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Images: Star Trek: Deviations Comic Book From IDW Publishing

Posted By themoviesleuth 943 days ago on Movies - This is a preview of Star Trek: Deviations.It features a story from Donny Coates, art from Josh Hood, and variant cover art by Clay McCormack, David Malan, Josh Hood, and Rachael Stott. It is slated to hit the shelves on March 15, 2017. Check out the synopsis and images below. "In a world where the Romulans discovered Earth before the Vulcans, Earth is now a brutal penal colony. Resistance fighter William Riker has uncovered a vast conspiracy, and together with his band of prisoner outlaws (you just might recognize a few!), must fight to rescue a mysterious prisoner in the darkest level of the Romulan dungeons. The only man on Earth that still holds the key to humanity’s return to the stars!Check out the Mash-up variant! Part of IDW’s Deviations five-week event! Variant cover by David Mal

News: Lin Promises A Bold Trek

Posted By themoviesleuth 1592 days ago on Movies - With Abrams stepping aside, Justin Lin promises to return Star Trek to its roots.We can all agree that fans were divided over Abrams' Star Trek movies. Some loved them and some hated the altered timeline and the action-centric focus. Myself, I enjoyed them for what they were. Well, Justin Lin has taken over Star Trek Beyond and is guaranteeing that fans will be delighted with his take on the franchise. Being a die hard Trekkie, Lin grew up with the tv show and says that he's going to take the crew of the Enterprise to the places they failed to go in the last two films. Star Trek and Into Darkness never touched on the five year mission and he promises that the third entry will finally be about exploration. I think most fans of the show and the movies will all agree that this is a defi

Reviews: John Doe - Vigilante

Posted By themoviesleuth 1648 days ago on Movies - Jamie Bamber stars in the April 14th release, John Doe:Vigilante.Read our interview withJamie Bamber“A vigilante is simply someone who violates the law in order to punish a criminal for what they believe is right, for what they believe is justice. So, what then you call a country who sends soldiers to kill people in places like Afghanistan or Iran, Iraq, Korea, Vietnam in the name of what they believe is right, in the name of what they believe is justice. That country is a vigilante pure and simple. Only when a country does it, people call it ‘war’ and nobody bats an eyelid. But when a country does it, they aren’t anywhere near as clinical or as careful as someone as John Doe and that country ends up killing thousands of innocent women and innocent children. Oh, collateral damage.”Just on

Trailers: Joey King Makes Deadly Wishes In The Upcoming Horror Film Wish Upon

Posted By themoviesleuth 976 days ago on Movies - This is a trailer for the upcoming horror film Wish Upon. It was directed by John R. Leonetti and stars Joey King, Sherilynn Fenn, and Ryan Phillippe. It is scheduled to be released on June 30, 2017. Check out the synopsis and trailer below."A teenage girl discovers a box with magic powers, but comes with a deadly price."   View my Flipboard Magazine.

Weekend Box Office: 2/17-2/19 - Lego Batman Crushes The Competition As A Cure For Wellness Dies a Horrible Death

Posted By themoviesleuth 965 days ago on Movies - The long weekend saw a bevy of large budget releases hit the cineplexes with some doing absolutely abysmal numbers at the box office. Movies that were expected to do great, failed. Both Fist Fight and A Cure For Wellness tanked and will probably be in the red for the studios. Word of mouth did not help the latter. Being pegged as visually disturbing, many chose not to see the gothic horror nightmare. The Great Wall (third place) is estimated to take in $21 million for the four day haul while The Lego Batman Movie continued to topple and destroy its competition. The blockhead Caped Crusader flick is the number one hold out, continuing to build towards a ten day $100 million dollar cash out. Considering that kids are out of school for President's Day and had an exte

Listed: The Top Ten X-Men Artists

Posted By themoviesleuth 1312 days ago on Movies - Matt Streeter lists his top ten favorite X-Men artists!!!The X-Men started getting good way back in the '70s when Chris Claremont took over the book.  It helped him that great artists like Dave Cockrum and John Byrne were there to help (the latter penciling the all-time great Dark Phoenix Saga), but his writing set the book upwards and onwards towards greatness.  As such, a list of great writers would pretty much begin and end with Claremont.  Instead, we'll take a look at artists!  Pencilers!  Dudes who draw!  Why were they all dudes?  Weren't there girls who read X-Men who could draw, too?  Oh well, that's an entirely different article.  Anyways, here are 10 dudes who drew at least one issue for either Uncanny X-Men or X-Men (vol. 2), along w

New Release Horror: Betrothed

Posted By themoviesleuth 1270 days ago on Movies - Betrothed isn't out until July. But, we've got your review right now. Dude. I'm all bloody. “First Comes Abduction, Then Comes Marriage” [1].This is a low budget horror film about a girl that is abducted by a highly dysfunctional family in order to become the bride for one of the sons. The opening title scenes basically tell you that this is going to be a torture porn film.Unfortunately, the film plays out like a soap opera version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and gets somewhat ridiculous and predictable. I felt like I was watching a television soap opera with bad characters, bad dialogue, and bad acting. The characters just were not very interesting, except for the mom who was somewhat amusing in a dark way and had a few good lines. She was the best part of the movie.It is tr

