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My Surf Post On Reddit Caught Flak: Here’s My Response

Posted By philandrews 327 days ago on Technology - In response to the overwhelming criticism I received from posting an article outlining tactics to help new surfers surf when the waves are too big for their skill level

Razer launches a new gaming headset that delivers intelligent haptic feedback to your ears

Posted By michael.aulia 510 days ago on Technology - First introduced on an iPhone, the iPhone 7 had a new, non-mechanical Home button that offers a haptic feedback. It created an illusion of a real button being pressed and in my opinion, successfully delivered that experience. And now, haptic feedback will be coming to your ears too, thanks to Razer’s latest innovation in gaming […]

3 Reasons why Razer’s new Gaming Keyboard bring the BlackWidow to shame

Posted By michael.aulia 604 days ago on Technology - Razer has just announced a new mechanical gaming keyboard, the Razer Huntsman Elite, and it puts the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate series to shame. There’s also the Razer Huntsman in the new product line for those on a budget. Well in all honesty. the BlackWidow Chroma V2 is still a masterpiece of its own (which I’m […]