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SXSW Gaming Prep

Posted By Mdinich on Entertainment - SXSW Gaming is approaching quickly and I’ve been working hard to update one of my oldest costumes. Here’s the new belt for my Assassin’s Creed costume. I’ll be posting a video in the next few weeks explaining the techniques I used to create the belt (for example, how I created a leather effect on the foam pieces). Stay tuned.

The Real Rebellion: EA VS. Gamers

Posted By Mdinich on Entertainment - EA VS. Gamers. Why microtransactions are ruining gaming and what you can do about it. The last several months it has been hard to escape the controversy surrounding EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II and its poorly executed product launch.

PoWH3D: Make Money While You Sleep – Seriously!

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - Sounds far fetched, doesn’t it? Making money whilst you sleep. First I wrote about Mannabase and it’s Universal Basic Income agenda, then I went on to speculate over a few lending programs like Monetize coin and Paragex, and now, today, we’ve landed on Proof of Weak Hands. I’m glad I did because this is the […]

Ten Mistakes Men Do In Relationships

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - Men are considered to be the ones who mess up in the relationships, though I don’t agree with it. Actually, dating, as well as living together, is a constant mutual work, and both members of the couple can be guilty for one or another particular thing. Today we will enlighten you on most common mistakes that drive women crazy and give some tips to boost your relationship Hey, she’ll whine less after you read this:

Episode 55: Jessica Jones Matters…But Why Tho?

Posted By Mdinich on Entertainment - In honor of Jessica Jones season 2 premiering on Netflix this week (March 8th), we talked about Jessica Jones and why a hero who has only been around since 2001 has such an impact on her readers.

REBOOT: Looking Back on a Landmark Series

Posted By Mdinich on Entertainment - For the Netflix faithful and avid fans of social media, you may have heard of heard the word “Reboot” tossed around at an increasing rate. Of course, yes, we have heard of the term” reboot” which is to take an dormant property, bring new talent, and restart it using modern tools and directions.

8 Animated Kids Shows Everyone Should Know

Posted By Mdinich on Entertainment - There’s been a lot of discussion lately that animated shows made for kids should be judged on a curve completely disregarding the fact that kids are smart as hell and can get just as frustrated with inconsistent characterization and weak storylines as adults.

Rental Listings IFrame – Add Rental Listings To Your Website

Posted By loculogic on Property - The following article is related to advanced programming features for your property management website.  This article was written to provide guidance to your webmaster or website designer. Adding Rental Listings to Your Custom Property Management Website While Rentec Direct provides a free property listings website to clients, another option is to create your own website […]
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How to Go Viral on Your Social Media Marketing for 2018 and Beyond

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Social media marketing is a constant in modern-day marketing.Businesses from all industries, and from all corners of the world understand the power of social media as a marketing platform, and that is why it is tapped and utilized strategically.Being viral is what’s hot when it comes to social media marketing.Being viral means that your campaign has reached far and wide, and had engaged a lot of users. Being viral, in a sense, means that your social media marketing campaign is effective.

9 creative toddler-approved school lunches made with love

Posted By whiteblankspace on Food - Ah, lunches. Among all the meals I prepare, school lunches hold a special place in my heart. And I find them to be the most challenging meal to make. First, I need it to be simple and quick because there’s never enough time in the morning; translate to I never wake up early enough in...

The Facts About Fire Damage to Residential Properties

Posted By loculogic on Property - Almost nothing can be as frightening as the news that there’s a fire on property you own or manage. Once you’re assured that your tenants are safe and that the flames are out, you need to focus on the property to return it to a livable condition. Even if the structure itself is still sound,