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Median Household Income Back on the Rise in the US

Posted By fthead9 1240 days ago on Finance - It’s been a long road to recovery for the U.S. economy following the banking crisis and recession of the past decade but there are some new reasons to be hopeful. Last year the median household income in the United States rose to $56,516. Not only does that represent a 5.2% lift from 2014 but also marks […]The post Median Household Income Back on the Rise in the US appeared first on Dyer News.

Make Money Selling Private Label Products on Amazon: Megan’s Story

Posted By mamafishsaves 634 days ago on Finance - In this month’s side hustle showcase, I have another great guest! Megan Loftin is here to share how she brings in over $1,000 in profit a month selling private label products on Amazon. All while managing a full-time job and motherhood! In this interview, you’ll learn: How Megan got interested in private labeling The basicsView Post
The post Make Money Selling Private Label Products on Amazon: Megan’s Story appeared first on Mama Fish Saves.

Merck Or Wal-Mart? Dividend Yield Vs. Dividend Growth

Posted By douglascarey 1428 days ago on Finance - When looking to build a long-term portfolio of stocks that pay high dividends, investors usually come up with a mix of stocks that either have high dividend yields or high dividend growth rates. It is difficult to find good companies that have both. This means that there is often a choice to be made. All else equal, should one invest in the company that has that enticing high dividend yield, but a low dividend growth rate, or does one exude patience and invest in the company with a relatively low yield, but a high dividend growth rate? To help answer this question I looked at two companies that offer these different alternatives: Wal-Mart (WMT) and Merck (MRK)

How Advisors Can Help Find The Optimal Asset Allocation For Clients

Posted By douglascarey 1432 days ago on Finance - One of the best ways for advisors to help clients with their retirement portfolios is to change their asset allocation strategy. Sometimes this means reallocating their investment mix to a more aggressive approach and sometimes this means reallocating to a more conservative mix.

5 Smart Things to Know About Debt Mutual Funds

Posted By ravikumarnama 1722 days ago on Finance - The current buzz word in the Market is RBI's rate cut. Many experts believing that the interest rates would come down further to make a room for the growth. The current atmosphere is also favorable to rate cut as the inflation rate is under control, the crude oil prices are less, Industrial growth is not encouraging. These factors would definitely encourages RBI to make a further rate cut. This situation would make favorable to Debt Mutual Funds, because if interest rates decline, the value of bonds in their portfolio shoots up, leading to capital gains for the investor. We will know 5 smart things about Debt Mutual Funds which would benefit to you in this article...What are Debt Mutual Funds?Debt mutual funds are those products which invest in mix of fixed income securities like governme

16 Tax Jargons Every Adult Needs To Know By Heart

Posted By RealtyWW 1011 days ago on Finance - Unfortunately, basic lessons on how to be an adult, like calculating your income and property taxes, aren’t taught in schools (but we surely know the formula of the Pythagorean Theorem). That is why most people, including myself, get lost in the real world after they move out of their parents’ nest. We are forced to handle finances on our own and learn these intimidating lingos, especially the ones concerning our wages and taxation.

You Need a Budget Detailed Review

Posted By Mdinich 273 days ago on Finance - Creating an accurate, updated budget is challenging. You probably have multiple accounts to track, and if you are married, you have various people spending and earning money. If you don’t track your spending, you risk going into credit card debt or over drafting your checking account.

Do You Really Know When You Can Retire Comfortably?

Posted By douglascarey 1443 days ago on Finance - I spend a lot of time helping people understand how much money they will need to meet their retirement goals. I have found that many people thinking about retirement are making simple calculations that can lead to disastrous decisions. For example, I have come across countless people who simply add up their social security and pension payments, assume a high rate of return on their investments, and apply a best-guess tax rate to all of that income. They then compare that to their expected expenses in retirement.

Stop the Roller Coaster! Smoothing Out Your Budget

Posted By fthead9 1283 days ago on Finance - />For many Americans, living paycheck to paycheck is a sad reality. This juggling act be can made even more difficult if your paydays always seem to arrive after your bills are due or if all of your expenses manage to fall into one week. Often times this can feel like a financial roller coaster where you’re […]The post Stop the Roller Coaster! Smoothing Out Your Budget appeared first on Dyer News.

Low Commodity Prices and the Upside Case for Farmland

Posted By AcreTrader 260 days ago on Finance - For the last four years, stock prices have risen to new heights, while commodity prices have remained depressed. The decline of farm net income and cash rent rates along with commodities has left farmers worried and news outlets wringing their hands. So why buy farmland now?

Can You Retire On Less Than $1 Million?

Posted By douglascarey 1439 days ago on Finance - I spend a lot of time helping people understand how much money they will need to meet their retirement goals. Many of these people believe that they must have at least $1 million saved in order to retire and never worry about running out of money. Today I want to look at an example couple who is very concerned that they won't have enough money saved. They also fear that interest rates will remain low and they don't want to just put everything into equity funds.

7 Reasons Why Loan Against Property is a Great Option for You!

Posted By ravikumarnama 550 days ago on Finance - If you ever need emergency funds, consider unlocking the potential of your property. Lenders offer loans against commercial, residential, and industrial properties. There are several reasons why Loan Against Property (LAP) are beneficial. We are posting 7 top reasons why the LAP is beneficial to the lendees.