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This group discusses different methods of generating traffic to your website or affiliate link. Includes ppc, ppv, social (twitter, FB), and email marketing. Join and submit your content.

Best Mutual Funds to Invest Through Systematic Investment Plan / SIP in 2019

Posted By ravikumarnama 4 days ago on Finance - In the last quarter of 2018, market has crashed and is continuing the falling. No one can expect when this bearish period going to end. But, I bet, those who are continuing their SIPs through Mutual funds would definitely benefit the most from these Market falls. Based on my analysis, the following Mutual funds are most suitable Mutual funds for SIP investments in the year 2019 on wards. For the sake of new Investors, I am providing the Mutual funds on sector-wise. I am considering Large-cap, Multi-cap, Balanced Sectors and Tax Saving Mutual funds for a long-term Portfolio.

When You Have a Systematic Plan, No Dream is Too Big

Posted By ravikumarnama 5 days ago on Finance - The primary objective of investing is to build wealth over the long-term. You may choose amongst various products such as debt, equity, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and many more. Each of these products has their pros and cons. Equities may deliver higher returns but are very risky. On the other hand, debt provides guaranteed but lower returns. Mutual funds offer you the option of investing in the stock market indirectly while protecting your investment. However, you may not have a huge lump sum to invest in these instruments. It is advisable to opt for a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) to build wealth over the long-term.

Best File Sharing Solution for Small Businesses - Sharezy

Posted By ravikumarnama 11 days ago on WebSites - Are you running a small Business? Are you still Emailing important files or photos between your phone and computer? Still Tracking down lost USB drives for file sharing / transfers? Or worse, relying on a cloud storage device for your business documents that lacks sufficient encryption security? Or are you facing size restrictions on your E-Mail service?

Amazing Points To Know About Two Wheeler Insurance

Posted By ravikumarnama 15 days ago on Finance - Now-a-days there are several general insurance companies that offer various types of insurances. It has become almost inevitable that you would purchase some type of general insurance at some point. Of the various categories of insurances available, the most prominent ones are for your business premises and your vehicles. Gone are the days when there was only one type of vehicle insurance for all your vehicles; now bike owners can opt for a separate two wheeler insurance policy in order to abide by the laws of the country.

List of Factors that Makes Your Health Insurance Premium Affordable

Posted By ravikumarnama 16 days ago on Insurance - Once you have made up your mind to buy health insurance, the next natural question would be, how to ensure the health insurance premium is affordable? There are several useful tools available, especially a health insurance premium calculator, which computes the premium payable for a given sum of cover, the tenure and the type of plan - individual or family insurance. In this article, we shall study the factors that impact the premium value.

Sharezy - An Amazing Online File Sharing / File Transfer Platform

Posted By ravikumarnama 23 days ago on Technology - Sharezy, developed by Ivory Innovations Private Ltd. (IIPL), is a simple and secure way of sharing your files to your friends and colleagues. This is absolutely a free service and can share your files up to 1 GB around the Globe. The unique feature of Sharezy is downloading of CLI Link, which is very much useful to Linux developers. The download link is available to the Recipients for up to 10 days and expires after that. You can upload multiple files and share to multiple users at a time with easy and minimal navigations. You no need to register or sign-up to access all these features of Sharezy. However, for Corporate users, we will provide Registration to ensure more secured way of Sharing files with many more useful features.

3 Top Reasons For Why We Can Expect A Big Market Crash Imminently

Posted By ravikumarnama 199 days ago on Finance - The current Indian Markets reaching new heights every day, breaking the previous records. Now everyone is talking about Stock Market investments and the technical and fundamental analysis. Many experts are busy in calculating next level targets of Nifty/SENSEX and luring the small retail investors for Stock Market investments/trading. But, if you observe few things in the Market, you can predict the Market directions in the next couple of months. Taking the track records of Market crashes, there are 3 most important things to predict a Market crash. What are these 3 reasons? What is the next course-of-action considering these 3 reasons?

My Strong Mutual Fund Recommendations to Invest in India - 2018

Posted By ravikumarnama 212 days ago on Finance - Investing in Mutual funds is a proved and best Investment option in India. Irrespective of Market turbulence, investing in Mutual funds through SIP approach for long-term, will nevel left you in losses but with good yieldings better than any other Investments. If your tenure is 7-10 years, there is almost an implicit assurance that you will do well if you put money in good mutual funds with a good track-record and consistency in performance across market cycles.

Top 10 Biggest / Worst Personal Finance / Money Mistakes Young People Make in India

Posted By ravikumarnama 215 days ago on Finance - Many young people in India (of course in all countries) believe that the savings and Investments are not their cup of tea and have to think about Savings before reaching the retirement age. They generally want fast cash at this stage or they want to spend the money for entertainment and will do mistakes which seriously cost them heavily in the long term. What are the Biggest financial mistakes a Young person in India commonly do? and the tips to prevent these financial or money mistakes to achieve higher returns in the long term? We will see in this article in detail.

7 Reasons Why Loan Against Property is a Great Option for You!

Posted By ravikumarnama 216 days ago on Finance - If you ever need emergency funds, consider unlocking the potential of your property. Lenders offer loans against commercial, residential, and industrial properties. There are several reasons why Loan Against Property (LAP) are beneficial. We are posting 7 top reasons why the LAP is beneficial to the lendees.

Top 10 Best B2B Websites in India in 2018

Posted By ravikumarnama 218 days ago on Finance - This post is in continuation of my earlier post Top 20 B2B Websites in India, which was published in 2014. Due to over-whelming responses to this post, I thought this post needs to be updated with latest list of Websites. I have thoroughly researched various B2B websites and based on the popularity and reliability, I have concluded the following 10 Websites which are best B2B Websites in India for 2018. All these Websites are being operated from India.

5 Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Pre-Owned Car

Posted By ravikumarnama 218 days ago on Finance - As the average age of the Indian car owner decreases, there is an increase in the demand for used cars. This demand is so huge that a Frost and Sullivan report actually considers the sale of new and used cars to be almost equal. If you are looking to purchase a pre-owned car, here are five things you must consider.

5 Ways to Grow Your Company Using a Small Business Loan

Posted By ravikumarnama 218 days ago on Finance - Small or big, every business requires capital for its growth. When you have capital, you are able to sustain and expand your business. Unfortunately, capital is scarce and you may always be looking to find ways to raise funds. One way to find capital is through institutional funding. Here are five ways that such loans may help your company to grow.