Images: Concept Art Featuring The Unique Suicide Squad Movie Weapons

Posted By themoviesleuth 986 days ago on Movies - This is concept art that features various weapons and tools from Suicide Squad.They were created by conceptual artist Ray Lai and feature designs for Batman's rebreather, his Bat-Cuffs, Joker's custom Colt Gold Cup Trophy 1911 pistol, Harley's custom Chiappa Rhino 60DS revolver, Deadshot's custom AR-15, Slipknot's grappling gun, the nano-bomb injector gun, Captain Boomerang's boomer rangs, and Enchantress's mystic artifact. Check out the images below.View my Flipboard Magazine.

Videos: 9 Deleted Game Of Thrones Scenes You Need To See

Posted By themoviesleuth 903 days ago on Movies -  This is a new video from WhatCulture that lists 9 deleted scenes from Game of Thrones you need to see. Anticipation for the new season of the popular HBO TV series is heating up, so it seems only fitting to explore some of the scenes that hit the cutting room floor. The amount of content is immense. If you've read the books before, then you know that they have to trim a great deal. Some moments from the book may have been filmed but just couldn't be fit into the 10 episode season runs that HBO requires. With that being said, here are several that you need to see. Check out the video below. View my Flipboard Magazine.

News: Disney Confirms Jungle Book 2 and A Slew of New Movies

Posted By themoviesleuth 1265 days ago on Movies - With The Jungle Book dominating cinemas, it's no surprise Disney is ramping up a bunch more surefire hits. Considering the massive success of this new live action version of The Jungle Book has out performed all Disney's expectations and has basically destroyed everything in its path the last couple weeks, the mouse house has confirmed that the sequel is on the docket. Along with another adventure for Mowgli, Disney has multiple other continuations on their bill of theatrical domination. Of course we're getting the further adventures of Indiana Jones and a whole bunch of Star Wars one offs and episodes. Besides these, they're revisiting the well for more of their classic characters. They are currently in the works of producing a Jungle Cruise movie starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Joh

Horror News: The Omen Prequel Coming To Theaters

Posted By themoviesleuth 1262 days ago on Movies - Why? Because everything needs a prequel.After a string of sequels, the original Omen series died with a small whimper only to be brought back to life once again in a nearly shot for shot remake with a great cast in 2006. As one of the better devilish screen treatments, the original is still held in high regards by horror fans as a movie that's just as scary as The Exorcist. Over the decades, this franchise has been touched on numerous other times with television movies and other lesser known entries in the story of Damien. Well, the well must not be dry quite yet because they're going back for another bucket full of hellspawn. While the Damien televised sequel series is still airing on A&E, there is now a prequel in the works, so creatively titled The First Omen. It is said to be

Images: Captain America Civil War - Global Press Tour - Berlin

Posted By themoviesleuth 1269 days ago on Movies - Here's more images from the Civil War global press junket. This time they're from Berlin. The Captain America media machine is spinning up for the worldwide release of the latest Marvel movie. Check out these latest images.(click to enlarge)Be an Avenger. Share these images. 

News: Star Trek 4 Is A Go

Posted By themoviesleuth 1258 days ago on Movies - With Beyond right around the corner, Paramount is already prepping number four. Despite the fan outcry over the even more action-centric looking Star Trek: Beyond, Paramount remains resilient that the film will be a hit. With Justin Lin taking over the helm of this third Trek, the die hard fan base is already worried that this will go in the complete opposite direction of what they had initially planned. After Abrams' last franchise entry, it was said that this would get back to the roots of what Star Trek was originally about: the exploration of space and other worlds. The trailers look the complete opposite, causing more speculation that this would be the nail in the coffin for the rebooted sci-fi tale.Don't ever say failure. With Beyond coming during the 50th anniversary of S

Featured Article: Wes Craven - Farewell to a Master

Posted By themoviesleuth 1501 days ago on Movies - It took us a few days to gather our thoughts. The Movie Sleuth bids farewell to an icon of horror.I was raised on horror films, and I don’t think it was on purpose. If my mom had access to a DeLorean with a flux capacitor, she might rethink exposing me to such films as Halloween and Aliens during such impressionable years. When I was only five years old, I was visiting my godparents in Maine, and remember sitting in the bathtub with my god-sister Lisa. Suddenly, with a fanfare of maniacal laughter, her older brother Jerry busted into the bathroom to see if he could scare us. It worked. I hadn’t seen the films—there would’ve been four of them by then—but I knew who he was dressed like. The red and green striped sweater, the pullover latex mask that mimicked the aesthetic of burnt skin twis