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Community Member Spotlight with Tiny Twerp

bbrian017 on Blogging - Hi everyone and welcome to our community spotlight. This week our top weekly user spotlight goes to Tiny Twerp from Flow Intuitively. Though we live in a world of constant visual stimulation, most of us still get those “feelings”. We can tell when something just isn’t right. We get the feeling that we should or […]

7 Unbelievable Mobile Marketing Success Stories

AaronAgius on Marketing - There are now more mobile devices in the world than there are people. That stat is both startling and exciting. Mobile is opening up a whole new landscape of communication that we can use to reach customers. Have you thought about how your company can leverage mobile marketing to increase sales? When the sky is [...]The post 7 Unbelievable Mobile Marketing Success Stories appeared first on Louder Online.

Community Member Spotlight with Colin Stuckert

bbrian017 on Blogging - Hi everyone and welcome to our community spotlight. This week our top weekly spotlight goes to Colin Stuckert of A Gym Life. Though many of us try to live a healthier lifestyle, it doesn’t always work as well as we’d hope. It takes a lot of dedication to keep our bodies in peak condition. Also, […]

How to Build Your Website’s Traffic from Zero to 10k in 3 months

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - The first couple of months that your website/blog is online are absolutely critical. Many webmasters and bloggers give up and shut down their sites just because they see very little traffic increase after a few months. That is why in this post, I’m going to share with you how I built up my site traffic from zero to 10k in 3 months, and I’ll highlight any useful things you can learn and take away from this post. But first, here’s a little background… My Site My website is Ghost For Beginners, which is a tutorials website about how to use the Ghost blogging platform (something akin to WordPress). The Ghost blogging platform just launched in the fall of 2013, and I first heard about it in December 2013 (so you can say that I was one of the first people to know about G

6 Ways To Achieve Maximum Online Exposure On A Startup Budget

AaronAgius on Marketing - Many marketers will agree that one of the best parts of Internet marketing is the budgeting versatility. While there are plenty of organic options to build a brand, there are also paid options that can boost the effectiveness of your efforts. You can pick and choose where you want your money to be spent, which [...]The post 6 Ways To Achieve Maximum Online Exposure On A Startup Budget appeared first on Louder Online.

Social Media For Business in 2014 And Beyond

BusinessBanter on Business - Leveraging social media for business is no novel concept but with an ever-growing digital landscape and the emergence of new platforms, social media marketing has not only cemented its position as THE key marketing strategy around – but enhanced it. More and more businesses are embracing social networks to market their products, learn about new […]

Microsoft® and Brother™ Promote Scanning to OneNote® Service

BrotherOffice on Business - The Brother ADS-1500W Wireless Enabled Compact Scanner now supports direct scanning to the Microsoft OneNote Service. This can help virtually everyone in your office convert paper documents into electronic files and make them available for online sharing and collaboration. Once scanned into OneNote, files can be organized in notebooks and conveniently accessed by authorized users Read More The post Microsoft® and Brother™ Promote Scanning to OneNote® Service appeared first on Brother Office Talk.

Fan Reach Decreased on Facebook with 55% since August 2013

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - Recently, Facebook pages have experienced a significant decrease in the number of fans they reach with their messages so if you are a blogger and you are sharing your blog posts on Facebook, you might have noticed this. According to a survey conducted by Komfo among 5349 Facebook pages, by March 2014 the fan penetration has dropped with 55% since August 2013 and the reason for this is the latest change in the algorithms of the social network. Fan Reach Decreased, but Engagement Increased The fan reach has decreased from an average of 25,2% in August 2013 to 11,3% by the end of March 2014. Despite those alarming news, it seems that pages‘ messages have become more viral and engaging. The CTR (Click Through Rate) has increased with more than 48% for the same period of time. Why is Facebook

Leadership? It’s All In The Style

BusinessBanter on Business - Much has been written about ‘leadership style’ over a great many years and I have contributed my own thoughts on the subject through articles and speeches many times. Adaptability is certainly the greatest ability that a leader needs to be successful and I saw a great tweet the other day from one of my own […]