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Why You Need to Know the 5 Freedoms of Air Travel

Posted By jlarounis on Travel - Every so often when I’m bored, I’ll peruse YouTube for new, random videos and see what’s out there. If you’re not a subscriber, I highly suggest checking out Wendover Productions, as they have a lot of unique videos exploring facts and oddities about traveling, the economy, business and more. They’re really information, and worth a ... [Continue reading]The post Why You Need to Know the 5 Freedoms of Air Travel appeared first on The Forward Cabin.

Renter-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas

Posted By loculogic on Property - The holidays are a festive and wonderful time with friends, family and great food. If you are a renter though, it is sometimes difficult to fully get into the holiday spirit when your lease restrictions put a huge damper on your cheerful decor ideas. However, a no damage policy doesn’t have to stand in the […]
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Interview with powerlifter Jackson Hinch

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - "Once my female clients see the results, I can't keep them out of the weights room!"If anyone knows about powerlifting, it's Elite World Class Powerlifter Jackson Hinch. The U110kg GPC World Champion, Jackson hit a 295kg squat, 190kg bench Press, and a 300kg deadlift. It's no surprise, therefore, that he is demand as a personal trainer who knows their stuff when it comes to strength training.What made you want to become a personal trainer?All through high school I was on track to become a Lawyer or Accountant or something similar, excelling in subjects like Accounting, History, Economics, and Calculus. As my love for training grew I began to realise that even though I was good at these things I didn't really enjoy them, and I couldn't stand the idea of being

First Data: Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales up 9 percent

Posted By stlnews on News - NEW YORK (AP) — Shoppers put in a strong showing on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. Holiday spending rose 9 percent Thursday and Friday combined, compared with the same two-day period last year, according to First Data. The bump was fueled by shoppers turning to online deals. E-commerce sales rose 10.8 percent for the two-day […]The post First Data: Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales up 9 percent appeared first on STL.News - St. Louis News & Events.

3 Super Easy Online Marketing Tasks You Must Do When Starting A New Business

Posted By ACUWeb on Business - Are you starting a new business? Or have you already started it and you need more customers? Marketing online is hands down the best way to get your business out there. In this post I cover 3 super easy tasks that you can do yourself that will help your business grow. Really these things are […]

Exhausted On The Corporate Ladder? Climb This First…

Posted By GRPAI on Photography - Everything in life is relative. If we are open-minded, our perspective is constantly changing which is the way we were designed. As we learn and grow the more we know. A closed mind interferes with this process and makes us vulnerable to prejudice, ignorance, and neglect. Neglect for all the blessings in our life because […]The post Exhausted On The Corporate Ladder? Climb This First… appeared first on photographingGOD.

7 Amazing Benefits of Guest Blogging

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - So everyone keeps telling that you should jump on the guest blogging train, but you are just not exactly sure why you should. That is completely understandable. Not everyone wants to blog, and not everybody enjoys to read them.

What many people do not understand about guest blogging is that there are many different factors contributing to its success.

Below is a comprised list of seven different benefits guest blogging is known for and why you should jump on the bandwagon.

Future Trends in Email Marketing – The Monks Predict for 2017

Posted By emailmonks on Marketing - When it comes to statistics, conversions, and ROI generated through any marketing channel, email marketing outperforms all, including social media. This puts to rest the debate about whether email marketing is dying. In fact, email is that dark horse which will never let you down be it in 2017 or beyond. Welcome to the dazzling […]The post Future Trends in Email Marketing – The Monks Predict for 2017 appeared first on Email Monks Blog: Email Marketing Tips & Best Practices.

Avoiding training plateaus with progressive overload

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Not seeing results? Here’s why you should be stressed out.Progressive overload is crucial.Want to gain muscle mass? You need progressive overload.Want to improve endurance? You need progressive overload.Want to get stronger? You need progressive overload.Get the picture?Progressive overload lays the foundation upon which training is built, whether that is resistance or cardiovascular. Without it, the body will stop adapting and your goals will either plateau or diminish.Doing 30kg barbell curls may be taxing at first. As the muscle adapts to this stress, growing bigger and stronger, the exercise becomes easier. If the demand on the body stays the same, the gains lessen. The only way to see an increase in results from the exercise is to change the demand. Progressive overload is this