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Community Member Spotlight with WebsiteSEO

bbrian017 on Blogging - Hi everyone and welcome to our community member spotlight. This week our top weekly user spotlight goes to WebsiteSEO. As the name suggests, WebsiteSEO focuses on SEO. What impressed me most about WebsiteSEO is they constantly publish high quality SEO related articles. One of their recent posts is on if backlinks and link building are […]

Throwback Thursday: The Birth of My First Brick and Mortar Business

extremejohn on Blogging - It’s been a decade since I’ve gotten involved in #ThrowbackThursday here on my blog, or across the various social networking sites that I enjoy. Ok, maybe it hasn’t been a decade, but it’s definitely been longer then I can remember. If I remember correctly, I believe my last Throwback Thursday contribution was a picture I [Continue Reading]

Google Breadcrumbs – Why should it matter to you?

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - What are Google Breadcrumbs? Whenever we search anything on Google, the URL of the search results are shown, right? What Google did was change the URL visibility status and introduce a “breadcrumb” system which consists of precise guidelines as to where the user clicking on the words will visit. The breadcrumb trails appear horizontally across the top of a webpage, below the title bars and/or the headers. The visitors are given a link back to the previous navigated pages in the hierarchical site structure. A breadcrumb for BloggingTips looks like: > About Purpose of Breadcrumbs Easy accessibility Easy navigation Easy URL display Google describes the tool with the following words: “The information in these new hierarchies come from analyzing destination web pages. For

How important is good parenting?

bbrian017 on Blogging - Have you actually thought how important good  parenting is? To speak the truth I never realised it till I started my blog. Once I started writing, I started thinking. I started analysing myself as a mom and detected my flaws. It wasn’t difficult , but I never cared to do that in the past. My […]

My Best Productivity Apps and How I Use Them

JaysonFeltner on Blogging - The request I receive the most often is for app recommendations.  Ever since I purchased my first iPhone, I’ve been a bit of an app junkie; always searching for the best productivity apps.  These are apps I use every single day and couldn’t live without now.I frequently mention some of the apps I use in my speaking engagements and they always come up in the Q & A session.  Since they’re so popular, I decided to write a post about my best productivity apps and how I use them.These are my top 10 best productivity apps that I recommend to everyone:1. Nozbe – I use this app every single day.  “What gets tracked gets done.”  I use …The post My Best Productivity Apps and How I Use Them appeared first on

7 Words I Emphasize to My Children

extremejohn on Blogging - I usually start my Sunday mornings off by ripping through email and social media messages before I break-out and enjoy the day. Getting a jump on the emails makes a huge difference heading into the new week of business. I’m not going to lie, it takes a tremendous amount of self-motivation to wake up on [Continue Reading]

How Google Ranks a Website- [Infographic]

neenasatine on Make Money - Bloggers and website owners implement different ways to put their sites in the first page of Google. Internet users consider websites on the first page of Google as the most useful and relevant. Google employs a variety of techniques to choose which pages should be placed on the first page of their search engine. No […]

Manage and Organize Daily Business Task with ThunderTask

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - Anyone working online realizes the need for a compact task management tool to organize everyday tasks and follow it. Yes, we can note down all the little details of running an online business on post-its and notepads, but they don’t always help. Do they? What to do then? Use ThunderTask. How Does ThunderTask Help? ThunderTask is a project cum task management tool which is useful for both individuals and organizations. We will find it useful because: (1) It is flexible and very simple to use. (2) You just need to jot down the tasks, time it and save. (3) You can use this task management tool to collaborate with other team members. (4) It has a clean interface. (5) It will work on any computer. (6) You can download its mobile app and use it 24×7. (7) Your tasks are automatically sorted out

How Massage Can Improve Your Productivity

JaysonFeltner on Blogging -  This guest post is provided by the creative team at Pingup. Pingup is an online booking application that allows users to make appointments and book reservations at all types of businesses across the country, from San Francisco spas to Boston salons. Everyone knows that getting a massage feels good, and on top of that can relieve the aches and pains brought on by the stresses of daily life. In this regard, many consider the act of getting a massage to be a way of pampering themselves or as an indulgence, a fun activity when they’re on vacation in a tropical climate. Although this is true, as massages can definitely fulfill some of our hedonistic desires, they are also …The post How Massage Can Improve Your Productivity appeared first on

VIPO: An Introduction to the Web App I’ve Been Developing for the Past Year

extremejohn on Blogging - Well happy #HumpDay , I can’t believe how fast the week is flying by. I remember thinking sometime around the middle of February 2013, “There’s no way it’s already the middle of February.” Well, it was, and the rest of the year blew by much the same. I hear that time flying by has something [Continue Reading]