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Blogs that related to fitness, nutrition and working out. Catering to different demographics and genders. Online and face to face programs.

Health Hack: 5 a day, RDAs, and other myths debunked

Posted By SomeGood 35 days ago on Health - With so much misinformation around we critically break down whether 5 a day makes sense, whether recommended daily amounts are somewhat pulled out of a hat, and discuss a new approach to ensuring your body gets what it needs in an age where food quality is at best 'not what it used to be'

Cocoa or Cacao? Supercharge your Chocolate!

Posted By SomeGood 81 days ago on Health - When cacao first broke onto the scene a few years ago I honestly thought that it was a pronunciation issue with a hefty price tag, but over the past year as I’ve been taking more consideration over my health I have learned otherwise.....

Ujjayi Breathing Technique: A Pranayama Exercise For Beginners

Posted By 99signals 133 days ago on Self Improvement - Ujjayi breathing technique is one of the simplest Pranayama exercises and therefore ideal for beginners. It is also the only Pranayama breathing technique which can be practiced throughout the day. The Sanskrit word ‘Ujjayi’ is a combination of two words – Ujj (meaning upwards or superiority in rank) and Jaya (meaning victory or success). Ujjayi breath, therefore, is a Pranayama exercise where the lungs are expanded and chest puffed out like that of a proud conqueror.