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Everything having to do with politics is welcome here

Scholastic Acquires Alyssa Milano's Activism-Themed Children's Book Series

Posted By loupdargentonline 359 days ago on News - "As a mother, I can't think of a more important time to let kids know that their voice matters. I'm so excited about my new character, Hope Roberts. She believes in dreaming big. She's brave and strong and confident in her abilities—but she's also a girl just trying to survive middle school. I'm thrilled to be working with Scholastic on this empowering book series and can't wait for everyone to meet Hope," said Alyssa Milano.

Women's Rights Organisations Speak Out in Defence of Sexual Assault Survivors

Posted By loupdargentonline 437 days ago on Politics - "There can never be equality in a culture that normalizes or trivializes sexual assault and sexual harassment. By giving survivors the space to be heard we can change the status quo..."

Syria: where ISIS' weapons come from? A quarter were made in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary

Posted By GlobalistTb 705 days ago on News - 33 percent of ISIS' weapons come from the EU-bloc, following Russia and China, which combined together provided over 50 percent of ISIS' weapons.

5 weird experiments made by governments or institutions

Posted By GlobalistTb 705 days ago on Society - Human manipulation, electroshock therapy on children, radiation exposure on pregnant women. In the past decades governments and institutions had been responsible for many disturbing experiments on humankind.

“The world will recognize the state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital”, said Turkish Prime Minister

Posted By GlobalistTb 706 days ago on News - During a conference the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said in the real future the entire world will recognize the state of Palestine.

UNICEF: "Violent Discipline, Sexual Abuse And Homicides Stalk Millions Of Children Worldwide"

Posted By loupdargentonline 767 days ago on Politics - Staggering numbers of children – some as young as 12 months old – are experiencing violence, often by those entrusted to take care of them, UNICEF said in a new report released today...

A Storm In A Twitter Cup... [The One About That Milo Unverified Account Thing]

Posted By loupdargentonline 1425 days ago on Social Media - With the #JeSuisMilo hashtag spamming Twitter these last days, you could easily make the mistake to think that someone called Milo got killed by some terrorists...

I mean, after all, the anniversary of the dreadful events in Paris was only a few days ago and nobody would trivialise what happened then by using a hashtag a la #JeSuisCharlie for something silly, would they?

Oh, yes, they would... and they bloody did!

UK Parliament Voted To bomb Islamic State In Syria – So, What Will That Mean Internationally?

Posted By loupdargentonline 1466 days ago on Politics - Britain’s bombing will not be significant and it certainly will not be part of a coherent strategy against the Islamic State, let alone a reasonable approach to Syria’s 56-month conflict...

Hitler At home: How The Nazi PR Machine Remade The Führer's Domestic Image And Duped The World

Posted By loupdargentonline 1466 days ago on History - For more than 70 years, we have ignored Peters’s call to take Hitler’s domestic spaces seriously. When we think of the stage sets of Hitler’s political power, we are more apt to envision the Nuremberg Rally Grounds than his living room...