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This group covers anything to do with Survival, Prepping, Off-Grid Living, Homesteading, DIY, Hunting, Fishing and other skills that prepare us to stay alive when SHTF.

5 Guns You Want To Have To Guarantee Your Survival No Matter The Situation!

Posted By survivalchops 81 days ago on Firearms - Here are the top 5 Survival guns to carry. I know there are conflicting opinions on this... that's why there is a comments section. Feel free to have your say!

[PRODUCT REVIEW] “The Prepared Path” Family Survival Course – Survival Chops

Posted By survivalchops 81 days ago on Self Improvement - This is an in-depth review of Damian Brindle's Family Survival Training Course. No BS, just my honest opinion of the product's pros and cons.