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Modest by Elegant Themes

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - Earlier this week I shared with you a theme that is simple and full of features, so I had to find another great example of a theme that uses simple elegance to share its content. Today, I found that theme, it is elegant and simple in design. The theme has been stripped down and all […]The post Modest by Elegant Themes appeared first on Blog Engage.

How to add our Social Sharing Buttons on WordPress

Posted By joaoromao on Social Media - Hey everyone! On behalf of the whole GetSocial team we would love to wish you a great year. Thanks for sticking with us. We’ve got some exciting news: we’ve launched our WordPress Plugin and made it easier for you to install our GetSocial Apps. These include, in this first version, the floating sharing bar, the... Continue reading →The post How to add our Social Sharing Buttons on WordPress appeared first on blog.

10 Dumb Ideas That Every Beginner Blogger Once Believed

Posted By TheBadBlogger on Blogging - We’re all dumb when we start out as a blogger. We believe all kinds of crazy ideas that so-called gurus and professionals feed us on their own blogs and videos. But the reality is...

Is Digital Marketing Even Worth It For Your Business?

Posted By TwoTreesMarketing on Marketing - If you are like most business or retail owners, you find yourself struggling to progress from a physical location, to that dream of sales and leads from your website.

You want to expand your business online, but you just can’t seem to get your site those sales.

You build Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and whatever new Social Media marketing fad that comes up-with the hope that it will boost your customers…but you cant seem to make it to the next step.

Yet despite this struggle, many businesses manage to push through and turn their website into their most successful salesman!

Take a look at Justin Cameron and Lex Pedersen from Sydney.

Frustrated at local retail surf companies approach, they quit working at surf shops and launched their own company from their garden shed....

Solitude: Do You Avoid Spending Time Alone?

Posted By TatianaMichelet on Self Improvement - It’s the weekend, your friends come round, you order a pizza from La Dolce Vita; you thought of making pasta but boiling the water requires constant checking. You have higher priorities than home cooking. As an organized person, you check your social media profiles while you listen to the conversation about fine dining without feeling fine.

To digest, the stereo emits its sound out, flesh moves, the steps start dancing with the style of kurt Cobain from Nirvana and ends as still as the Buddha sitting at peace in the middle of a Viennese waltz...

Supporting Your Spouse’s Military Career

Posted By JulieDanielle on Blogging - Military spouses all come from different places. Some spouses met their husband after they was already in the Military. Others started the journey together after a few years of marriage. Some met, married and became an Army wife all within the same year. Ask any group of spouses about how they became one and you will find there are… Read More »