Coaching

Posted By TrainFitness on Health -     Face-to-Face PT vs. Online Coaching By Jeremy Boyd     With the rise in the use of smartphones, more and more people are turning to online coaching. But as a personal trainer, is it something you should incorporate into your business model? To help you answer that question, I’m going to explore benefits and pitfalls of both.   Face-to-Face PT The original form of personal training, I still believe that any good personal trainer should at least some of their time training people face to face. Whilst there’s a lot you can learn from Skype chats and video calls, there really is nothing like getting hands on to really develop as a coach. Not only does face-to-face PT allow you to manipulate your visual perspective of an individuals training, the cons

10 Tips Every Long Distance Landlord Needs To Know

Posted By loculogic on Property - Whether you made a deliberate choice to expand your investment portfolio, or you inherited a property you want to rent out, if your property is located outside of your home town, you will find additional challenges as you take on the role of long-distance landlord. One of the biggest challenges for long distance landlords involves […]The post 10 Tips Every Long Distance Landlord Needs To Know appeared first on Rentec Direct.

Online Financial Planning: Easier Than You Think

Posted By douglascarey on Finance - It used to be that you could sort of tell when it was time to get professional help in managing your investments. You knew, for example, that in your 30s and making a decent salary and socking away a fair amount of money, you probably did not have enough in assets for it to make sense to have professional help--the costs would just be too high. But at some point, with a mortgage and a kid and maybe another one on the way, you might start paying closer attention to those financial planner advertisements on TV or in the local paper, and even give one a call.

From Blogger to Managing Editor: Hiring Writers for Your Blog

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - Running a blog is like running a business and your time is your most precious resource.

You know your blog posts are the heart of your blog. Can you really outsource those, too?

Actually, it’s easier than you might think: here’s how.

A Retirement Withdrawal Calculator For Planning Your Future

Posted By douglascarey on Finance - When it comes to figuring out if you will outlive your money in retirement, most people make only a best guess. But why guess? You can use good calculators to help figure out if your retirement income will support your expenses and if you need to dip into your investments.

11 Practical Ways to Increase Domain Authority (DA) of a Website [Infographic]

Posted By Cent on Blogging - You can’t increase the Domain Authority of a site like changing a setting on it. You have to work hard to build backlinks.
Here are several practical steps you can take in order to increase your domain authority.

Dating Advice for Young Adults

Posted By Gettinglaid on Adult - Regardless of the age, dating is an exceptionally important aspect of a successful marriage. In addition to the vital gateway it provides to the wedding, dating is always united with excitement and delight when done properly. Different age groups have to rely on various approaches to succeed in dating. This article is focused on some […]

What We’re Wearing To Coachella

Posted By bnbstyle on Entertainment - These days, what you wear to Coachella is almost, if not more important than the line-up itself! A place where less is always more, denim shorts and crop-tops are encouraged, flash tats know no limit, and the yearly sea of flower crowns abound. I decided to dig into my closet and piece together two Coachella […]The post What We’re Wearing To Coachella appeared first on The Blonde & The Brunette | Your Quick Daily Dose of Style & Beauty.

Bride-to-be aims to expand guest list for her wedding with €120k Lotto jackpot

Posted By Camilleri on Lotto News - Lotto NewsIn Lottery News TodayA bride-to-be has won €120,000 on the National Lottery.Lotto NewsIn Lottery News TodayThe post Bride-to-be aims to expand guest list for her wedding with €120k Lotto jackpot appeared first on Lotto News | Online Lottery News Stories & Results.

#TRAINFITNESS Top Five Pancake Recipes

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - a:link { color: #4B4EFF; } a:active { color: #4B4EFF; }     #TRAINFITNESS Top Five Pancake Recipes By Hannah Tyldesley     It’s celebrated once a year, excusing old and young from all guilt whilst consuming endless piles of pancakes topped with whatever the taste buds desire. But often we’re hindered with where to start. There’s an abundance of recipes out there ranging from healthy to hearty, from blueberry to bizarre, and so we search the web endlessly, just hoping for one to tickle our fancy. Don’t fear… we’re on hand to help! We’ve pulled together our top five pancake recipes to wow even the fussiest of ‘Shrove Tuesday celebrations’…   Easy Peasey Keep things sweet and simple with a fool-proof cre

4 Google Plus Tips To Help You Boost Your Presence

Posted By erikemanuelli on Social Media - Many marketers who have high-profile accounts on other social mediums aren’t doing as well when it comes to G+.

To help you improving your presence on Google Plus, below I’ve covered four tips.

Sex with an Inexperienced Girl

Posted By Gettinglaid on Adult - Guys, more than likely as you date you will find yourself in bed with a girl who is either a virgin or who has little experience between the sheets. If you’re a self-centered lover, then you’re probably just going to take what you want and leave her wondering what’s so great about sex. However, I’m […]